Marquis de Bouille letter to Vicomte d'Arrot, 1782 October 6

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Marquis de Bouille letter to Vicomte d'Arrot, 1782 October 6




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Port Royal the 6 October 1782

Many estimates of the state of affairs, Sir, of the different islands which have not reached me give me reason to fear that they have fallen into enemy hands, in order to prevent a similar accident in the future, I request you to address to me the estimate of the position of the troops which compose your garrison by the King's frigates or corvettes, stamping on the package which will contain them, Throw into the Sea in case of emergency.

It will always be necessary that you will be obligated yourself to send it by the company commanders the first days of each month, the estimates of the position according to the model, which are destined to me. In order to hold them all ready to be placed on the first vessel, frigate, or corvette, I request you to direct the hand so that they will be punctual.

And in order to replace as far as it is possible the estimates in the interval which I will place to receive them and to place myself within range to not interrupt my correspondence with that which is known relative to the location of the troops, I will be obliged to you have drawn up in the first days of each month a statement of the location of the corps conforming to that which I join here, which will only contain the movements, and to address them to me in duplicate, by all opportunities without stamping the packaging To Throw etc. as the loss of it will be unimportant.

I have the honor to be with a very inviolable attachment, Monsieur le Vicomte, your very humbe and obedient servant

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Bouillé, François-Claude-Amour, marquis de, 1739-1800, “Marquis de Bouille letter to Vicomte d'Arrot, 1782 October 6,” Special Collections, John D. Rockefeller Jr. Library, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, accessed July 18, 2024,