George D. Baylor to George R. Baylor, Richmond, VA.

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George D. Baylor to George R. Baylor, Richmond, VA.



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My dear Son

Your brother Warner got your
letter and I am pleased to hear that
your services are worth at least twice
the sum you ever got before; and that
perseverance and fidelity have achieved
for you what they never fail to do
for all who practice those virtues =

You have of course given up
the prospect of entering in business; on
your account another year; but
something may occur more favourable
in your circumstances sooner than
expected and the addition of more
experience to your stock, will prove
a valuable capital when it bestows
the confidence of people in trade -
besides you can now look to saving
from your wages = It grieves me
to hear you are still persecuted with
the intermittent but hope it may have
left by this; and Warner is now
unwell. I hear that he will not be
able to undertake business without a
very material change in his health
which is not likely to be the case at
the commencement of next year.

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We are in the middle of Winter ere
it begins; for I do not recollect
to have seen such a day as last Sunday
was; these forty years at this season;
and if the ice is increasing at the Polar
circles as navigators say, then it
is not likely to be diminished by
the operations of the approaching season.

The winter however brings its
pleasures, and none of a more interes=
=ting character that the hope of seeing
you at Christmas. Now that I am
in Solitude and Poverty, the company
of my children is doubly acceptable
to me and I hope you will not be
prevented from coming by any trifling
obstacle, = at that time, we must also
dispose of the women & children and shall
want your counsel on the occasion, and on
other matters = Next week I shall
send the tobacco amounting to £40 wt.. which
is expressly for Ellen. Please get it sold
for her. Some of it is very good; all
the leaf tobacco is tolerable at least, =

I have sold 10 cords of wood to
your uncle John who will hand you
this. He has promised to get me a hat
as I am now wearing a miserable
palmetto = but do not want a hat without

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it is exactly like the one you had
on while here, to fit your head a
little loose not too much and
3½ or 4 dollars will be enough
you can also get him to buy a
$2 cap for your brother - fitted by
your head = Should there [be] any
thing over the wine can you purchase
half a barrel flour and a few
lbs butter, and send them at Xmas

Say when the order
for the wine must come, I can send
it by Mr. Hill from December
court if you will write me
by your uncle -

with the love of all here to you
I am Yours affectionately
George D. Baylor
November 30 - 1841

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Mr. George R. Baylor

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“George D. Baylor to George R. Baylor, Richmond, VA.,” Special Collections, John D. Rockefeller Jr. Library, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, accessed February 6, 2023,

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