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    William Plume, Williamsburg, Virginia, letter to Joseph North, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, November 4, 1780. Plume writes briefly about the war including mentions of Cornwallis and the Leslie raid of Virginia. Plume notes that Leslie has failed in his primary goal and is opposed by a large number of American regular and militia forces commanded by Brigadier General Muhlenberg. The rest of Plume's letter concerns business and personal matters. Plume requests North procure some knives for him and discusses the high price of horses in Virginia. He also urges North to come to Virginia where he will find plentiful oysters, rum, cider, beer etc.

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    Anonymous manuscript journal, by a member of the Light Infantry, chronicling the events of the Yorktown campaign from the arrival of George Washington in Williamsburg on September 14th and culminating with the British surrender on October 19th. The author describes the digging of parallels, artillery fire, the burning of the British warship Charon, a lackluster sortie by the British and their surrender. Also mentioned are Admiral de Grasse, Generals Lafayette, Muhlenberg, and Steuben as well as Colonel Alexander Scammell who died of his wounds in Williamsburg.
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