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particulars, which you desire to be sent
to London, also whatever the late Governor
directs shall not be sold, which said
Goods are packed & shall be forwarded
by a proper Opportunity, We are
Sir, yours &cc
William Nelson
Robert Carter
Peyton Randolph
George Wythe

Nota Bene
Since Mr, Nelson signed
this letter, put into my Hands
your Letter & Post Scriptum dated the
5th day of last June & August
which are addressed to your Father's Executors
Robert Carter

To, Francis Fauquier Esquire
Hollis Street Cavendish Square
in London

December 25th

Dear Sir,

Your attention to my Honor & Interest
is manifested in your Letter dated the
30th day of last month. And as soon
as I had considered it, revieved the
Part I had acted relative to the
Estate of the late Colonel Tasker junior
and find that my Agency began in that
Matter the 25th day of last October only
receiving then a Copy of Mr, Christopher Lowndes's