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November 7th


My Engagements will only permit me to
say that the 4 first Bills following in order
hereafter named, are to satisfy the
Protest remitted on Colonel William Byrd's Draft
on Thomas Adams And the 5th & 6th Bills
of Exchange, part of the Judgment of
York County Court against John Page &
Peyton Randolph Esquires

The inclosed Bills are as follow

1 John Esdale £115   8 10
2 Ditto     59 17   2
3 Willing & Morris   150
4 Thomas Farly   224
5 Alexander Henderson   150
6 John Esdale     16
amounting to £715   6   0

I am, Dear Madam
Your affecionate Son
& most obliged humble sevant
Robert Carter

Mr James Mercer informed me that he delivered
to you Charles Carter's Exchange to pay off
the Protest & Damages, on his Draft
payable to Benjamin Tasker Esquire Robert Carter

To Mrs
Anne Tasker at Annapolis

November 8th


The 7 first Bills of Exchanges following in
progression hereafter named, are to discharge
the balance due from Lord Botetourt to the late
Governor's Estate the 8th Bill, is to satisfy
the Protest, (obtained on Richard Lee's Draft)
which you transmitted to us

The inclosed Bills are as follow