The Two Red Birds or St. Valentine’s Day

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The Two Red Birds or St. Valentine’s Day



Love poem written by George D. Baylor. The poem describes the wooing of a female bird by a male who wants her to join him in his nest within a maple tree.


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The Two Red birds
or St. Valentines day -

Once on a high topped maple tree
A beauteous bird there plumed his wing!
And this sweet roundalay did sing
O! come my fair O come to me
Upon the red tipped maple tree


With crest erect in twittering glee
Clad in a noble scarlet dress
With In beseeching tones, I heard him press
his Love (thus) "dearest come to me
upon the red topped maple tree.</p


Here in the budding maple tree
Our nest beneath its leafy spray
Will be secure from sultry day
he come, O come my fair to me
Up to the pretty maple tree


My willing heart I give to thee ;
In sickness and in health;
[illegible] more than all of other's wealth.
Then come, my fair O! come to me.
And visit this dear maple tree


As he sang upon the maple tree
the fragrant breeze did sweetly blow
and waved him gently to and fro
While the echoing hills said !!Come to me!!
[torn, illegible] love up to the maple tree.


He chirped so strong, so loud and free
And offered all! he had to give
And begged so hard that she would live
With him upon the maple tree.
O! come up to the maple tree.


That a whipering voice replied "if he"
Would promise to be kind and true
that time would show what She might do
And as he again said "Come to me
She sprang aloft to the Maple tree

The two Red Birds
or St. Valentine's day 1848
Lo---- GD:B:

Original Format

Ink on paper


Baylor, George D., “The Two Red Birds or St. Valentine’s Day,” Special Collections, John D. Rockefeller Jr. Library, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, accessed December 6, 2022,

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