Philippe Picot de Lapeyrouse letter, 1780 December 1

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Philippe Picot de Lapeyrouse letter, 1780 December 1



Philippe Picot de Lapeyrouse letter to an unnamed recipient concerning a letter of exchange and news of the recipient's son.


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I have the honor to send you, Madame, a letter from Mr. your son; by which you learn that he charged me to send you a letter of exchange for eight-thousand three-hundred and some livres, requesting me at the same time to register it and to send you the amount, and I lost some days; finally yesterday I delivered this effect to Mr. Monevon, director of the Tobacco Manufacturers Hotel of longueville Place du Carousel, where you can, Madame, address yourself to him in order to receive your sum which will be settled. The duration of the letter of exchange which I delivered to him is only for a month, you will want to indicate to the said Mr. Monevan the person to whom you wish that he count your money. As I am not certain of the time when i go again to Paris, and as it is possible that at each instant I receive orders to report, I addressed you to one of my friends who has a permanent residence and who will better than I fulfill your wishes.

Mr. your son with whom I am very close enjoyed the best health the 28th October, the day of my departure from Rodislow. If you wish to give him your news, address your letters to me under the cover of Mr. Blouin. That is to say, under two envelopes. The first to Mr. de Laperouse Capt. des [illegible] du roi in Paris, the second to Mr. Vlouin, head clerk of the navy at the court.

I am with respect, Madame, your most humble and most obedient servant.


at Versailles 1st December 1780

Original Format

Ink on paper


Picot de Lapeyrouse, Philippe, baron, 1744-1818, “Philippe Picot de Lapeyrouse letter, 1780 December 1,” Special Collections, John D. Rockefeller Jr. Library, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, accessed December 4, 2022,

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