Chevalier de St. Jean letter, 1783 January 8

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Chevalier de St. Jean letter, 1783 January 8



The Chevalier de St. Jean writes to an unnamed General that he is unable to make the tour of Scarborough and that he is still awaiting a delivery of sheep from Mr. de Mongiraud.


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8 January

My General,

I just received your response of the date of the 7th at nine o'clock at night. I renew my regrets to you if the circumstances do not permit me at all to go to make you my tour at Scarborough.

I request you to have Mr. de Mongiraud informed that despite all the measures that he wanted to take, I have not received at all the twenty sheep that he had announced to me for yesterday afternoon. Therefore, I await them still; but want to observe him that these are very precious moments that I lose: and it is very possible that the results of it will be unpleasant if the English have information that I am here.

I have the honor to be with a respectful attachment, my General,

Your most humble and most
obedient servant,
le Chev. de St. Jean

I am in despair of your indisposition: I like to persuade myself that it will have no result. I will give your news to Mr. de Preince, his family to Mrs. d'Haorvent and to all her society.

I request you to deliver this letter to his address at Grenada[?]

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Ink on paper


“Chevalier de St. Jean letter, 1783 January 8,” Special Collections, John D. Rockefeller Jr. Library, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, accessed February 9, 2023,

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