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Your letter dated the 11th day of last month to me, came
to my hands last thursday only

The Crop of Indian Corn made last year at my
Plantations lying near Nomony River, is all sold
except 4, or 5 hundred Barrels I & Mrs Ogle
are to furnish 386 barrels of Corn for the use of the
Baltimore Iron Works in Maryland that being the
our proportion for this ensuing year I have the same & ex
pect the Lady's answer daily If she should
accept of this proposal, the remainder of Corn
not engaged, is about 164 Barrels if Mrs
Ogle should not buy any Corn of me I think
that your application should be in the directest
manner to know her Resolution as to that affair
If Mrs Ogle should not depend on me to lay
in her proportion of Corn for the Baltimore Iron Works I do
herein promise to sell to you about 357 Barrels
of Indian corn now lying in my Graneries on
Nomony River, or thereabout, at 10s/ current mony
of Virginia per Barrel the money to be paid at
Williasburg on or before the 1st day of may in the
year 1770 but the current money may be
satisfyed by your Draft for sterling, or Bills of
Exchange endorsed by you, at the difference of
Exchange that may at that time rule there But
if Mrs Ogle should depend on me to furnish
here quantity of Corn as aforesaid, then I do
promise to sell to you about 164 barrels of
Indian Corn only which will shall be delivered
at the Places, at the rate & terms mentioned
above I am, your &cca Robert Carter

I have about 1000 bushells of wheat which I
estimate at 42/ per bushell
there are two ships now
loading in James River with Wheat at 4s/ per bushel
delivered alongsides I have about 1000 bushels on Nomony river which
I will sell at [illegible] price for it and payment take 3s/2Virginia money which shall be dis
charged by Bills of Exchange in the manner as
[illegible] mentioned above

To Messrs
Sydebotham & Company