Formula to dye yarn black

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Formula to dye yarn black


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To dye Black

For three pounds of yarn, take two poun[d]
of chipped Logwood, three quarters of a pound
of Sumac, four ounces of Black Oak bark, a
half pound of Copperas, two ounces of
Blue stone, three ounces of Cream of Tartar.
Boil the Black Oak bark and Sumac
together, then add the Copperas, Blue stone
and Cream of Tartar. Let them dissolve
well. Before mixing the ingredients,
drain the liquour from the sediment. Put
in the yarn, and bring it to a boil. Air
the yarn several times. Let it boil about
a half an hour. Take it out and boil [crossed out, illegible]
the dye an hour, put it back again and
keep it boiling an hour longer. Wash
in soap suds and rinse well.

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Ink on paper


“Formula to dye yarn black,” Special Collections, John D. Rockefeller Jr. Library, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, accessed November 28, 2022,

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