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to me. And to that end shall want
a Copy of your Father's Will: which
Mr Ridout will send, if he shall
receive my Letter forwarded thit Day
seven nights inclosed in the North-Mail
but lest said Letter should miscarry
I again make the same Request
of thee.

As my Friend Mr Lounds hath
said that my attendance in maryland
may be dispensed with for some time
shall not hasten thither. And when
I shall go to Annapolis, hope that Mrs
Carter will be of the Party: And in
the Interim will consider such Pro
posals as thou mayest have to offer,
(if imparted to me) relating to the
Fortune mentioned above.

Indian Corn & Hogs are part of
the Profits of my Plantations, and
if you have not engaged your Propor
tion of said Articles for the Iron Works
for the ensui[ng] year, I will furnish the
Corn at 16 pence sterling per bushell
& the Pork at 15s/ sterling per 100, ex
clusive of Freight & Portage.

I am, Madam
Yours &cca. Robert Carter

To Mrs Ogle
at Annapolis