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Copies to the Printers at Philadelphia: & one
to me

Be pleased to communicate the
inclosed Letter directed to yourself
to Mrs: Ogle: and apply it otherwise
as your Choice shall direct. I am
&cc Robert Carter

Mr, Tasker's Will directs that all his Slaves
and Land shall be sold (but ex
cludes part thereof) is that order ful
illed, or is there a day appointed
to sell said Estate.

Mr. Tasker added the sums extended in the
Inventory making 6 Pages, & put the
amount of each Page at the bottom
thereof, which sums make £1896..7.9.
only, but he calls it   1976..14.11
at the end of the Inventory, but neith[er]
one, nor other of these Sums is the true
amount of said valuation it being
besides Plate, Beans, Rye, Oats, &
Indian Corn, which said Articles are not
extended   Colonel Tasker died in October 1760,
so that 2 years & 3 Months lapsed before
said Inventory was taken   I cannot
pass over in silence the horses entered
under the head of blooded they are