James Craig letter to an unidentified recipient, 1761 May 23

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James Craig letter to an unidentified recipient, 1761 May 23



Letter of Williamsburg, Virginia silversmith James Craig to an unidentified recipient. Craig writes that he is overstocked with certain goods and wishes to sell them on reasonable terms. Craig was not comfortable sending the items on credit so he suggested the recipient of the letter send someone to the meeting of the General Court in Williamsburg to conduct business with him.

On April 7, 1768, Craig ran an advertisement in the Virginia Gazette announcing the arrival of a shipment from London aboard the Matty. The advertisement listed many of the items subsequently offered in the letter.

This letter may be Craig's first letter to Edenton, North Carolina silversmith and jeweler Thomas Agnis. In Virginia Silversmiths ... Catherine Hollan writes that Craig sold silver and jewelry to Agnis in July, 1761. Agnis sent his enslaved man, Joe Baker to Williamsburg with payment.



From the estate of Commander Buryl and Nelwyn Kay, McLean, Virginia.


Two letters and a valuation written by James Craig form part of the John Norton & Sons papers.

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I Recd two letters from ye where
ye mention yr wanting to Corraspond wt
me, ye say ye want 4 Salts & some stones
& many other things, I have got a great many
of them things by me now. I had lately from
London about seven hundred pounds sterling of
Jewellers work, & some small plate, & silver
Toys. I have a great many Earrings about 3, 4,
5, & 6 pounds price, great Variety stone Buttons
in gold, stoned studs in silver   Neat Gold & silver
seals well sett   silver handled cork screwes
stoned Rings, & other things. ye artickles I
mentioned above. I am over stocked wt & should
be glad ye wold take some of things if it suits
ye, but sir ye are quit a stranger to me
so I hope ye will excuse me for not sending
ye things wt out ye money, but if ye wold
send ye money to some friend of yrs in


Virginia any man that comes to our Gene
rall Courts at Williamsburg ye may Depend
on being well used, ye shall have everything
as Cheap as I can afford, to have a living
profit on them, I asure ye sir I take no
advantages of any man, & shall be very
glad to Corrispond wt ye on them Terms
& wold be likeways be much obliged to ye
to ye Bargain, an Answer to this wold
much oblige yr friend & hum.
James Craig

Wmsburg may 23d 1761

p s I expect in a large Cargo soon

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Craig, James, -1794, “James Craig letter to an unidentified recipient, 1761 May 23,” Special Collections, John D. Rockefeller Jr. Library, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, accessed December 6, 2022, https://cwfjdrlsc.omeka.net/items/show/207.

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