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[May] 17

Dear Madam

I wrote a Letter to you a few daies ago,
mentioning that Colonel Archibald Cary wants to borrow
£400 sterling and I now inform you that Colonel
Richard Randolph of Curl's wants 4000£ also.
My former letter will not be delivered to you
so speedily as Colonel Cary hoped who again
urges me to write to you on the subject of
Money. These Gentlemen have expressed
their desire & intention in Letters to me
which are inclosed herein for your perusal
and if you incline to impart to me your
answer to the proposals, I will signify it
to them Colonel Cary does mention Mr Thomas Mann
Randolph & John Wayles, who will execute
a joint Bond with Himself But Colonel
Richard Randolph does not name any
particular Security All the Gentlemen
named above have considerable Estates
but I am not acquainted of the Tenure
by which they hold them nor of their private
Engagements I am instructed to say that
many Gentlemen of Fortune will join in
the Bonds if further Security shall be

Colonel Byrds Trustees paid £1093..10..3 paper
Bills of Credit, which are estimated at
£874..8..2 sterling The Merchants who at
tended here to sell Bills of Exchange were
gone before the payment was made: so that
I have not exchanged your Money for
Bills I am,
Dear Madam &cca
Robert Carter

To Mrs Tasker