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No 15 a box containing your Fathers private
Letters & 2 Ledgers

August. 23}


In obedience to your direction fisnified to
me by Mr Brooks your Secretary I trans
transcribed from my Books the
inclosed Accounts containing all my
transactions relative to the Bond
Colonel Byrd's Trustees executed & made
payable to Mr Benjamin Tasker As
these Copies are explanatory of that matter
my Remarks on it here, shall be

Pray observe that Account marked No 1,
shews that William Byrd's Bills of Exchange
on L, McLean were to pay off a Judgment
of York County Court against him
(William Byrd) also some interest due on a
Judgment of the same Court against John Page
& Peyton Randolph from the 2d day of June
1765, to the 2d June 1767 & some costs on
said Judgments; No 2, the 1st & 5
next following articles Credits amounting
to 300£, were to satisfy a liberal
Present given to my Wife, that the 4
Setts of Exchange drawn by William Byrd
amounting to £1132..6.2 & delivered to
me were applied partly towards
paying Mrs Carter's Claim under her
Brothers Will, & to Mr T's use,
namely 2 setts drawn in 1765 & 1767
making £771..7.2 were tranmitted
to him & to William Perkins of London
by Mr T's order; That No. 3 contains
a List of all your Demands I have
or had to collect, also of the Bills