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& a small Account transmitted to you
amounting to £2142//5//7. which are applied
to discharge Byrd's Draft on L, McLean
& Damages thereon also part of the Judgment
against John Page & Peyton Randolph

I hope that the matter in question is explain
able from these Papers & the General Account
I sent to Mr Daniel Dulany so that I shall
only add here that I am
Dear Madam
your affectionate son
& humble servant
Robert Carter

Mrs Tasker
at Annapolis

August 17 Sir,

It is said that you advised Mrs Ogle last
month that she had then 12 tons of Bar Iron
& 20 of pig at the Baltimore Iron Works
Mrs Lownds & my Wife claim an equal
portion with Mrs Ogle of that 5 part of the
Baltimore Iron Works their father died possessed off.
Be pleased to inform me if there were
36 tons of bar Iron & 60 of pig when you
wrote to Mrs Ogle & whether I may draw
on you for 12 tons of bar Iron & 20 of pig,
in right of my Wife only.

are bar & pig Iron salable at the Works,
& what are they worth?

What was Indian corn worth when William Horton
delivered 800 bushells at the Works by
my order & how was it applyed?
Pray send to me a Copy from the Books of
the Baltimore Company Mrs Tasker's Profits, from
the 30th day of December 1767 to the 30th of
December following. I am, &cca
Robert Carter

To Clement Brooks, manager
at the Baltimore Works