The Virginia Gazette. Number 1172, March 24, 1774

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The Virginia Gazette. Number 1172, March 24, 1774



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MARCH 24, 1774. NUMBER 117[torn],

With the freshest ADVICES, FOREIGN and DOMESTICK.


Printed by ALEX. PURDIE, and JOHN DIXON, at the POST OFFICE.

Column 1

The BULL of GOTHAM, a canonical

AND behold! there was Wickedness
over all the Land, for the People
had departed from the Ways of the
Just. And they did not as their Fathers
did; they despised their Rulers, and
they followed the Persuasions of evil
Men, and they bowed themselves unto them even
as they lift[?]

And it came to pass, that among these was one Man
of evil Aspect, named John; he was of the Tribe of
the Wilkites, of the Race of the Jews, and his
Father's Name was Israel*.

Now this Man was a Hypocrite, a Dissembler of
the Truth, and great was his Cunning; and he laid
false Snares, and gained the Hearts of the People,
insomuch that they despised their Rulers, and him,
only did they obey.

Now it so happened, that some of the Elders of
the City, feeling these Things, became wroth, and
were displeased, and said unto this evil Leader of the
People, even unto John, Why, O Son of Israel, hast
thou dealt with us in this Manner?

Behold! when thou wast poor we took thee in,
when thou was hungry we gave thee Bread, when
thou wast thirsty we gave thee Drink, and when thou
wast naked we clothed thee in Fur and Scarlet, yea
we heaped Honours upon thee when thou hadst no
Honours of thy own.

These Things have we done unto thee; yet behold,
Son of Israel, in what Sort thou has dealt with us!
Thou hast, by they Cunning, seduced away the Hearts
of the People from the Laws; Confusion is gone forth
through the Land; they will not that they be ruled
as their Fathers were ruled, and they obey not, but

<p>Now when John heard these Things, he wist not
what to say; for the Pride of his Spirit was raised in
him, and he became exceeding wroth.

And he arose from his Seat, and he looked furiously
upon the Elders, and he said unto them, What! and
is it come to this? Hear me then, ye whom I despise,
and listen to me, ye whom my Soul disdaineth!

Have I not been the Protector of your Laws, and the
Guardian of your Liberties? Have I not watched the
People from Harm, even as the Shepherd watcheth
the Flock by Night, because of the Wolves?

Have I not fought against your Foes, and conquered;
And have I not guided you in your Councils, blind
and foolish as you are, and said until you, Thus and
thus, shall ye do?

And lo! what is my Reward, and what the Price
of my Wisdom? Reviling, and Scoffing, and Envy!

Now, touching those Things which, ye have said
concerning the People, hear me: It is true I possess
the Hearts of the Multitude, and that I will endea-
vour always to possess them is not false.

Yet this I will turn to your confusion, and the
Punishment of your Ingratitude shall be great.

I will depress you, and humble you, and bring you
unto Shame; for all-powerful is my Voice, and I will
cause that Beasts rule over you instead of Men.

Thus said, he left the Assembly of the Elders.

And he went unto the Flock, and there he found a
even a BULL; and he tied him by the
Horns, and led him to the publick Place where the
Multitude of the People were assembled.

And he entered among them, and stood up in the
Midst, and cried out with a loud Voice, Behold, ye
People of Gotham, I bring you a
a Head of the Elders!

And the whole People shouted, and danced with
Joy, and answered him with one Voice, "Wisely
hast thou done, O John, Son of Israel!"

He then departed with the Beast and mounted
him, even as People mount Horses, and rode upon
him to the Mansion H,ouse of the Chief Ruler of the

And, as he went alone, he ordered Taapha, who
came from the western Country, even the Country of
Goats, to play upon the Harp.

And Taapha obeyed him; for though he was one of
the Elders he was also one of the Servants of John,
the Leader of the People.

And how the BULL roared, and reigned, behold!
will not be found in the Acts of the Times to come?

*Mr. Wilkes is the Son of Israel Wilkes.

Column 2

TREASURY OFFICE. March 16, 1774.
THE several Inspectors and all other Persons what-
who are in Arrear to the Treasury, are
desired to discharge their respective Balances in the
Course of the approaching General Court without
as no Indulgences [illegible] be given.

RO. C. Nicholas, Treasurer.

CHARLESTOWN, February 11.
On Friday last, arrived here from the Island of St. Thomas, in the
West Indies, his Excellency General Ropstorff, late Governor of
St. Croix, and Captain Bang, of his Danish Majesty's Army, intending
to make the Tour of the British Colonies.

The Commissioners of the Silk Manufacture have shipped on Board
the Ship Carolina Packet, William White Master, for London, 405 lbs.
of exceeding fine raw Silk, and 27 lbs. of an ordinary Quality, all of the
Growth and Culture of Purrysburgh, in this Province.

The Murders lately committed in Georgia by the Indians have struck
the Frontier Inhabitants of this Province with such Terrour that most of
them have deserted their Settlements, and abandoned their All. The
Country about Saluda, Reedy River, Rayburn's Creek, and Pacolet, is
depopulated, and the Panick is said to have reached as far as the Frontiers
of Virginia; notwithstanding which, some Cherokee Indians have lately
come down to Mr. Cameron, Deputy Superintendent of Indian Affairs,
with Assurance of Peace. Mr. Cameron is using his utmost Endeavors
to encourage the Inhabitants to make a Stand, and, in Case of the worst,
is erecting a large Stockade for their Reception; after finishing which he
immediately sets out for Keowee, in the lower Cherokee Country.

It is said that the Creek Nation in general disclaims any Knowledge of,
or Share in, the late Murders in Georgia, which were perpetuated by
fourteen Creeks and three Cherokees. These fourteen Creek Indians are
said to belong to a Settlement on Oakmulguick River, called the Standing
Peach Tree, which is composed of lower Creeks from the Coweta and
Cussita Towns. They are said to have been encouraged to settle there
by Mr. Galphin, who carries on an advantageous Trade with them in
their Hunting Grounds beyond Ogeeche, and in the Neighborhood of
Oakonick and Oakmulguick Rivers.

The Murder of White and Shirrol, and their Families, formerly men-
tioned, is accounted for as follows. Some of White's Horses were stolen
by Indians, whereupon he and Shirrol, with some others, pursued them,
and overtook two Creek Indians with the Horses, which they refused to
give up. Upon this White shot one of the Indians; the other escaped,
and having joined a Hunting Party of his Countrymen, tracked White
and Shirrol to their Houses, whom they afterwards sacrificed to their

The Number of Indians that attacked the Georgia Militia and Rangers
is said to have exceeded seventeen in Number. The Detachment of Mili-
tia, under the Command of Captain Goudgion, was about 25 Men; they
were joined by ten Rangers, under Quartermaster Stewart. Lieutenant
Grant was so stunned by a Ball, which grazed his Temple, that he fell
from his Horse, by which Means he unfortunately fell into the Hands of
the Indians, who cruelly murdered him. His Body was found tied to a
Tree, a Gun Barrel, supposed to have been red-hot, was thrust into and
left sticking in his Body, his Scalp and Ears taken off, a painted Hatchet
left sticking in his Skull, twelve Arrows in his Breast, and a painted War
Club left upon his Body.

Richard Pearis and Jacob Hite were, it is said, warned by some Che-
rokee Women to provide for their Safety; they have, in Consequence,
moved off with their Effects from the Cherokee Lands.

Boston, February 22.
Lately died at Dedham Mr. Nathaniel Guild, in the 96th Year of
his Age. He had a numerous Offspring, viz. 10 Children, 6
living; 69 Grandchildren, 57 living; 96 Great Grandchildren, 80
living; 3 of the 5th Generation, 1 living; also 12 Sons and Daughters
in Law, 51 Grandchildren by Marriage.

On Sunday the 23rd ult. the Wife of a poor Labourer at Dover was
delivered of four Children, three Daughters and one Son, who are all
now in perfect Health, and like to remain so.

Friday Morning last, about three o'Clock, a Person called at a private
House in Weathersfield, went to a Bed where two young Men lay, and
putting a male Child, four Months old, into the Bed, desired they would
take Care of it till he went for Dr. Porter, whom he wanted to set his
Wife's Bones, which he pretended were broke by a Fall from his Horse.
They received the Child, and took Care of it till the Morning; when,
being apprehensive they had been imposed upon, and made Inquiry of
Dr. Potter, found that no such Person had applied to him. They were
immediately convinced of the Cheat, and made Application to the
Selectmen of Weathersfield, who gave Orders that suitable Care be
taken of the Child. It is generally thought, that the Person who left
the young Child with the young Men was the disguised unnatural
Mother of it.

February 24. We hear that on Tuesday last the Hounourable Com-
mons House of Assembly of this Province resolved to impeach the
honourable Peter Oliver, Esq; Chief Judge of the Supreme Court,
before his Excellency the Governour, and the Honourable his Majesty's
Council, he being an unconstitutional Judge.

We are informed that his Excellency Thomas Hutchinson, Esq; has
concluded not to go to England at present.

We hear from Pownalborough, that Mr. Abiel Wood, who was ap-
pointed Deputy Marshal to serve a Warrant from the Court of Admiralty
on the Brigantine Brothers, upon his Return home found that Lieutenant
Mowat and Master Hogs had carried off the said Brigantine; and not
knowing where to find those Gentlemen, and obtain Redress of them
for their very polite Treatment of him, he proceeded immediately to
Kennebeck River, and attached a Brigantine called the Sophia (which
those Culprits have been two Years in building) together with her Cargo
of Timber, &c. and had her stripped in such a Manner, that, without a
Rescue, it is not probable she will remove from her Moorings till the
Inferior Court sits at Pownalborough in June next; at which Time it
possibly will be known whether any Officer in the Navy can be justified
in bidding Defiance to all American Laws, and removing private Property,
by Force of Arms, to any Part of the Globe that his tyrannical Heart
shall dictate to him.

NEW YORK, March 3.
Yesterday a very elegant Entertainment was given at Hull's,
by His Excellency the Governour, to the Honourable the Gen-
tlemen of his Majesty's Council, and to the Gentlemen of the General

A Bill is now passing through the Honourable House of Assembly for
building a Province House for the Residence of his Excellency the
Governour, and a Secretary's Office for the Reception of the Archives of
the Province.

Extract of a Letter from St. Croix.
"By a Letter from Tortola we are informed that his Excellency Sir
Ralph Payne was arrived there, on his Way to Crab Island, accompanied
by the principle Gentlemen of Antiqua and St. Kitt's, under Convoy of
four Ships of War and a Tender. The latter was immediately dispatched

Column 3

to the City of St. Juan Porto Rico, to inform the Spanish Governour
that his Excellency intended to take Possession of Crab Island, in the
Name of his Britannick Majesty. Crab Island is a very fertile little Spot,
within Sight of St. Croix.

Sir Ralph Payne offered to lay 4000 Guineas that in twelve Months
the noble Island of Porto Rico would be given up to the English. May
not these Cessions be the Result of a secret Negotiation between the
British and Spanish Courts, in Exchange for Falkland's Islands, that
their Jealousies of our settling in the Southern Hemisphere may be re-

On the 8th of January a Gale of Wind happened at Madeira, in
which all the Vessels then there were cast away and lost, except
Captain Brass of New York, who arrived at Carolina and brought the
Account. There were none from Philadelphia, and onlty two from
New York, Sanders and Angler, teh Crews of both which were mostly

WARSAW, December 25.
Letters from Moldavia, whilst they confirm the taking of Si-
listria by the Russians, vary about the Particulars of that important
Conquest. Some Advices say, that they lost 4000 Men at the Assault,
others only 400. They differ likewise about the immense Booty said to
have been taken on that Occasion; for, according to some, the Soldiers
have divided 30,000 Rubies each, whilst others say each Soldier's Share
was 3000. These Advices unanimously add, that the Town of Varna is
in the Possession of the Russians, who are to march straight forward to
Adrianople, in Case the Want of Provisions does not prevent them.

CONSTANTINOPLE, November 30 On the 16th Instant, in the
Evening, the Ramadhan commenced. This Word properly signifies, in
Arabick, a Heat which consumes, because formerly the Ramadhan hap-
pened always in Summer; whereas not it runs through all the Seasons,
the Mussulman Year being lunar. During this Month, which is the
ninth among the Arabs, the Mahometans observe the most rigourous Fast,
abstaining from eating and drinking from Sunrise to Sunset, suspending
all Acts of Hostility, and interrupting all their Affairs, to attend entirely
to Exercises of Piety. The Army would have been, during this Time,
in a State of Inaction, if the Mufti had not sent to the Grad Visiar to
excuse the Troops from observing the Ramadhan.

We have learned, not without Uneasiness, that the Grand Visiar is ad-
vanced towards Bazardick, with the Standard of Mahomet, and the rest
of the Army. We flatter ourselves that he has been joined by the Rein-
forcement sent him. If the Fate of a general Battle should be unfavour-
able to the Ottomans, the Ruffians may establish themselves in Bulgaria,
and penetrate perhaps as far as Adrianople; but we hope for every Thing
from the Prudence of the Grand Visiar, the Bravery of Hassan Pacha,
and the Disposition of the Troops.

From ibe DANUBE. December 24. Letters from Bulgaria advise, that
the Tartars, who are still under the Dominion of the Porte, feeling the ill
Success of the Operation of the Ottoman Army, had taken a Resolution
to quit it and return to their own Country.

FRANKORT, December 31. It is said that the Troops in France
have received Orders to hold themselves in Readiness to march, and that
15,000 Bavarians were to be taken into Pay by that Crown.

VIENNA, December 25. According to Advices from Turkey, the
Porte is so fully determined to carry on the War against Russia that it is
almost a Crime in the Ottoman Empire to venture to speak of the ap-
proaching Return of Peace.

AMSTERDAM, January 8. By Letters from good Hands at Dant-
zick, dated the 25th ult. that City is in a much better State than they
expected, as by the Intervention of some foreign Powers the Differences
that had arisen between the City and the Polish commercial Company
will be so regulated as not only to be of Benefit to the Dantzickers, but
to all other commercial European States.

BERLIN, December25. The Queen of Prussia recovers daily from
her late Indisposition, but is not yet well enough to partake of the Amuse-
ments of the Carnival, which are now begun, and will last as long as his
Prussian Majesty stays in Berlin.

NICE, December 18. The prodigious Quantity of Snow which has
fallen on the Mountains retards the Arrival of the Post. A Courier, who
was despatched from hence to Turin, has Perished in the Snow; but the
Portmanteau, containing the Letters, has been found. Several Mules
have also been lost in the Snow between this City and Turin, and People
are now employed in digging out the Merchandise with which they were

PARIS December 31. Uncommon Devastation has been made this
Winter by Hurricanes, as well as on the Coast of this Kingdom as in the
Levant and all the southern Part of Europe. The Accounts from various
Places, of the Numbers of Ships and Lives lost, are most deplorable.

A female Imposter, who has lately made a great Noise in the Genera-
lity of Soissons, pretending to have been delivered of four evil Spirits in
the Shape of Frogs, is apprehended by Order of the Intendant, and closely
confined in Prison. The ignorant Multitude were so persuaded of the
Reality of the Sorcery, that the Person who was accused of it has been
obliged to quit the Country

LONDON, January 11.
According to our Advices from Rome, his Royal Highness the
Duke of Cumberland was expected there on the 13th ult. incog.
He will stay there but a very short Time, to view all the Antiquities and
remarkable Things; after which he will return to Florence, where a
Palace is hired for his Residence, as he intends to continue there till
very late in the ensuing Summer.

Extract of a Letter from Birmingham, January 6.
"Tuesday last a Meeting of the principal Inhabitants of this Town
and Neighbourhood was held at the Swan Inn, for the Purpose of taking
into Consideration the Expedience and publick Utility of making a navi-
gable Canal from hence to join that of Coventry and Oxford, which was
unanimously approved."

Extract of a Letter from Portsmouth, January 6.
"Yesterday Count Potowski, the Russian Ambassador, came here
from London, and immediately went on Board the several Russian Men
of War, when he was saluted, and returned on Board Admiral Grieg's
Ship, where he dines; and this Day he went on Board the Barfleur, Sir
Peter Parker, where he was saluted on going on Board and coming ashore.

"We hear the Russian Transports are immediately ordered to sail to
the Mediterranean, before the Men of War, to supply the Ships now
there with Provisions and Stores.

"The Ships in the Harbour are ordered to Spithead, with all Expe-

On a late very nice Calculation, it appears that the Sums collected for
the Maintenance of the Poor in the several Parishes of this Kingdom
exceed 8000,000l. Sterling annually.

The Conduct of the present patriotick Sheriffs seems, in all Things,
to be truly laudable and exemplary, but in nothing more than visiting
the Compters and Lock-up Houses, both in the City and County of
Middlesex, they being always ready to hear the Language of Complaint;
the Mention of their Names even generally procures instant Redress. It
is generally understood that they have refused to admit two of the late
Officers into Employment, because they had been guilty of Mal-practices,
and that they hold the Rod of strict Justice over those subordinate Officers,
some of whom were formerly a Terrour to the Distressed, and a Disgrace
to Society.

Page 2
Column 1

[torn, illegible]Friday Night Lady Dowager Dorothy Montague, of Lower Gros-
[torn, illegible] Street, greatly advanced in Years, sitting in her Apartments, by
some Accident her Clothes took Fire, and she was so terribly burnt that
she died in a few Hours after.

Friday Evening a Youth about thirteen Years of Age, the only Son of
Mr. Woods, Coal Merchant, in Farrier's Rents, Bishopsgate Street,
died raving mad, occasioned by a Puppy licking him in the Mouth about
three Months since.

Last Night the Lord Mayer gave an elegant Entertainment to the
Gentlemen of his Household. There were upwards of 150 covered
dishes, besides a grand Dessert.

The Deficiency in the last Year's Revenues of the Sinking Fund amount
to 700,000l. including the Sum paid by the East India Company.

We are told that a Summary of the Laws which are to take Place in
the East Indies, when the Judges arrive there, are translating into Arabick,
which are to be printed here in that Character, and are to be taken with
them, to be dispersed among the Inhabitants, in Order to inform them of
the Tenour of the Laws by which they are to be governed for the future.

There is now in the Possession of Lord Mansfield, at his House in
Bloomsbury Square, a Picture of Betterton the famous Tragedian, painted
by Mr. Pope, which is esteemed a fine Likeness, and a good Portrait.
We have been assured, that this celebrated Poet (though it is a Circum-
stance very little known) excited so much in this Sister Art as to be little
inferiour to his Friend Jervais, whom he has so immortalized in his

We hear that a celebrated Wit, now in Dublin, who lately escaped
being burnt in his Bed, is become so sensible (from the late Specimen he
underwent) of being personally roasted, that he is determined in future to
spare his best Friends, and turn the Flame of his Wit only to general Satire.
It is very remarkable, that what he had been reading, which gave Rise
to the above Accident, should be "Measure for Measure."

It is thought that the great House in Bristol which lately stopped Pay-
ment will be made Bankrupts of, and 500l. per Annum allowed them
during the Recovery of the outstanding Debts. This Arrangement is to
be agreed on for the better Accommodation of their Affairs, as upon the
very first Meeting every Thing appeared so fair and honourable on their
Side that a Spirit of Emulation ran through the Whole of the Creditors
of doing them every Service in their Power. This House has been con-
sidered, for Imports and Exports, the first in Europe for above Half a
Century, and inferiour to none in Candour and Liberality of Dealing.
The Stamp Act was the first Cause of their Misfortunes, having at that
Time due to them from the Americans 110,000l: Part of which they have
been many Years out of, and Part which they will never recover. It is,
however, thought, on a final Settlement of their Affairs, they will have
no Income clear of 20,000l. Their bad Debts, in the Course of these
thirteen Years last past, amount to 60,000l. and upwards.

Yesterday, in the Forenoon, the Lady of a Gentleman of Distinction,
near Broad Street, hanged herself in her Dressing Room; but was happily
cut down by her Maid, Time enough to save her Life. The Cause of
this rash Attempt is variuously related.

Sunday Evening Mr. Wheeler, Piece Broker, in Three Crown Court,
Oxford Street, was stopped near Acton by a single Footpad, who presented
a Pistel to his Breast, and robbed him of 19s. and a 5s.3d. Piece. He
then made him dismount, when the Villain got on the Horse, and rode
off, wishing him a good Walk home.

January 12. A Letter from Constantinople, dated October 30th, says:
"The Moors in the Neighbourhood of this City having again revolted,
a Body of Troops, commanded by the Bey of Constantine, attacked and
routed them. That Bey has just sent to this Capital sixty Heads, 400
Pair of Ears, and fifty Prisoners."

They write from Grenoble, that some Persons who lately went a-
hunting discovered near the Summit of the Alps, in the Parish of [Nues?]
some Ruins of an ancient City, surrounded with Walls, within which
are still to be distnguished the Remaiins of Houses, a Tower or
Fort abover 100 Toises in Circumference, a Dutch cut cut of the Rock of
great Depth, and the Ruins of a Building superior to the rest, which is
thought to have been a Citadel. The origin and Name of this ancient
Habitation are at present Unknown.

On Tuesday last the Right Honourable the Earl of Sandwich, and Sir
Richard Bickerton, failed in an Ice Boat, on West Meadow, Godman-
chester, in the County of Huntingdon. There was a great Number of
Spectators, and it was judged that the Boat failed at a Rate of
thirty Miles an Hour. It is thought to be the first that was ever seen in

The following shocking Affair lately happened at Breslaw. A Prussian
Soldier returning from the Review, where he had been very ill treated,
as soon as he came to his Lodgings, where he found his two male Chil-
dren, one two Years old, lying in the Cradle, and the other about six
Years old, standing and playing with the younger one, immediately took
his Sword and stabbed them both. The poor Infants soon after expired.
The cruel Parricide surrendered himself to the Police, and upon the first
Examination acknowledged the black Action. "I have done no more
"(said he) than the Duty of a tender Father, and Philospher too. A
"Roman Cato had a Right to put an End to this Life when he saw
"Rome enslaved. I have the same Right over these poor Creatures,
"the Cause of whose Existence I am. I found their Life, under a des-
"potick Tyrant, could not but be the greatest Misery to them; and
"you have a Right to do with me as the Laws of foolish Society direct

We hear that one William Wedrist, a Coal Porter at Shadwell, is en-
gaged by a Gentleman to walk against a Horse, the Property of a Person
at Westminster. The Wager is one Hundred Guineas that Wedrist goes
to York and back again in less Time than the Horse can perform it.
They are both to start at the same Time.

Monday Afternoon a Youth about fifteen Years of Age, the only Son
of Mr. Bearss, Wheelwright in Spitalfields, went to take a Bone from
the Yard Dog, when the Animal seized him by the Belly and tore out his
Bowels before any Person came to his Assistance. He survived about
Half an Hour after, when he expired in great Agony.

A Person who was committed on Monday to Clerkenwell Bridewell,
on a violent Suspicion of Forgery, in an Hour after hanged himself against
the Door.

January 13, The Sinking Fund Surplusses being surcharged in Time
of profound Peace, is an Influence not known (says a Correspondent) since
the Establishment of that Fund, early in the Reign of George the first.

The Princess of Brunswick is, it is said, again pregnant; and that, as
she will not be permitted to visit this Country, Mrs. W____ will go over,
as usual, for the Purpose of attending her in Germany. It is a little re-
markable, that every Branch of the Royal Family have had female Mid-
wives, except in Cases of singular Exigence; at the very Time that the
reiging Fashion has been, in this Kingdom, for Gentlemen alone to be
received in that Character.

Yesterday Morning, in Consequence of a Message from Sir Edward
Neweaham to Alderman Geale, relative to a Postscript at the Foot of one
of the Alderman's late Polls, they met in a Field behind Kilbarrick
Church. Sir Edward Newenham's Pistol fired twice. The Al-
derman did not fire his, but received it; upon which the Seconds, Robert
Fishe, Esq; and Mr. James Napper Tandy, insisted that they should
equally advance, and shake Hands, which was accordingly done.

A Correspondent, who dates from Enfield, January 11th, informs
us that on Sunday Afternoon a most astonishing Number of Larks were
observed to fly over that Place and Winchmore Hill in a regular Column,
some of which extended upwards of two Miles in Length, and all moving
to the southward. He wishes that any of our Readers, who are versed
in Natural History, would account for this Phenomenon.

The Premier was lately heard to say, that rigorous Measures are in-
tended against the Bostonians, soon after the Parliament have despatched
their more important Business.

Tuesday Mr. Slade, Clerk to Mr. Furz, Distiller in Southwark, was
robbed by two Highwaymen, on Bagshot Heath, of upwards of 80l.
They had kept Company with him near two Miles before they committed
the Robbery; and on his telling them he had delivered all his Money
they gave him Half a Guinea to defray his Expenses to Town.

They write from Constantinople, that it is strongly reported there that
the Grand Seignior himself intends to take the Command of his Troops
at the next Campaign, and that the Chevalier Tott is to attend his Sub-
lime Highness in the Army. It is added, that there never were Chris-
tians who met with such distinguished Honour from the Porte as the
Chevalier de St. Priest (the French Ambassador) and the Chevalier
Tott, with both of whom the Grand Seignior, and several Members of
the High Divan, have frequent Conferences.

They write from Helsingor, that the Hurricanes have done great Da-
mage in the Baltick and the North Sea. A Pilot and three Sailors, who
escaped the most imminent Dangers, assure that upwards of 75 Ships
have been driven on the Coast of Justland by a Storm, most of which are
lost. We are informed, by later Advices, that for the Space of four
Miles as Ships are to be see abandoned. Towards the Place called
Robert Kunst Riff, and Fladetrauld, six have been sunk.

An Account is ordered to be laid before a great Assembly of the Quan-
tity of Wheat exported to America for seven Years.

Column 2

January 14. Yesterday his Majesty, attended by his Grace the Duke
of Ancaster and the Earl of Pomfret, went in State to the House of
Peers, when the Commons being sent for, and come, his Majesty opened
the Sessions of Parliament with the following most gracious Speech from
the Throne:

"My Lords and Gentlemen,

The unusual length of the last Session of Parliament made me de-
sirous of giving you as long a Recess as the publick Service would admit.
I have, therefore, been glad to find myself under no Necessity of calling
you from your respective Counties at an earlier Season; and I doubt not
but you are now met together, in the best Disposition, for applying
yourselves to the Despatch of the publick Business.

You will, I am persuaded, agree with me in regretting that the Peace
so long expected, and so very desirable, is not yet effected between
Russia and the Porte; but it is with real Satisfaction I can repeat, that
other foreign Powers continue still to have the same pacifick Dispostions
with myself. I can have no other Wish than to see the general Tranquil-
lity restored; for the Establishment, and subsequent Preservation of
which, no Endeavours of mine, consistent with the Honour of my
Crown and the Interests of my People, shall ever be wanting.

In this State of foreign Affairs, you will have full Leisure to attend to
the Improvement of our internal and domestick Situation, and to the
Prosecution of Measures more immediately respecting the Preservation
and Advancement of the Revenue and Commerce under your Considera-
tion, none can better deserve your Attention than the State of the Gold
Coin; which I must recommend to you in a more particular Manner, as
well on Account of its very high importance, as of the peculiar Advan-
tages, which the present Time affords for executing with Success such
Measures as you may find it expedient to adopt with Respect to this great
national Concern.

The Degree of Diminution which that Coin actually suffered, and the
very rapid Progress which the Mischief was daily making, were truly
alarming. It is with much Satisfaction that I have seen the Evil in a great
Measure checked, by the Regulations made in the last Session of Parlia-
ment. I trust, however, that you will not stop here, nor think that you
have discharged your Duty, either to your Country or your Fellow Sub-
jects, without using your best Endeavours for putting the Gold Coin upon
such a Footing as may not only completely remove the present Grievance,
but render the Credit and Commerce of the Kingdom sufficiently secure
from being again exposed to like Danger.

I have ordered the Proper Estimates for the current Year to be laid
before you, and rely on your Readiness to grant me such Supplies as shall
be found requisite in the present Situation of Affairs.

My Lords and Gentlemen,

The Experience I have had of your past Conduct leaves me no Room
to doubt either of your Zeal or Prudence in our Endeavours to promote
the Welfare of your Country. You will not suffer any Parts of the pub-
lick Service to escape your Attention but, various and extensive as those
are, you will be careful to select, for your immediate Deliberation, such
of them as shall appear to be most Important; and you can propose no
Measures, that will serve either to secure or advance the Happiness and
Prosperity of my People, in which you may not always depend on my
most hearty Concurrence."

Both Houses of Parliament were prodigiously crowded yestereday; and
they broke up before four o'clock, each House having first voted a loyal
Address to his Majesty on his most gracious Speech. This Day the House
of Peers will wait on his Majesty with their Address.

The Prince of Wales, the Bishop of Osnabrug, and the Duke of Glou-
cester, were present in the House of Peers.

Yesterday the Earl of Warwick and Lord Lyttleton took their Oaths
and Seats in the House of Peers, each in the Room of his Father, deceased.

Yesterday one of the Lord Mayor's young men, being in a Fever, and
delirious, threw himself out of a Window at his Apartments in Thames
Street; he was taken up alive, but expired about four Hours after. His
Place is in the Disposal of the Lord Mayor, who receives two Thirds of
the Money it sells for. The last Place of this Kind, it is said, sold for

Our Letters by yesterday's Flanders Mail give a Circumstantial Account
of what happened between the Russians and the Turks near Varna on
the 12th of November last, according to which General Ungern Sternberg
lost 6000 Men among whom are General Reize and 21 Officers; and
that General Dolgorucki,{?} who marched with his Corps on another Road
in Order to join the former, when he was informed of the unhappy
Event, turned back; but his advanced Guard, consisting of near 3000
Cossacks, who were advanced too far, fell into the Hands of the Bassia
of Adrianople, who was just come to defend the Fortress of the Varna, and
all these 3000 Cossacks were cut to Pieces by his Troops. They add,
that not withstanding the Loss which that General sustained, yet his
Undertaking was very laudable; and if he had come two Hours sooner
he would have rendered himself Master of that important Fortress,
which would have proved very fatal to the Enemy. Nevertheless, his
Way of retiring with the rest of the Troops did him great Honour.

On Monday Night the House of Mr. Carter, Tanner, at Bell Barr in
Hertfordshire, was burnt entirely down to the Ground, together with
all the Outhouses. Mr. Carter, his Wife, two Children, and a Maid
Servant, perished in the Flames. It is supposed to have been set on
Fire by the Floods getting to the Lime, a great Quantity of which was in
the House.

We hear from Potsdam, that his Prussian Majesty is ever in close Con-
ference with the Russian and Austrian Ministers. Courier upon Courier
are continually arriving from, and sending to, their triumvirate Courts.
Upon the last Defeat of the Turks, two Expresses came within four
Hours of each other; when it was the next Day propagated at Berlin that
a Revolution was daily expected at Constantinople, and all the Christian
Merchants were removing their Effects with the utmost Secrecy and Ex-
peditions from that Capital. The Rage of the Turks is so great at this
Time, against the Christians and the Jews, that there is no walking the Streets
of Constantinople, for Fear of their Fury. The Grand Seignior hourly
distributes large Sums of Money among his Janisaries, to hinder their
Revolt; but without he marches in Person at their Head, and leads them
on to Battle (which is what they cry aloud for) all his temporising will
avail him nothing.

January 15. Yesterday the Hounourable Commissioners for victualling
his Majesty's Navy, contracted with Mr. Peter Mellish for 450 Oxen,
to be killed for Sea Store, at his Majesty's Victualling Office, London,
at 28s. 11d. the Hundred Weight.

Thursday the Lord Mayor took his Seat in the House of Commons;
he was introduced and led up to the Speaker Glynn and
Alderman Crosby.

By a Correspondent from Athlone, we learn that a few days past a
Duel was fought there between Lieutenant Colonel Pigott and Major
Bruce of the 38th Regiment, and we hear the slight Occasion which gave
Rise to the following fatal Result was no more than the latter telling the
former he was an Egyptian. In Consequence of this Expression the
Colonel demanded an Explanation, which the other refused, telling him
he was at Liberty to put on the Word whatever Construction he thought
proper; a term which, between men of Honour, is always considered
as a Challenge. It was therefore understood as such; and the two
Gentlemen, with their Seconds, met on the Ground. Captain Orto, who
was the Colonel's Friend, demanded from Lieutenant Sutherland, who
was the Major's Friend, what Explanation Mr. Bruce chose to give of
the Expression he made Use of at the Mess. The Major made Answer,
that by the Word Egyptian he
intended to have it understood as a Person
of grovelling and mean Principles. The two Gentlemen then took their
respective Stands. Colonel Pigott firing first, his Ball struck against the
fourth Rib on Major Bruce's right Side, and breaking the Bone, forced
its Way, with Part of his Clothes and Shirt, into the Body, where it pe-
netrated too far to be extracted, and he was afterwards, by the Surgeon,
deemed past all Hopes of Recovery. When the Major received the Shot,
he staggered forwards; and his Pistol, either by Design or Accident, go-
ing off, the Ball struck on the Inside of Colonel Pigott's Wrist, and
from thence directing its Course to the fleshy Part of the Arm, just
grazed the Skiin, and made its Lodgement about two Inches below the
Armpit on the Outside, from whence it has since been extracted, without
any dangerous Symptoms.

A short Time since two French Dragoons left their Regiment, and
took a Resolution to kill each other at the same Instant. To effect this,
they went to a Publick House at St. Denis; and, after drinking together,
one of them made his Will, which he left in Writing. They then went
out and fired a Pistol the same Instant at each other, and both fell dead
on the Spot. Their Bodies have since been exposed at the outer Room of
the Prison. One of them, aged 21, is of a good Family in Paris, and his
Comrade is 26. They wrote between them fourteen Letters, to be sent
to their Parents and Friends after their Decease.

A severe Boxing Match was fought yesterday Morning, in a Field near
Pancras, between the Son of a Gentleman of Fortune at the west End of
the Town, and a Schoolmaster, wherein the latter received an unlucky
Blow on the Temple, which killed him on the Spot. It is said the young

Column 3

Gentlemen held him a Grudge on Account of some cruel treatment he
received from him when he was his Pupil, and meeting him accidentally
a few Days since, at a Coffeehouse in the City, took him by the Nose,
which was the Occasion of the Battle. The Deceased, it seems, not
understanding the Sword, chose to decide the Quarrel with their Fists,
rather than fight with Pistols.

It was yesterday mentioned, at the Bank, that the farther Improve-
ment of the Gold Coin intended by Government is to prohibit the Use of
Guineas of former Reigns, and those of his present Majesty only to be
current; the Loss, as before, to be born by Individuals.

Mr. Burke being asked yesterday his Opinion of a certain Speech, re-
plied,"it is a golden One."

We hear that Sir Watkin Lewes intends preferring his Petition, in Be-
half of himself and the independent Freemen of the City of Worsester, on
Wednesday, being the first Day of the Meeting of the House of Commons
in the next Week; which Petition, it is expected, will disclose some very
notorious Instances of Bribery and Corruption.

Thursday Night an elderly Man and a Woman, supposed to be his
Wife, went to a Lodging House in the Park, Southwark, where they
paid for a Bed to lie that Night; and yesterday Morning the Mistress of
the House, to her great Surprise, found them both hanging to a large
Staple, which was drove in a Beam where they lay.

January 17. The following is his Majesty's most gracious Answer to
the humble Advice of the Right Honourable the Lords Spiritual and
Temporal in Parliament assembled presented to his Majesty on Friday last:

"My Lords,

"I thank you for this loyal Address. Nothing can give me greater
"Satisfaction than these Assurances of our Duty and Affection. You
"may always depend upon my hearty Concurrence in every Measure
"that contributes to the Improvement of Commerce, and the true Inte-
"rest and Prosperity of my People."

The humble Address of the House of Commons was presented to his
Majesty on Saturday last, to which his Majesty was pleased to return a
very gracious Answer.

On Saturday the Patience of the Speaker of the House of Commons
was entirely spent before a sufficient Number of Members could be pro-
cured to constitute a House. The Messengers were sent to the Treasury,
Admiralty, and the Coffeehouses near the Palace for that Purpose, and
it was full Half after two hours before the Speaker took the Chair As soon as
they returned from St. James's, his Majesty's Answer to the Address
was reported, and the House, without doing any other Business, adjourned
to this Day.

The Motions intended to have been made in the Upper Assembly are
postponed till the Beginning of the next Month.

The first Business of any Consequence intended to be taken up in the
Upper Assembly is, we hear, the Petition of the Dissenters.

The intended A ct for the Regulation of the Coin means to fix the fol-
lowing Weights and Allowances for reasonable Wear: Five Pennyweights
three Grains for all Guineas coined before the Reign of the late King,
five Pennyweights six Grains from that Period to the sixth of his present
Majesty, and, from the latter to the present Time the full Standard.
The Loss on the Whole, arising from the above Regulation, it is com-
puted, will not anmount to more than 40,000l. whereas the Loss to the
Holders of Money, according to the Act of last Sessions, amounted to
300,000l. or near 12 per Cent. on 2,500,000l. light Money paid into the
Bank, &c.

It is said that on Tuesday last Mr. Franklin, an Agent of one of the
American Colonies, was examined touching the Letters that gave Rise
to a late Duel.

Extract of a Letter from Gosport, January 13.

"Wednesday two Expresses arrived here; one to the Commissioner,
giving him Orders to supply the Russian Fleet with every Kind of Stores
and Provisions that may be necessary; the other was to the Russian Am-
bassadour, who is at the George Inn here.

"Another Express arrived at the Commissioner's Office last Night,
which is thought to be an Order for fitting fifteen Sail of the Line ready
for Commission, in Case they should shortly be called for.

"We hear the Russian Men of War will be ready for Sea in about a
Week's Time, as their Bottoms are very good, and they want only their
Decks and upper Works to be caulked. These Ships are to be suppllied
with the new consturcted Pumps and Blocks."

This Day, about Half past two o'Clock, the House met, and pro-
ceeded to Business. His Majesty's Speech was read, and a Motion
made for granting farther Supplies to his Majesty, and agreed to be de-
termined on Wednesday next; after which the Committee broke up,
and the Speaker took the Chair again. No Debates ensured.

A Petition for extending the Navigation from Selby to Leeds, &c. was
read and referred. Petitions were also presented for making the Rivers
Calder and Aire navigable.

January 18. It is now said that no Petitions will be presented for an
undue Election of the City of London.

The late dreadful Fire in Wych Street began at a Cabinet Maker's
Workshop, from whence the Flames were communicated to the Houses
of Mr. Tapper and Mr. Massey, Embroiderers. There were nine Houses
consumed, in all.

Sunday Night, about six o'Clock, a Person knocked at the Door of
Mr. Boyd, Merchant in Swan Court, St. Bartholomew Lane, when the
Footman opened the Door (he being the only Person in the House) and
three more immediately followed him; they locked the Door, bound the
poor Man with Cords, gagged him, and flung him into the Coal Hole,
then plundered the House of Notes, Cash, Plate, and jewels, to a great
Value. The Master arrived in Town this Morning about twelve o'Clock,
and the Footman now lies at the Point of Death.

On Saturday last Lord Townsend, Sir Jeffrey Amherst, and Sir
Charles Frederick, went to the Tower and viewed the Places where the
late Fire happened, and expressed their Anger at at large Quantity of
Powder being clandestinely lodged in the Cellar of one of the Houses, as
it might have been attended with the most dangerous Consequences.
Lord Townsend ordered several new Cisterns, Fire Cocks, and Buckets,
to be fixed in different Parts of the Tower, to be in Readiness to supply
the Engines, if a like Accident should happen; likewise that the Sta-
tioner's Shop should be removed from the White Tower, as it was dan-
gerous to keep so large a Quanitity of Paper near the Magazine. Lord
Townsend mentioned the great Impropriety of having but one Entrance
into the Tower, and proposed building another Drawbridge from the
Devil's Battery to Irongate; as, should a Fire happen at the present En-
trance, it would be impossible either to convey Engines to it or for the
Inhabitants to escape.

A Gentleman yesterday mentioning the Scarcity of Provisions to Mr.
Burke, and asking him the Reason why Parliament did not take some
Measure to remedy the Evil, he jokingly replied, "We are very easy
about it, for Governor Pownal takes Care to supply us with Bread, and
we have Beef, Pork, and Wildfowl in the House; meaning Bull, Bacon,
and Coote."

Yesterday Morning, about eleven o'Clock, the Recorder was seized
on the Bench with another severe Fit of the Gout, and obliged to be
carried home immediately in a Sedan. The City Remembrancer was
obliged to attend in his Stead, in Order to finish the Sessions, and to pass
Sentence on the Prisioners.

This Morning, about one o'Clock, a Fire broke out in the Stables at
Rose Inn, in the Fleet Market, which suffocated four fine Coach Horses,
consumed a large Quantity of Hay and Straw, and did other considerable
Damage before it was extinguished. It was with the utmost Difficutly
the whole Building was saved.

Saturday, as two young men, Brothers, names Buren, who live in
Norris's Street, Ratcliff Highway, were out a-shooting in Stepney Fields,
a Quarrel arose concerning a small Bird one of them shot, when the
youngest discharged his Piece at his Brother, and wounded him in so
terrible a Manner that he now lies past Hopes of Recovery.

We are credibly informed, that so far from any of the national Debt
being paid off this Year a farther Loan of 600,000l. will be added to
the three per Cents.

By the same Authority, we learn that a Plan of a Lottery of 60,000
Tickets has been delivered in to Lord North, and approved of, and that
the Subscription will be 12l. a Ticket.

Extract of a Letter from Vienna, December 15.

We have just received the following authentick Advices from
Marshall Romanzow's Army. On the 10th of November the first At-
tack was made on Silistris, when the Russians were repulsed with the
Loss of 1200 Men killed, and above 600 desperately wounded. The
Russians then erected several Batteries of great Guns, and five Mortar
Batteries, about the Town, which played for three Days and Nights,
doing considerable Damage, many Parts of the Town being set on Fire
by the Shells, and Breaches made in the Walls by the Shot from the
Gun Batteries. On the 15th a second Attack was made, but without
Success. The Turks fought as Men in Desperation. However, on the
17th the Russians were Masters of the Place by Assault, and not by Ca-
pitulation, as has been reported. The Russians lost in the Whole, be-

Page 3
Column 1

fore Silistria, 2700 Men, and had upwards of 3000 wounded. A fine
Train of Brass Artillary, together with several large Magazines of Stores,
Provisions, &c. were found there; and several Thousand Purses of
Sequins for the Payment of the Grand Visiar's Army. Seven Thousand
of the Turks were made Prisoners of War, and several other great Ad-
vantages gained. In short, this is the most important and advantageous
Event for the Russians during the War."

Saturday one James Benston, a Chelsea Pensioner, went to receive his
Half yearly Payment at the Hospital, and on his Return home was met
by a Footpad, who robbed him of all he had about him, and threatened
his Life. This so affected him, that as soon as he came home to his
Lodgings in Blackfriars he tied a Rope about his Neck and hanged himself
on his Bedstead, but was cut down just Time enough to save his Life.

DUBLIN, January 8. It is confidently asserted, that should the Loan
by Annuities be filled the Stamp Act will be discontinued the next Sessi-
ons of Parliament, and not make Part of the hereditary Revenue, as

By a Letter received on Thursday last from Kinsale, we learn that
Major Bruce is dead of the Wounds he received in the Duel with Colonel

EDINBURGH, January 5. There died lately at Huntley one James
Cruickshank, an Errand Runner, perhaps the most perfect Miser that
ever existed. He never lighted Fire or Candle in his House, nor ever eat
or drank at home, save what Victuals he brought in his Pocket from his
last Employer, and never bought a Coat in his Life. When Death made
his awful Approach, with Reluctance and Difficulty he pointed to the
Place where his Gold lay. In a Hole in the Floor were 60 Guineas, in
another 40l. in Silver, and in an old Box thrust into a third Hole was
50l. more in Silver. Besides these he had many Halfpence, but only
two Bank Notes, for he always abhorred Paper Money. He had also by
him a large Parcel of Nails, Horse Shoes, &c. which he had picked up
on the Road.

GOSPORT, January 14. This Day the Money arrived at the Com-
missioner's Office for the Payment of the Guardships, down to six

Some of the Russians daily die in some of the Hospitals. At this present
Time we have a great Number of Men belonging to the Russian Fleet
in the said Hospital.

OXFORD, January 15. On the 4th Instant, at Haversham, Bucks,
a very singular Inquisition was taken by the Coroner for the said County,
on View of the Bodies of one male and two female Bastard Children,
found secreted between a Chimney and a House in that Place, occupied
for some Time past by a Man and his Daughter; when it appeared, upon
Examination of divers Witnesses, and the Confession of the Daughter,
that she had criminally cohabited with her Father, by whom she had all
the above named Infants; that she was from Time to Time privately
delivered of them all; that two of them were born alive, and immediately
murdered by her Father; that the last was still born; and that all three
were secreted by her said Father behind the Chimney, from whence they
had been taken. Upon which Evidence and Confession the Jury brought
in their Verdict, that two of the Children were murdered by the Father
who died about a Year ago) and his Daughter is committed to Aylesbury
Jail to take her Trial at the next Assizes. And on Saturday last a second
Inquisition was taken in the same Place, on View of another Child,
afterwards found behind the same Chimney, supposed to have been her's,
and murdered and secreted there by her and her deceased Father.

YORK, January 11. On Thursday se'nnight, at Night, a female
Heroine, disguised in Man's Apparel, stopped and robbed two young
Fellows (Waiters at the Inns in Ferrybridge, and Brothers) at a small
Distance from that Town; which, though committed as a Joke, s likely
to be attended with very serious Consequences, as it is said the Parties
robbed will prosecute the female Pad.

SALIBURY, January 17. On Sunday the 9th Instant, in the Morn
ing, a Fire broke out in the Seat of the Honourable Mr. Fox at Winterslow,
which, in a few Hours burnt to the Ground, all except the Kit-
chen, which, being a detached Building, escaped the Flames. Most of
the Plate, Pictures, and valuable Furniture were saved. It is supposed
to have been kindling for some Time, as several of the Family had per-
ceived a Smell of Fire for some Days before it broke out, but could not
discover from whence it proceeded.

PORTSMOUTH, January 11. Sailed from hence, the Princess
Augusta, Livingston, the Friendship, Wilson, the Prospect, Read, the
Dingley, Brown, the Betsey, Stephenson, and the Edward, Wood, all
for the Mediterranean, with Stores for the Russian Fleet.

March 24.

By the Brigantine Abby, Captain Herbert, arrived at Norfolk, we
learn that Advice was received in England of the Destruction
of the East India Company's Tea at Boston, which had caused several
Meetings of the Directors, but did not make that Noise which was first
expected.___The London, Robertson, was to sail for York River in a
few Days after Captain Herbert.

Deaths] Reverend Richard Hewitt, Rector of Hungar's, in

Old William Jenkins, at Winchester. This Man attended
Colonel Washington, a little before the Commencement of last War,
upon his hazardous and fatiguing Journey to Fort Venango, with a Let-
from Governor Dunwiddie to the Commandant there, complaining
of the Encroachments and Depredations of the French; when he so
recommended himself to that Gentleman, for his Integrity and other
valuable Qualities, that he was employed during all the Campaigns on the
Ohio as an Express in the Country's Service, and has pursued the same Oc-
cupation ever since, to the entire Satisfaction of every Person that employed

A LOVER of CANDOUR came too late for
this Week's Paper, but wilt have a Place in our next.


LENT to some of my Acquaintance, or
HUMAN MIND. Any Person who has either of those Books
will oblige me by informing the Printer thereof or returning them to
me. The Name at the Bottom of the Coat of Arms denotes the
Owner. RALPH WORMELEY, Junior.

ALL Persons indebted to the Estate of
Captain William Wills, deceased, of Warwick County, are re-
quested to make speedy Payment, the Circumstances of the Estate not
admitting of any Indulgence; and those who have any Claims against the
Estate are desired to make them known.



FREDERICKSBURG, February 22, 1774.

Clerk of Spotsylvania Court, by Deed, dated the ___Day of
___, 1766, and recorded in the said Court, did sell and transfer to
John Mitchell and Company all the Fees and Profits arising and accruing
from his Clerkship from that Date, until several large Sums of Money, in
the same Deed expressed to be due the Company from Waller, were fully
satisfied, as by the Deed may more fully appear; and since the executing
thereof, although all the Fees and Profits that have been received by the
Company have been faithfully applied towards discharging the Debt, yet
a large Sum still remains due, and many of the Fees and Perquisites of
his Office, heretofore placed in the Hands of Sheriffs, and others, to col-
lect, are unpaid and unaccounted for, as also several Fees now due re-
main unplaced in the Hands of any One to collect, as I am informed: I
therefore take this Method to acquaint those whom it may concern, that
I have obtained from John Waller, and the Company aforesaid, an irre-
vocable Power and Authority not only to call any Persons to a Reckoning
that have been empowered to collect the said Fees and Profits, and have
failed properly to account for and pay the same, but also to receive those
that are now or may hereafter become due to the said Waller, by Virtue
of his Office and Clerkship aforesaid, until the said Debt is fully paid; with
a farther irrevocable Power, to substitute any Person or Persons I may
think proper to act for me in this Matter. All Persons therefore, at their
Peril, are to take Notice, that Payments made of the Fees to any One
hereafter, except myself, or those I may substitute in my Place, will be
deemed void; and I require all Sheriffs and Collectors, that have failed
to account and pay the Fees placed in their Hands to collect, to do the
same immediately, otherwise I shall proceed against them as the Law

Column 2

A BEAUTIFUL SORREL, fifteen Hands three
Inches high, of an elegant Form, great Strength
and Activity, now stands at my Plantation near

Petersburg, and will cover the ensuing Season at a
Pistole the Leap, or three Pistoles for the Season.

"This Horse was got by YOUNG SNIP, his Dam by Lord Morton's
"ARABIAN, his Grandam by OLD CRAB, his great Grandam by
"the BALD GALLOWAY, his great great Grandam by Darley's
"ARABIAN, out of BAY BOLTON's Dam."
Those who oblige me by sending Mares may rely that
the utmost Care shall be taken of them


WILLIAMSBURG, March 22, 1774.
AS I intend to leave the Colony soon, those
who are indebted to me are requested to make an immediate Set-
tlement, and those who have any Demands against me to bring in their
Accounts. (2||) EPHRAIM ROSS.

SOME Time in the YEAR 1772 there was
sent to my Store in Sussex County, by Mr. Richard Booker, a BALE
of ROLLS marked SP, which was supposed to belong to Dr. Samuel
since which that Gentleman has seen it, but says it is not his Pro-
perty. The Owner, therefore, may have it on paying Charges and ap-
plying to (1||) RICHARD HILL.

WILLIAMSBURG, March 22, 1774.
A SOBER Man that is well acquainted with Hair
Dressing and Wig making, may meet with good
Encouragement by applying to the Subscriber.

MARCH 20, 1774.
ABOUT thirty choice Virginia born SLAVES
(Men, Women, Boys, and Girls) will be sold
at Winchester, on Tuesday the 5th of April (if fair,
otherwise next fair Day) for ready Money, or such
Merchants Notes as are approved of, payable at the
ensuing Meeting in Williamsburg. (2)

FREDERICKSBURG, March 16, 1774.
ALL Persons who have any Demands against the
Estate of George Gray, deceased, late of Stafford
County, are desired to bring them in properly attested,
that they may be settled and paid of as soon as possible.
GEORGE WEEDON, Administrator.

MARCH 24, 1774.
THE next Meeting of The Subscribers to
the Fund for the Relief of the Widows and Orphans of Clergymen

is to be held on Saturday the 30th of April. Officers for the present Year
are, the Reverend John Camm, Treasurer, Reverend Benjamin Blagrove,
Henry Skyring, James Maury Fontaine, Thomas Price, William Bland,
Alexander White, Trustees;the Reverend William Leigh, Morning
Preacher; and the Reverend John Bracken, Afternoon Preacher.

ON the 14th of April will be sold, to the
highest Bidder, atBermuda Hundred, about two Hundred Pounds
worth of MERCHANDIZE. Six Months Credit will be allowed for
all Articles above forty Shillings, upon giving Bond and Security to the
Executors of Captain John Hylton. FRANCIS EPPES
** The Executors desire those who have Claims against the Estate
to make them known, and those indebted thereto to make immediate

A SMALL TRACT of LAND lying in York County, near York
River, exceedingly well situated for Fish and Oysters; a very good
Dwelling-House, Barn, and other Outhouses, and a beautiful young
Apple Orchard. The Terms may be known by applying to

STANDS at Rosegill, and will cover Mares at 4l. the Season. Those
who send Mares must send the Money, otherwise they shall not be
left. The valuable Qualities, and the Pedigree, of this Horses are
sufficiently notorious. RALPH WORMELEY, Junior.

THE noted high blooded English Horse
ARISTOTLE stands in full Perfection this Season at the Sub-
scriber's Plantation in Southampton County, on <Meherrin River, to cover
Mares at 30s. the Leap, 3l. the Season, and 5l. to ensure. Good Pas-
turage gratis, and all Directions carefully attended to, but I will not be
liable for any that may be lost. WILLIAM BLUNT.

Covers the ensuing Season at Norman's Ford, Fauquier County, for
fifty Shillings Cash, brought with the Mares, or three Pounds Cre-
dit, till October. Care will be taken to secure them from Accident, by a
strong Fence; and they will be supplied with very good Pastures, but
I will not make myself liable for them.

STRAYED from Mr. John Champe's the
20th of October last, a BROWN BAY HORSE with a hanging
Mane and Switch Tail,a very small Star in his Forehead, about fourteen
Hands and a Half high, between four and five Years old, paces and
canters, and in heavy Roads will trot. His Rump falls a good Deal;
and as for his Brand, I cannot recollect it. Whoever will deliver him
safe to me, at Norman's Ford,, in Fauquier County, shall be entitled to
40 s.Reward. LANDON CARTER.

RUN away, in the Morning of the 19th of
this Instant (March from on Board the Jusititia, Captain Finlay
at Leeds Town, in Rappahannock, with the Yawl, Clinker built,
and four Oars, the five following Servants, and one of the Ship's Com-
pany, viz.___ROBERT WALKER, born in Surry, 26 Years of Age,
five Feet six Inches high, of a dark Complexion, wears his own brown
Hair, and had on when he went away a gray coloured Cloth and a brown
Surtout Coat, and either Shoes or Boots.___RALPH LAWSON, born
in London, 22 Years of Age, five Feet four Inches high, black Hair,
with a fresh Scar on his Nose, had on when he went away a blue Jacket
and Linsey Woolsey Waistcoat.___FRANCIS GRANGER, born in the
North of England, 30 Years of Age, five Feet four Inches high, of a
dark Complexion, with short black Hair, had on when he went away
a Drab coloured Jacket and Waistcoat, and a Pair of Fearnought Trousers.
___JAMES WATSON, born in Scotland, 20 Yearsof Age,five Feet five
Inches high, a fresh Complexion, with black Hair, had on when he went
away a green Jacket, and blue Worsted Drawers._____ROBERT
WOOD, born in the North of England,30 Years of Age, five feet five
Inches high, of a dark Complexion, much pitted with the Smallpox,
wears his own black Hair, had on when he went away a blue Sailor's
Jacket, and white Waistcoat and Trousers.____LYDIA HEATH-
COTE, born in London, 25 Years of Age, a fair Complexion, and fair
Hair, had on when she went away a black Gown.___Whoever apprehends
the above mentioned Servants, or any of them, and secures then in any
of his Majesty's Jails, or sends them on Board the Ship at Leeds Town,
shall have 20 s. Reward for each, besides what the Law allows, and 40s.
for the Yawl if brought to the Ship. FINLAY GRAY.

Column 3

RUN away from the VINEYARD [torn, illegible]
Weeks ago, an ew Negro Man named SUNDAY, ab[page folded, illegible]
five Inches high, 25 Years old, well made, and very black;[paper folded, illegible]
Monmouth Cap, a white Cotton Waistcoat and Breeches, and [paper folded, illegible]
Waistcoat under the Cotton one. I will give a Reward of 10s. 10 [paper folded, illegible]
Person that will deliver him to me. ANDREW ESTAVE.

COMMITTED to the County Jail of Nor-
on the first of February, a Negro Woman about five Feet
four or five Inches high, thick made, appears to be about 35 Years of
Age, says her Name is MOLL CUFFY, and that she is a free born Wo-
man, but cannot make it appear.

COMMITTED to the County Jail of Nor-
on the 27th of February, two white Servant Men, who say
they belong to Colonel John Syme at York. One of them says his Name
is THOMAS FARRALL, and the other that is JERAMIAH QUIR.

PRINCE GEORGE, March 10, 1774.
MERRY TOM, in great Prefection,
stands at my Plantation to cover Mares at 15s. the Leap, and
40s. for the Season, Pasturage gratis. His Colts are strong, beautiful,
and active. I will not be accountable for such Mares as may be stolen
or get away, though the utmost Care shall be taken of them, and none
have ever been lost hitherto. JOHN BAIRD.

WILLIAMSBURG, March 10, 1774.
JUST IMPORTED from London, and to
be sold at Mr. Bruce's Store on the south Side of the Capitol, Garden
PEASE, BEANS, and CABBAGE SEED of different Sorts, and the
earliest and best Kinds.

To the Inhabitants of VIRGINIA.
Knowing that the Legislature of your Colony have prohibited
INOCULATING for the SMALLPOX, I therefore offer myself
to those who may choose to come abroad to take that Disorder; but as I
am almost an utter Stranger in Virginia, it would be extreme Folly to ex-
pect much Confidence without something more than a simple Information
to the Publick. The subjoined Testimony, I imagine, will be the best
Recommendation I can give of my Ability in that Branch of my Profession.

I have understood that a Prejudice prevails against Mercury in the Pre-
paration, and perhaps with Justice, if used indiscriminately; but as that
Change of Constitution for receiving the Smallpox favourably can be made
without it, though not with the same Expedition, I have always been
sparing of it. As I deal in no Secrets nor Nostrums, the Change I ap-
prehend to be made is this: The inflammatory Dispostion of the Blood
is corrected, and the Elasticity of the Solids enfeebled; or, to speak still
in a more simple Style, the System in general is weakened to a certain
Degree. This Mercury effects, I think, quicker than any Thing else yet
discovered. Upon the Whole, whoever comes under my Care may be
assured of every Attention being paid in my Power.

THE above Alexander Stenhouse has inocultated for the Smallpox these
several Years in this County, and in our Families, when required
with as much Success as any we have heard of in the Profession.

YOUNG BAJAZET stands at Mr. Joseph
in King & Queen, to cover, Mares at a Guinea the Leap,
or two Pounds six Shillings the Season. He is a beautiful Mohogany
Bay, upwards of fifteen Hands high, and was got by Bajazet out of a
Janus Mare bred by Berington Moore, Esq; of North Carolina. Good Pas-
turage will be provided for the Mares, with proper Attendance by
** Who o[illegible, ink rubbed off] Monday, performs his Exploits in Horsemanship
at Gloucester Courthouse.

GODOLPHIN, a full blooded Horse, by
Mr. Richard Taylor's near Petersburg, to cover Mares, at twenty Shillings
Leap, or three Pounds the Season, payable in October. Those Gentlemen
who are inclined to send Mares may be assured that the greatest Care will
taken of them, but I will not be answerable for any that shall get away.

IMPORTED in the Richmond, Captain
Patterson, a small BOX, directed to the Subscriber at Cabin Point.
I will be much obliged to any Person who will inform me where it is,
or send it to me by the first Opportunity.

HANOVER County, March 10, 1774.
ALL Persons who have any Demands against
the Estate of Colonel William Macon, deceased, of New Kent, are
desired to apply for Payment; and those indebted thereto are requested to
discharge their Balances immediately, to
(2) WILLIAM MACON, Executor.

To be SOLD, by Virtue of a Deed of Trust to Lucas
and Dixon, and John Dixon, on Monday the 18 th
April, if fair, otherwise next fair Day,
A VERY valuable TRACT of LAND on Milford Haven, in Kingston
Parish, being on the Main opposite to Gwyn's Island, in Gloucester
County, containing about 500 Acres. This fine Plantation is remarkable
for many Advantages and Conveniences; for, besides the Land being
very good, there is a Brick Dwelling-House with three Rooms on a Floor
and a large Passage, a Kitchen, Barn, and all other necessary Houses, in
the best Repair; there is likewise a Brick Windmill open to the Bay,
which gets upwards of 100 Barrels of Corn a Year, besides an excellent
Orchard. And for great Plenty and a Variety of Sea and River Fish,
and the finest Oysters, it yields to no Place in Virginia. (5)

To be SOLD on Monday, the 28 th of this Instant
(March) at the late Dwelling-House of Phillip
COWPER, deceased, in Elizabeth City County,
A TRACT of LAND on Harris's Creek, containing about 160 Acres,
whereon is a Dwelling-House and other Outhouses, with Apple
and Peach Orchards. Six Months Credit will be allowed for one Third
of the Purchase Money, twelve Months for another Third, and eighteen
Months for the Remainder, on giving Bond with good Security._____
At the same Time and Place will be sold three likely NEGROES, some
HOGS, and HORSES, belonging to the said Estate, on twleve Months
Credit, Bond and Security being given. All Bonds to carry Interest from
the Date, if not punctually discharged on the Day of Payment.______
All Persons who have any Claims against the Estate of the said Philip
deceased, are desired to make them known; and those indebted
thereto are requested to make speedy Payment.
(2||) ROE COWPER, Executors.

To be SOLD on very reasonable Terms, and long
Credit, if required, or
LEASED for a Term of

THE valuable and well known Plantation joining the City of Willi-
and leading to the College Landing, which is one of the
best Tracts of Land for a Farm in Virginia, and to which adjoins a large
Quantity oF Marsh and Low Grounds proper for Meadow. There are
likewise several valuable SLAVES and STOCK, which may be had, if it
is agreeable, with the said Land. Undoubted Security will be required.
____In the Meanwhile, there is an enclosed Pasture to be rented, and
several small Dwelling-Houses, for Terms of which apply to

Page 4
Column 1

A PROPHECY of the future Glory of AMERICA.
TO Years distant, and to Scenes more bright,
Along the Vale of Time extend thy Sight,
Where Hours and Days, and Years, from yon bright Pole,
Wave following Wave, in long Succession roll;
There fee in Pomp, for Ages without End,
The Glories of the WESTERN WORLD ascend!
See, this blest LAND in her bright Morn appears,
Wak'd from dead Slumbers of six Thousand Years;
While Clouds of Darkness veil'd each cheering Ray,
To savage Beasts and savage Men a Prey.
Fair Freedom now her Ensigns bright displays,
And Peace and Plenty bless the golden Days.
In mighty Pomp AMERICA shall rise,
Her Glories spreading to the boundless Skies;
Of every Fair, she boasts th' assembled Charms,
The Queen of Empires, and the Nurse of Arms.
See, where her HEROES! mark their glorious Way,
Arm'd for the Fight, and blazing on the Day,
Blood stains their Steps, and o'er the conquering Plain,
'Mid fighting Thousands, and 'mid Thousands slain,
Their eager Swords promiscuous Carnage blend,
And ghastly Deaths their raging Couse attend;
Her mightly Power the subject World shall see,
For laurell'd Conquest waits her high Degree.
See, her bold Vessels rushing to the Main,
Catch the swift Gales, and sweep the watery Plain!
Or, led by Commerce, at the Merchants Door
Unlade the Treasures of each distant Shore;
Or, arm'd with Thunder, on the guilty Foe
Rush big with Death, and aim th' impending Blow;
Bid every Realm, that hears the Trump of Fame,
Quake at the distant Terrour of her Name."

ORDERED, that the Clerks of the several County
Courts in this Colony do transmit to the Clerk of
this House, in the first Part of every Meeting of
the General Assembly, a List of the Tithables in their
Counties, containing the Names of such Tithables; and
that they transmit also, at the same Time, a List of
the publick Charges of their respective Counties.

ORDERED, that the CLERK of this House do cause the
same to be published in the Virginia Gazette.
By the House of Burgesses,

G. WYTHE, C. H. B.

TAKEN up, in Chesterfield, a GRAY HORSE about Five Years old,
four Feet two Inches high, a hanging Mane and Sprig Tail, his
off hind Foot whiter than the others, and branded on the near Buttock
with a Figure of 8. (||) THOMAS BURTON.

TAKEN up, in Brunswick, a BAY HORSE about four Feet four
Inches high, a roached Mane and Bob Tail, paces naturally, and
has no White about him except on the Nose. Posted, and appraised to
7l. 10s. (||) JOHN SIMS.

WILLIAMSBURG, March 8, 1774
THE several SHERIFFS in Arrear for his Ma-
jesty's Quitrents are requested to make full
Payment at the ensuing April Court; and as it is my
Duty to enforce a speedy Collection of this Revenue,
it is hoped that those against whom Judgements have
been already obtained will attend to this Notice.

WHEREAS I am informed that I gave a
Bond to Mr. Thomas Tabb,on the 20th of January last, for the
Sum of 80l. at which Time I was incapable of Bargaining, this is to fore-
warn any Person from taking an assignment of the said Bond, as I am
determined not to pay it. JOHN PRICE

A FINE Assortment of JEWELLER and
WATCHMAKER's Tools and Materials;
the Particulars of which, and the Terms, may be
known of the Printer.

DINWIDDIE, March 1, 1774.
THE repeated Losses I have sustained, for
some Months past, make it necessary that I should grant no longer
Indulgence to those indebted to me; and as I intend to leave the Colony
so soonas I can get my Affairs settled, I am determined to put every
Bond and Account due to me, that is not discharged in a few Weeks,
into a Lawyer's Hands.

I will dispose of the Tract of LAND whereon I live, containing about
820 Acres, six Miles from Petersburg, mostly very level, good Wheat and
Corn Land, as may appear from the present Crop of fifty Acres sown in
Wheat; it is well timbered with Pine, White and Red Oak, has on it a
new Dwelling-House 32 Feet by 18, neatly finished, good Cellars, a new
Kitchen and Laundry 36 Feet by 18, an old Dwelling House with two
Brick Chimnies, four Rooms below and two above Stairs, which with
repairing and finishing, at a small Expense, might be made a commodious
Dwelling-House, a fine Apple and Peach Orchard; ten or twelve
SLAVES, most of whom are very valuable, forty Head of CATTLE,
twenty of which areexceeding good Work Steers, wtih new Carrylogs,
Chains and Screws, that one able Fellow can raise a Stock of 5 or 6000
A Plantation of 464 Acres, about a Mile and Half from that whereon
I live; there is a Dwelling-House and Dairy on it, a fine young Apple
and Peach Orchard, very well timbered with Oak and Pine, lies pretty
level, good for both Corn and Wheat, and has about fifty Acres cleared.
____A Plantation of about 200 Acres in Prince George County, twelve
Miles from Petersburg, on Jones's Hole Run, adjoining Thomas Bonner's
Land, well timbered, and tolerable good Land, 20,000 Cornhills cleared,
and there is on it a Dwelling-House and Apple Orchard._____400 Acres
of Land in Surry County, on <Cypress Swamp, six or seven Miles below
Cabin Point, and as far distant from James River.____150 Acres of Land
in Dinwiddie County on Cox's Road, twenty Miles from Petersburg
with a Dwelling and other Outhouses, being the Plantation whereon
Mr. Robert Hutchings formerly lived.____200 Acres of Land on Aaron's
Creek, in Mecklenburg County, very good Corn, Wheat or Tobacco
Land._____The Purchasers will be allowed a reasonable Time of Pay-
ment, and the Terms may be known of

WILLIAMSBURG March 8, 1774.
ALL PERSONS indebted to the late Partnership
of Mess. Griffiths and Thomas, Griffiths, and Thomas
Merchants of Bristol,, are desired to pay their respective Balances imme
diately to the Subscribers. Attornies for Thomas Griffiths, surviving
Partner of both the aforesaid Houses.

Column 2

ALEXANDRIA, February 22, 1774.
THE Subscriber proposes leaving the Co-
lony immediately after the April General Court; all Persons
therefore who are indebted for Dealings with him on Account of himself
and Co. or on his own private Account, are earnestly requested to dis
charge their respective Balances between this and the first of May, as
longer Indulgence cannot possibly be given.

A TRACT of LAND in Amelia County, containing 500 Acres, about
four Miles below the Courthouse, it is remarkable fine Land for
Grain, and will bring good Tobacco. The Plantation is in good Order
for Cropping, sufficient to work six or either Hands, with all necessary
Houses. Any Person inclinable to purchase may depend on having a
Bargain, and know the terms by applying to

The noted Horse FEARNOUGHT
Stands the ensuing Season at the Subscriber's, at Hick's Ford, in
Brunswick County, and will cover at 40 s. a Leap, the Money to be
paid down, and 6l. the Season. Good Pasturage gratis, and great Care
will be taken of Mares, but I will not be answerable for any that may be
lost or stolen. WIILLIAM EDWARDS.

NORFOLK, March 2, 1774.
THE Subscriber has for Sale a neat Assort-
ment of EUROPEAN GOODS, very suitable for the Season,
Value between 3 and 400l. Sterling, which he will sell at a low Advance;
Part of the Goods just arrived in the Susannah Captain Dobbie, from
London. Credit will be given, and the Time of Payment made agreeable
to the Purchaser. GEORGE RAE.

assorted, just imported from London, in the Eli-
Captain Leitch, to be sold, on reasonable

YORK County, March 10, 1774.
I INTEND to leave the Colony immediately.

ANY Person that understands the Business of a
DRAWER (if well recommended) will
meet with good Encouragement by applying to me,
in Richmond Town. JAMES GUNN.

THE Ship Olive, Captain William Barrass, lying at Broadway, on
Appamattox, which will sail early in April (having three Fourths
of her Cargo engaged) can take in about 100 Hhds. of Tobacco on Li-
berty of Consignment. For Terms apply to Mr. Bolling Starke in Peters-
or us in Norfolk.

To be SOLD on the Premises, on Monday the 18 th
of April, if fair, otherwise next fair Day,
THE Subscriber's HOUSES and LOTS in the Town of Tappahannock,
which are so well known for their Convenience and agreeable Situ-
ation, on the River Bank, that a farther Description would be needless;
several NEGROES, among which are some exceeding good Cooks, Laun
dry and House Servants, and a valuable Negro Skipper, that is well
acquainted with the Bay and the Rivers, and has had the Charge of Vessels
for a Number of Years; likewise all the HOUSEHOLD and KITCHEN
FURNITURE, a Number of HORSES, among them a Pair of large
young bright bay Northward Carriage Horses, &c. &c. Two Years
Credit, or more, will be allowed for the Houses and Lots, on paying the
Interest yearly, and giving Bond with approved Security; and twelve
Months Credit on the other Articles, the Purchasers giving Bond and ap-
proved Security; and if not discharged when they become due, to bear
Interest from the Date. All that do not purchase above 25s. to pay
ready Money._____As the Subscriber will leave the Colony before long,
all Persons who have any Demand against him are desired to bring them
in, that they may be settled; and those who are indebted are requested
to make immediate Payment, and it being now near four Years since he
left off Store-keeping on his private Account, they can expect no farther

KING WILLIAM, February 25, 1774.
RUN away, in July last, MATT, a tall
slim Negro Man, by trade a Carpenter, and about forty Years
old; he walks badly, having been Frost-bit in Prison some Years ago, by
which he lost one of his great Toes, and the Print of the Irons he then
had on may be seen plainly on his Legs. Whoever delivers him to me
shall receive 3l. if taken within twenty Miles of my House, and 5l. if at
a greater Distance.

A VALUABLE FARM of 1500 Acres, within
sixteen Miles of Petersburg. The Terms may
be known on Application to the Subscriber.

NOTICE is hereby given to the Gentlemen,
Officers, and Soldiers, who claim Land under his Majesty's Pro-
clamation of the 7th of October, 1763, having obtained Warrants from
His Excellency the Right Honourable the Earl of Dunmore, directed to
the Surveyor of Fincastle County, and intending to locate their Lands on or
near the Ohio, below the Great Kanhawa that several Assistant Surveyors
will attend at the Mouth of the New River, or Great Kanhawa, on Thurs-
the 14th of April, to survey for such only as have or may obtain his
Lordship's Warrants for so doing, I would therefore request that the
Claimants, or their Agents will be very punctual in meeting at the Time
and Place mentioned, properly provided with Chain Carriers and
other Necessaries to proceed on the Business without Delay. As several
Gentlemen, who are acquainted with that Part of the Country, are of
Opinion, that, to prevent Insults from strolling Parties of Indians, there
ought to be at least fifty Men on the River, below the Mouth of the
Kanhawa, to attend the Business in such a Manner as the Gentlemen
present judge most proper until it is finished, or the Season prevent them
from surveying any more; should the Gentlemen concerned be of the
same Opinion, they will doubtless furnish that or any less Number of
Men they believe necessary. It is hoped the Officers, or their Agents,
who may have Land surveyed, particularly such as do not reside in the
Colony, will be careful to send the Surveyor's Fees when the Certificates
are demanded.
(5) WILLIAM PRESTON, Surveyor of Fincastle.

COMMITTED to the publick Jail a Run-
away Negro Man, named BEN, middle sized, very black, has
lost his right Eye, stoops a little when he walks, and appears to be
above forty Years old; being an African, he speaks bad English, but
gives me to understand that he belongs to the Estate of William Smith,
deceased, whose Widow used him ill, which induced him to run away,
but he cannot, or will not, inform where she lives. His Owner is desired
to take him away and pay Charges.

Column 3

BERKELEY, February 24, 1774.
TEN very likely young VIRGINIA born
SLAVES will be sold at Chesterfield Courthouse, on Friday the
1st of April, upon Credit till the 10th of January next, the Purchasers
giving Bond with good Security to

NEWPOST, February 10, 1774.
APOLLO will begin to cover the 1st of
April, at 5l. the Season, the Money to be paid when the Mares
are taken away. Should that not be convenient, a Note of Hand, pay-
able in October at the Fredericksburg Races, will be accepted. Good Pas-
turage will be found, and the greatest Care taken of the Mares; but I
will not be answerable for any that may get away._____I propose taking
Corn, Wheat, and Pease, at the Market Price, as it may not suit every
One to pay the Cash.

RUN away, on Monday the 18th of October
last, a likely Mulatto Girl named FANNY, about fourteen or fif-
teen Years of Age; she formerly belonged to Mr. Augustine Smith, of Mid
with whom I am informed her Mother, named Joan, now lives as
Cook. I have great Reason to suspect that she has been harbored by a
Negro Fellow named Moses, belonging to Peyton Randolph, Esq; about
his Quarter in Merchants Hundred, from whence, I suppose, she will en-
deavour to cross about York to go to her Relations in Middlesex. Whoever
apprehends the said Slave, and secures, her in any of his Majesty's Jails,
and gives me Notice thereof, shall have 3l. Reward, or 4l. if delivered to
me in Williamsburg. (tf) JOHN LEWIS.

To be SOLD for ready Money, or Credit not exceeding
five Years, or
RENTED upon good Terms,
THE beautiful and pleasant Seat known by the Name of OXFORD,
together with the Land adjacent, containing 1000 Acres, whereon
Granville Courthouse and Jail now stands. The Land lies very level,
Part of which will produce Tobacco, and most of it is very good for
Wheat, Indian Corn, Oats, &c. The Improvements consist of a large
well finished Dwelling-House, Kitchen, Tavern, Granary, and other
convenient Buildings, almost new. There is on the Plantation an Apple
Orchard of about 340 Trees of exceeding good Fruit, just beginning to
bear. The Water is perhaps as fine as any in the World, and the Place
is in good Order for Tavern-keeping. Any Person inclinable to purchase
or rent the same may know the Terms by applying to the Subscriber,
upon the Premises.

NEWMARKET (Caroline) December 1, 1773.
RUN away from the Subscriber, the latter
End of October 1772, a likely Mulatto Man named RANDOLPH,
about thirty Years of Age, and five Feet eight or nine inches high; he
had on, when he went away, a Suit of Green, with red Livery. As he
has many Acquiantances about Williamsburg, it is probable he is lurking
about that Place. Whoever delivers the said Slave to me shall hav

For SALE, the LOT and HOUSES near Cabin
Point Warehouses, at present possessed by the Sub-

THE Lot consists of four Acres well enclosed, a good Dwellinghouse
with all necessary Outhouses, a Storehouse, Counting Room, and
two Lumber Houses, all at present in very good Repair.

A TRACT of LAND in Surry, about six Miles from Cabin Point,
containing 335 Acres, on which there is a Dwelllinghouse, a small Apple
and Peach Orchard, and a Quantity of very good Pine Timber.

Another TRACT in Brunswick, containing 355 Acres, known by the
Name of Smokey Ordinary, with a good Dwellinghouse, necessary Houses,
a Storehouse, Counting Room, and Lumber House, all lately built, and
well adapted for either a Merchant or a Tavern Keeper. For Terms
apply to Thomas Simmons, in Brunswick, or to

ABOUT twelve Thousand Acres of exceeding rich TOBACCO
LAND, in Amherst County, whereon are several Plantations and
Improvements sufficient to work forty or fifty Hands. There is on the
said Land for Sale a very valuable GRIST MILL, lately built, with a
Stone Dam and a Pair of good Cologne Millstones, which Mill has for two
Years past got upwards of 100 Barrels of Tall Corn, and is situated on a
never failing Stream. The Land will be shown by William Womack, who
lives at one of the Plantations, and the Prices of the Land made
known by him. One or two Years Credit will be allowed, Interest made
paid for the second Year, and also for the first, if the Money is not paid
agreeable to Contract. The Land is to be laid off and surveyed by
Colonel William Cabell, at the Expense of the Purchaser. Deeds will be
made upon Bond and approved Security being given, either to Colonel
William Cabell, or the Subscriber. Six per Cent. Discount will be allowed
for ready Money, or good Merchants Notes. If any Person will choose
to exchange Lands in the lower Part of the Country, on or near some
navigable River, that are good, it is more than probable we should agree.

TWO TRACTS of LAND. One lies in Albermarle County on
Hardware River, about five mile from the great River, contain-
ing 370 Acres, 100 of which are the best Kind of low Grounds, and
situated so as always to have the best Range for Stock of any Land be-
tween the Capes and Little Mountains.

The other Tract lies in Goochland County, on Lickinghole Creek, near
the Three Notched Road, and contains 700 Acres. The high Land is
equal to any in these Parts, fine for Tobacco and Wheat, or any Kind
of Grain or Meadow. About 200 Acres are cleared, now under good
Fences, laid off in three Fields, and in fine Order to work about ten
Hands to great Advantage. The Improvements are a good Dwelling-
house, Kitchen, Smokehouse, a Dairy, four good Tobacco Houses, with
Negro Quarters, and other convenient Buildings, also a fine Apple and
Peach Orchard. The Place is pleasantly situated, has fine Water, is as
healthy as any Part of the Colony, and is convenient to Church or Pro-
Meetinghouse, and several Mills, besides one on the Land turned
by a Spring branch to grind for three or four Families the whole Year,
and is not in the least unhealthy, as the Water may be ground off every
Day. Credit will be given for Part of both Tracts. Any Person inclin-
able to purchase may know the Terms by applying to Mr. William Mit-
Merchant in Richmond, or to the Subscriber, who will show the
GOOCHLAND, November 1773. 3,

YORK Town, June 9, 1773.
THE Subscribers being very solitious to
comply with the Will of their Testator, the late Honourable Wil-
liam Nelson,
desire that all Persons who were indebted to him will endea
vour to make as speedy Payments as possible. Those who have Accounts
open on his Books, and who cannot immediately discharge the Balances,
are desired to give their Bonds. This Request is the more necessary, as
most of the Legacies bequeathed by the Testator ae to be paid in Sterling
Money, and he has directed that his younger Sons Fortunes shall be place
out at Interest upon undoubted Securities, so soon as it can be done,
Those who have any Demands are desired to make them immediately

ALL Persons may be supplied with this Paper at 12f. 6d. a Year, and have ADVERTISEMENTS (of a moderate Length) inserted in it for
3 f. the first Week, and 2f. each Week after.____** All Sorts of PRINTING WORK done at this Office in the neatest Manner. with
Care and Expedition.

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Purdie & Dixon, printer, “The Virginia Gazette. Number 1172, March 24, 1774,” Special Collections, John D. Rockefeller Jr. Library, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, accessed May 23, 2022,

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