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Payment thereof, on whom shall I
drawn on?

The present disproportion here
between sterling & Current Money is
25 per Cent. which has not fluctuated
lately. The Drawers were disap
pointed last General Court, who are
gone abroad to return with Cash, but
if they shall not be successful, ex
change must fall, & in that Case, I shall
be classed among the Sufferers   I do
offer to barter Bills of Exchange
next April amounting to £1500 sterling
payable in London for gold & silver
Money estimating the latter at
about 3d3/15 sterling the penny weight
[?] & the former at 4s/ sterling the
penny weight troy. with an ex
ception to the following Coinages
Viz: Peru Pieces of Eight Cross Dol
lars, old rix Dollars of the German
Empire & all lesser Pieces of the same,
& all gold Coins of the Empire. Those
Those being found to be 15 per Cent worse
than English Monies   And must
be so considered if any shall be ex
changed with me   If you will
endeavour to find a Person or Persons