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Year 1769

I have executed a Power of Attorney authorizing
you or either of you to accept of such transfer
& to receive the Devidends in our names, for the
Benefit of Benjamin Benson

If the Gentleman will act in the Business mentioned
above, as Mrs Ogle & I flatter ourselves you
will, I hope that an Account be opened in the Names
of her & me jointly as Trustees under Mr
Tasker's Will for Benjamin Benson, to give us Credit
for the Devidends you shall receive from time to
time on Account of said Capital Bank Stock and debit us
with all Payments on his Account also with the
Expencess of the Transaction I am,
Robert Carter

To Messrs, William & James Anderson
& Edward Hunt & Son
Merchants in London

The following is a Copy of the Power of
Attorney mentioned in the last Letter

Know all men by these Presents that We Anne Ogle
of Annapolis in the Province of Maryland &
Robert Carter of Williamsburg in the Colony of Virginia
Esquire do make constitute & appoint Messrs
William Anderson & Edward Hunt & Son
Merchants in London or any two of them our
true & lawful attorney or attornies for us
in our Names & on our behalf as Trustees for
Benjamin Benson a Minor of the age of
about 15th years & in Case of his death during
minority for the Representative of the late
Benjamin Tasker Esquire of Annapolis jointly or
seperately to take & accept of Assignments
or Transfers at any time or times of Mrs
Anne Tasker Widow & Executrix of the afore
said Benjamin Tasker lase of Annapolis in the province
of Maryland Esquire or fro any person or persons
by her impowered to transfer the same sum of
1000£ to Capital Bank Stock & also to receive & give
Receipts for all Devidends now due & that hereafter