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to represent me there, on that occasion,
because other Engagements will keep
me at Home then   The former inclosed
Lord Charles Montaguie's Bills for 50 £ sterling
to be forwarded to Mr, Clement Brooke
to satisfy one half of his st4erling
Demand, for a 5th of the Baltimore
Iron Works formerly the Property of
your Brother, & to desire Mr Ridout
to advance about 100£ Maryland
Currency demandable on said account,
which I would repay by a draft
on London, or in any manner he
shall require   I wrote to my steward
in Westmoreland County the 19th day of last
Month, to send 800 bushells of Indian Corn
& 10 barrels of Pork to Mr Brooke
manager for the Baltimore Company   My
Crop of Indian Corn made in the year 1767
was engaged soon after I returned
here fro Annapolis   I have a quantity
of new to sell, & will furnish whatever
you may want at 8s/ sterling per barrel
exclusive of Freight, it may be
landed either at Annapolis, or at
the Iron works by Colonel Tayloe's Vessels
I have sent half of Mrs: Lowndes's
Proportion of Indian Corn, so that you
want 800 bushells of Corn only, for