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to Mrs: Ogle & myself (in behalf of
the Legatees claiming under the Will of
Colonel Tasker junior so that we shall become
responsible when the Tenant's Term shall
expire. And it behooveth us (Anne Ogle, Robert Carter)
to continue the present overseer, who
lives at Bel-air, if he will stay, or
if he will not, to employ a careful
man to live there, till that whole Estate
shall be sold: And as a prepara
tory step towards it, have drawn up
the inclosed advertisement, but have
left therein Blanks to be filled up
as yourself & Mrs: Ogle shall judge
most reasonable, thinking that the Auction
cannot be sooner then the 25th day of
next January:, & that every Purchacer
shall pay ready money, if his Purchace
Purchaces do not amount to 50£

At Mr, Tasker's Instance the Slaves &
personal Estate at Bel-air were
inventoried & appraised the 9th day of
Februry: 1763 amounting to £1976..14..11
Maryland Currency as doth appear
by the ^ inclosed Inventory. a Copy of which is not
upon Record. This Account Mrs: Tasker, lent
to me, which I desire may be returned
to her. As the Articles comprised in