George S. Vest letter to Mary Vest, 1869 September 5

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George S. Vest letter to Mary Vest, 1869 September 5



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Louisa County Sunday
September 5th. 1869.

My dear Little Woman

Your letter of the 2ne. instant
was received yesterday and I sit down
as usual to write my second letter of
the week. I have just returned from
a batpising where about ten poor
people were gently ducked.

My kin people up here are all
baptist and dont believe in the
sprinkling process followed by
Episcopalions. Mrs. Rice's name is
Lon and I believe I havve informed
you of the names of all the rest.

Of course my stay up here will
depend upon instructions from Pa,
although I believe my health
entirely restored. About carrying
your mammy to Williamsburg I
am doubtful - It is by no means
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certain that her husband could get
employment there. And although old
Coleman is a drinking stupid fellow
he generally attends very well to his
duties - besides we know him to be
honest and faithfull. However since
you wish it I will write to Pa
and see what can be done. If
you can retain Eliza until you get
to Williamsburg - probablly I might
convince her that it would be better
to remember her place & be more
polite. It is very important that
you have some one to help you
during the trip back home - after
we get there I think we could
hire some one else. You had better
write to Pa, as well as myself, in regard to Abel.

I want to see you mighty badly
my wife - and the days have commenced
to be very long to me. I suppose
it is better for me to stay here

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longer - but it will give me great pleasure to bid my
kind kindred farewell. I think of you very often, and
of our dear little boy too. Take care of him you sweet
idol of my heart, and write just as often as you choose
to one who murmurs at your absence, and yearns for
your presence. With much love to your Pa and Ma
and the children I remain as ever

Your Lover
Geo S. Vest.

Geo S. Vest.

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Vest, George S., “George S. Vest letter to Mary Vest, 1869 September 5,” Special Collections, John D. Rockefeller Jr. Library, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, accessed February 25, 2024,