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By balance due fro Robert Carter to James Buchanan & Company as
per Account rendered, to the 30th day
of December 1767   £ 929..14..11
By my Bill payable to
Francis Fauquier dated the 30th
October 1767         160.0..0
By my Bill of John Hyndman
made payable to Richard Corbin
& is dated the 6th of May 1768   150

The inclosed bill must not be
presented, nay not whispered,
till the Gentlemen shall have sold
the Bank Stock & transmitted an Account of
it to the Executrix

Captain Thompson ^ George Hubbard ^ takes two harp
sicord Jacks No. 1 & 60, they are the
first & last of one Stop   The artist
may discover that the Jacks are made
to admit part of a quill   quilling
is very inconvenient & I believe either
leather, or mettal may be used
successfully in the place of Quils, &
will freely pay a Jack-maker for
making the Experiment. But if
no improvement can be worked
out now to mend the Inconvenience
mentioned, send me a Set of the very
best Jacks, (& some spare onces),