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    This etching of William Williams was executed by Henry Bryan Hall in 1871. The statement beneath the portrait reads: Etch'd by H. B. Hall from a Drawing in Collection of Dr. T. A. Emmet, 1871.

    William Williams was a Connecticut merchant who had been educated at Harvard. In the lead up to the Revolution, he served as clerk of the committee of correspondence and organizer of the council of safety. Connecticut sent him to the Continental Congress where he began his service on July 28, 1776. Having missed the vote for independence, Williams became one of four signers of the Declaration of Independence when he signed that document on August 2, 1776.

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    This etching by Henry Bryan Hall was executed in 1871. The caption below the image reads: "Etch'd by H.B. Hall from a Drawing in the Collection of Dr. T. A. Emmet, 1871."

    Lyman Hall was a signer of the Declaration of Independence for Georgia. Originally from Connecticut, Hall graduated from Yale and migrated to Georgia where he became a planter. He was present during the vote for independence responding in the affirmative. After the war, he served as governor of Georgia.

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