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Lownds should repay to Mrs Ogle half of the
Disbursements which she spent on account of
one 5th part of the Works; also the like to
me. I furnished 800 bushells of Indian Corn
& want it rated as Brooks bought Corn
when it was delivered. If Mrs Ogle has
not engaged Corn & Port for the Works I
can supply them, & will charge the market
Price for said Articles

My Place of Residence constrains me to
ask a friend to superintend the overseer
at Bell air Plantation and who so
fit as Mr Ridout, therefor please Sir, to
engage the overseer to live there the suceding
year; tell him to cloth the Negroes, to
reserve corn &cca for them & the Stocks; to sell
that part of the Crop that be superfluous, also
Beaves, muttons, Hoggs, &cc; to get a List
of the Demands against said Estate & pay
them : and to collect what money is due
for sundry Things sold since last Christmass.
As my Claim against Mrs, Tasker & the Estate of
her late Husband is neither collectible from
my state of it, (which Mr Daniel Dulany put
into your hands) nor Mr Tasker's Books
Mr Brooks was instructed to advise me
thereof : and to elucidate that matter I sent
Copies of some Accounts, & Remarks on them to Mrs
Tasker : and wrote to yu the same time I
conjecture that Mrs Tasker communicated them
to yourself & Mr Brooks who I understand
are to judge of the Justness of said Demand.
Robert Carter & Mrs Carter present their Love
& Compliments to yur self & Lady, & he
begs leave to assure Mr Ridout that he has
a greatful Remembrance of his Services
towards Him

To, the honorable
John Ridout
at Annapolis