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1769 Madam
January 18

Your Letter of the 10th day of last month
came to hand, last night, and as the chief
objects therein are answered in a former
Letter shall cause it to be copied below, which
you will read, or not, according to the fate
of the original

I fear that every Letter, which I have written
(since I saw you) touching your mother's
Business & my joint Trusteship with you
is lost, and that being the Case every rational
Person will applaud the Ideas expressed
in your spirited Letter I shall cause the same
Letters to be transcribed immidiately & sent
to whom they are directed

The Ballance due from your mother to your Brot[hers]
Estate is £1908..2..9 sterling, as stated
an account, which Mr, Ridout & I raised f[or]
your father's Ledger's the 4th day of last October
You & I have not a Power of diminishing
that Principal, & cant part with the Profits
only, so that Mrs, Lowndes can receive
nothing of that Fund, till Mrs Tasker
has had the use of it one year. I am
Madam &c. Robert Carter

See Letter to Mr's. O.
dated 24th december 1768.
To Mrs, Ogle

Dear Sr,

Your letter of the 18th day of last month; & one
from Mrs, O was put into my Hands last
night John Ellis of York county will call
on me To-morrow, who is going up to An
napolis to demand a Slave in Goal there
Mrs, Carter & I rejoice at your great
humanity, & hope that the Negroes who have
alliances at Bell-air may not be sold