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two of mine directed to Mrs Tasker & M[r]
Ridout inclosing Bills of Exchange act[ua]
tally losst your letter now under con
sideration gave me the 1st advice of my Letter
to Mr Thomas Johnson, who refuses to act
litterally in the affair, but agrees to nomin[ate]
a Gentleman, who shall negotiate that matter
for me, & I have written to Mr Johnson
accordingly I hope & expect all that part
of your Brother's Estate at Bell-air
together with the House & Plantation will be
legally inventories immiately, & that my
Delegate does attend the appraisers who
shall be appointed to act therein I will
not [illegible] you with any observations on the
utility of that measure, it being so very
obvious I shall attend at Bell air on
Wednesday the first day of next month, as
you do require it, & will up my best en
deavours to facilitate that sale, or any other
matters, which shall be at that time proposed
concerning our joint Trusteeship.

Your favors directed to me of the 6th & 10th
of December were answered the succeeding daies after
receiving them, which answers were delivered to Mr
Montgomerie & Mr Ellis, & I trust have been
put into your Hands long eer now, & hope that
your apprehensions of my inattention, to your
Letters &cca, have ceased I have lately
received my negotiations respecting those
objects & do not discover any impropriety
therein but if in any future transactions
I shall commit Blunders, or omissions, I beg
leave to say that they will happen from mistake
& not design.

In my former letters to you I say that all
my crop of Indian Corn made in the year
1767 is sold, that the Crop of last year is not
sold, & that you may have any quantity of