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to remedy the evil complained of, what I have to
say upon that head I am now going to offer with due
deference to the Judgment of skilful artists
Let two boards of a proper & equal size be
provided, one of these boards must be fixed
perfectly level with the floor, but at such a
distance from it, that a nozle may be admitted
into a hole made for the purpose; at a suitable
distance from the end, which nozle I think should
be formed thus [drawing of the angle] The other board to be con
nected with this by a certain number of ribs
jointed with leather, these ribs made of thin
narrow slabs of Wood, should be of a long
square, & all of one & the same size, to be glued to
the edges of the two boards; thus the uppermost board
in every dgree of extention, will be in a direct
parallel with the bottom : But to presert this
situation it will be necessary to fall upon some
contrivance to govern its up & down motion,
which me thinks may be effected by fixing
4 well polished iron bars perpendicularly & in
such a manner that they embracing the edges of the
board may prevent if from moving in a side
direction, & yet at the same time allow it fredom
enough for its proper motion These bellows I do
imagine must be blowed by a method similar
to that used in a Church organ.

From what has been advanced it might appear
evident at first view, that Bellows constructed in
this manner; will be intirely free from the insuf
ferable defects I have ecxepted too, as the
weight will always act with a uniform
regular dgree of power, whether there be much
or little air to be compressed: Andi it follows
of course that the business of tuning will be
reduced to a greater degree of certainty
Two such Bellows as I have discribed must
be made for the Gentleman's Organ, whose satis
faction I have chiefly consulted in the pains