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May 20th


My Drafts, which are addressed to you since the
11th of this Instant, (May) amount too £761.18.5
Sterling namely £460.11.9
payable to Presly Thornton: 50
payable to Robert Nicolson: 151..6..8
payable to James Mercer: and 100
payable to John Cates by Cocke, all which said Bills be
pleased to pay.

Your favors to me dated the 22d day of last December
18th & 23d of the following month, certify your
diligence; integrity & candour and I heartily
wish that every human mind participated of
those Virtues, as abundantly I like every
Sentiment in the Letter of the 23d of January,
nay every phrase

The General Assembly of this Province meet last
monday seven nights, in obedience to the Governour's
Proclamation and by Command of his Excellency
the Speaker & House of Burgesses attended
him last Wednesday in the Council Chamber
The Governour informed them, that their late
Resolves, (passed yesterday) had made it
his duty to dissolve them : and did dis
solve them. I am,
Gentlemen yours &cc Robert Carter

To Edward Hunt & Son Esquire

May 23d

Dear Sr

Your Letter to me dated the 15th day of february Captain
Fearon delivered those you mention to have
written the 21st June & 5th & 6th of August are come
to hand, but that of the 12th December I have not received

The Goods, which you have been advised were
packed, & 2 pipes of Madeira Wine, which I
understand your fahter imported from your Brother
& uncle were shipped on board the Hanbury
Captain James Esten, a few daies before Fearon
arrived here.