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As you think my attendance
in Maryland may be dispensed
with for some time, shall not hasten
thether, but will wait till cal
led on to attend that Business:
And in the Interim will with pla
sure consider such Proposals as you
may have to offer relative to said

Colonel Benjamin Grymes of this Province
is indebted to the Estate of the late
Colonel Benjamin Tasker upon a Bond, &
an open Account, Colonel Nathaniel Harrison
is joined in said Bond: The late Mr
Tasker ordered that they should be
suid, which Suits now abate. Mrs
Ogle, & our Wives are interesed in
said Debts: if you & Mrs: Ogle
intend that they shall be sued again,
be pleased to signify said Intention
to me

Indian Corn & Hogs are part of
the Profits of my Plantations, &
there now remain in my Gra
naries on Potomac-River 4'500
bushells of Indian Corn: If Mrs:
Ogle & you have not bought your
Proportion of said articles for the
Iron-Works, for the ensuing year,