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the 11th day of last April that government
proposes to discharge part of the Civil
List Debts by a Lottery. buy me 2
of the Tickets & notify the Numbers of
them to me The article of Intelligence
just mentioned does not say whether
the fortunate Adventurers are to claim
the Prises, or a yearly Interest on them
if they be intitled to the latter only, then
I will not be the public's Creditor
for any sum less than 1000£ sterling, but
if I shall be intitled to that sum, or
more let it stand in my own name.
So that you will sell, or not accordingly.

I am. Gentlemen Yours &cca
Robert Carter

To Edward Hunt, & Son Esquire
Merchants in London}

April 12}


I shall transmit by this opportunity Mrs
Anne Tasker's Letter of Attorney au
thorising Messrs Capel & Osgood Hanbury
& William Anderson Merchants in London to
transfer £1000 sterling Capital Bank
Stock & all the Dividends which have arisen
since the Death of Benjamin Tasker Esquire late
of the City of Annapolis & myself in
Trust for Master Benjamin Benson an
Infant, (who is under your Tuition) &
the Representatives of said Tasker Mrs
Tasker delegates this Power in obedience to
her Husband's Will, which, also directs that
Mrs Ogle & I, or our Executors pay to
said Capital Bank Stock to Benjamin Benson if he shall
live to the age of '21 years, & in the mean
time the Interest accruing to be applied
to his maintenance & Education
and by Reason of the Residence of