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or Claim I or they may have by virtue
of the Will of the Benjamin Tasker the father to administer
Meddle or concern ourselves in any manne[r]
with the said Estate & at the same time desire
that the said Mrs Anne Ogle & Robert Carter Esquire who in
the said Will is nominated in conjunction
with myself will alone undertake the
administration of the said Estate dispose
of both the Real & such other part of the
personal as hath not been already
converted into Cash money so that the same
may be applied to the uses Trusts and
purpose described or intended by the said
Wills or either of them Given under my
Hand & seal at Annapolis this 5th day of
October Anno Domini 1768
Christopher Lowndes   LS

Signed sealed
& delivered in the Presence
of Benjamin Ogle.

April 12th.


The honorable Benjamin Tasker of the Province
of Maryland deceased has devised to Mrs
Anne Ogle, Mr Christopher Lowndes & myself 1000£
sterling Capital Bank Stock in Trust for
Master Benjamin Benson now a Infant
which Legacy is to be paid to him if he
attains to the age of 21 years; and in the
mean time the Interest arising to be paid
for his Education at some public School in
Great Britain - Mrs Tasker in consequence
of the Will has executed a power of attorney
commissioning Messrs Capel & Osgood Hanbury
& you William Anderson Esquire to transfer said
1000£. Capital Bank Stock to Mrs. Ogle & myself only,
Mr Christopher Lowndes refusing to perform any
part of the Trust - Therefor we, Anne Ogle &