Emily Hudson letter to Mrs. Brown, 19th-century

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Emily Hudson letter to Mrs. Brown, 19th-century


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Colour Green

1 oz of best Spanish Indigo finely powdered and
half a pound Oil Vitrol put them in a bottle
let them stand a week in the sun, shake it often, but
do not Cork it tight, less it burst the bottle, take
4 lbs. Red Oak Bark and the same of Hicory
Bark shave them fine & Soak them untill
wet through, then boil them in ten gallons
of Water untill all the Colours extracts when
take out the chips & put in one [torn, illegible]
of Alum. Shake the Bottle of [torn, illegible] Indigo and
Vitrol & put it in, let them boil a few
minutes and put in the yarn turn it
over several times and let it boil a half
an hour then spread it out in the [?]
about an hour wash it well in Strong
Soap suds in two waters to keep it from
becoming tender this will Colour ten
pounds of yarn. You may have
a find blue Colour by Omiting the
Bark. This is one of Mrs. Greens

This is the receipt we colour ours by

Compound Blue

6 oz of Oil Vitrol
½ of Indigo to three pounds of yarn
boil the water and pour in the mixture
and stir in the yarn immediately you
add the Vitrol & Indigo mix the Vitrol
and Indigo and let it stand a week shake
often wash in clear cold water when you
take it out of the [torn, illegible] and hang it in the
sun to dry and then it is ready for use.

Mrs. Brown

Ma is not at home has been gone
a week she is down in Madison today send you the receipts but we did
not coulour our Greens by this receipt I send you we only
made a strong dye of Red oak bark and then
poured in the mixture to make it as deep
as we wished We did not wash it in Soap
suds it is said Soap will change it we washed
it as we did the blue you can use your


own pleasure about that it is said to be a good
receipt of Mrs Greens though we have never tried
it. Mrs Brown come over to see us soon for
we feel lonely as Ma is from home

Your Friend
Emily Hudson

Please excuse this paper

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Ink on paper


Hudson, Emily, “Emily Hudson letter to Mrs. Brown, 19th-century,” Special Collections, John D. Rockefeller Jr. Library, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, accessed November 28, 2022, https://cwfjdrlsc.omeka.net/items/show/188.

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