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alteration is not and desire you will
return to the old fashion, which I think in [i.e. is]
convenient & elegant The Shoe which
Captain Esten will deliver to you fits me, but
would be more desireable if a little larger
I believe the pair was made for Colonel Mercer
of this Province at your Shop I bought them
at Mrs Rathall's Shop here

Be pleased to send to me the following
articles & call on Edward Hunt & son Esquire
Merchants in London for Payment

1 dozen pair of neat dog skin Shoes
1 pair of Morocco Slippers, with shoe soles
3 pair strong Shoes
1 pair buck skin Spatter dashes
1 fashionable dress Wig, of dark brown Hair
2 black silk Baggs to wear with ditto
2 pair black silk stockings, the Heels & toes
to be wove thicker than the Legs

I am, Yours &c
Robert Carter

To Mr John Didsbury
Shoe & Boot maker

June 22d

Dear Madam

I beg leave to advise ye that Colonel Byrd's
Trustees have paid £1399..9..1 Current
' Money of Virginia, (since I returned
from Annapolis) to satisfy in part your Claim
against them that I exchanges it for two
setts of Bills at 22£10 Exchange, which
are made payable in London & drawn
by Messrs Humphrey & John Hill, & my self
amounting to £1092..12..4 sterling, which
Setts of Exchange I inclose in this Letter
I wrote to Mr D, Dulany so long ago
as the 17th day of last April observing
therein upon the erroneousness of the
Settlement I signed the 9th day of
last March at your House and
inclosed two Accounts comprising many