George S. Vest letter to Mary Vest, 1869 October 6

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George S. Vest letter to Mary Vest, 1869 October 6



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Williamsburg Oct 6th 1871

My Dear Wife

Congratulate me, that after
having visited the great City of New-
-York, and actually walked by
myself upon its streets that no
harm has come near me, and
that I am in Williamsburg where
I wish you were. Before you start
for home write to me and get a
check for some more money, as you
will doubless need it to get things in
Richmond. You know you neglected
to tell Willie what you wanted from
Newyork & consequently must
wiat on yourself in Richmond.

But if you should determine to
come home to see your husband sooner
than I could hear from you & answer
your letter get your father to

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lend you as much as you want
and I will return him a check
for it as soon as you get home

Be sure to get money if you
want it wife & remember that
it will take at least $25 to bring you home.

Be good enough to say to
your father that I have authorised
Mr Bouldin of Danvill, a land
agent, to sell your farm on
Banister river, and further till
him, that I have met with a
gentleman from Danvill who
knows the country in the neighbor-
hood of your place and thinks
we can get ten dollars pr acre

I have referred Mr Bouldin
to your father for information
about your farm & hope soon
My Koots to sell out your

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I want you at home very much ; but dont come
until you feel like it. Probably it would be better
for your health & the childrens to stay a little longer
but make the time as short as possible little madam
I need you very much. Give my regards to your
father and his family and
write soon to

Your affect Husband
Geo S. Vest.

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Ink on paper



Vest, George S., “George S. Vest letter to Mary Vest, 1869 October 6,” Special Collections, John D. Rockefeller Jr. Library, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, accessed December 4, 2022,

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