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the Works, & not 1100

I received Mr Lowndes's Renunciation
of the Trust created by your Father's Will
the 25th day of last October and I date my
Agency from thence only   I have not
many momentsfor Recreation during
the General Courts   the last arose the 5th
day of November   I write to Mrs Tasker
the 10th and on the succeeding Saturday
put the 2 letters mentioned above in
the mail   These Facts do evince my
Readiness to fulfill the duty, & con
tradict the Idea of Slowness, which
Truths appear on the Face of the Letters,
which I trust have been imparted to
you long ago   I am, Madam
Yours &cca Robert, Carter

P, S,
Have you written to Master Benjamin Benson,
& where does he live? The capital
Bank-stock your Father gave to him
should be transferred in our names
immediately, for I apprehend we cannot
repay your mother with propriety
whatever supply she hath or may direct
for his use, out of the Profits arising
from said Bank-stock, before the assignment
Robert Carter.

To Mrs, Ogle.
at Annapolis