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styled Messrs: James Buchanan & Company
& pay off the balance I owe the said Par
nership   take two Receipts of the
same tenour & date   And that you may
partly guess at that difference, I beg
leave to state the following account My
Bill for 150£ credited therein & is
addressed to Mr John Hyndman
requires some explanation: When I
directed it, intended to have con
signed the 19 hogsheads of tobacco, debited
as per account to J, H: but hearing
afterwards the Russia Merchant to per
form the present voyage, my Senti
ments altered in appropriating
said Tobacco: so that you may in
clude the bill; or not, in the Settle
ment thou shall make, as may
be most agreeable.

Dr Messrs James Buchanan & Company
To Robert Carter

To my order on James Cuncannon
& Hook for the proceesds of 20 hogsheads
Tobacco shipped in June 1762

To 46 hogsheads of Tobacco on board the John & Presley
Captain George Dobbie 1767

To 19 hogsheads on board the Russia merchant
Captain George Dobbbie June 1768.