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Capel & Osgood Hanbury & William Anderson
commissioning them to transfer 1000£ sterling
Capital Bank Stock & all the Dividends
which have arisen since Mr Tasker's Death
to thee & me in Trust for Master Benjamin Benson
& the Representatives of your Father and in the
same Letter inclosed our joint Power of
Attorney authorising Messrs William & James
Anderson & Edward Hunt & Son or any two
of them to accept the said Assignment in ur
Names & Behalf

I also wrote to Mr Robert Christie of Glascow
(with whom Master Benson lives) directing
him to draw on our Agents to reimburse
him what he was Advance for Master Benson
& to apply to them for money from time to
time that may be demandable on Account of
his maintenance & Education. But with
the Caution that masters Expences were not
to go beyond the profits arising on 1000£
Capital Bank Stock

Has Mr Christie wrote either to yourself
or to one of your Family concerning
Benjamin Benson or has any Person in Maryland
received Letter from the young Gentleman?
My Wife has imparted to me your Favor
to her dated the 27 day of last month
It appers by an Estimate of Mr Brooke
Manager for the Baltimore Company that 1600 bushels
of Indian Corn are about three 15ths
of the Consumption of that article expended
at their Works yearly therefor I ordered
my Steward to send 800 bushells of Corn
to Mr Brooke to answer half Mrs L's
proportion & Mrs Carter's whole 15th
But if said Calculation be erroneous & 200
bushells more he wanted Mr Daniel Dulany
will furnish it, or any other Demand