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who wants, or want to vest[?] the sum
mentioned above in London, & will
bring, or send it here, you will Assist
them & oblige
Dear Sr &c
Robert Carter

To the honorable
Daniel Dulany
at Annapolis

1768 December 12th


We say in our letter to you inclosing
Charles Carter & Thomas Asilby's[?] Bills, that
£317..16..1½ then remain in our hands
part of your Father's Estate   The pay
ments since, augment said balance
to £517,,16..1½, but by sundry disburse
ments, it is reduced to £475..6..2½
Current money of Virginia & to dis
charge part thereof, we now trans
mit Thomas Montgomerie, Roger Dixon
& Richard Lee's Drafts amounting to
300£ sterling, which cost 373£ Vizt
money. So that £100..6..2½ now
remain to be exchanged for Bills.

His Excellency Lord Botetourt hath
bought almost every article belonging
to the Estate. The Coach & the Remainder
shall be sold immediately, except the