Connecticut warrant issued by William Williams to the Sheriff of Windham County, 1801 March 28

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Connecticut warrant issued by William Williams to the Sheriff of Windham County, 1801 March 28



Warrant issued to the sheriff of the County of Windham, his deputy, or either of the constables of the Town of Lebanon commanding that they summon Abraham Loomis to appear before the Justice of the Peace. Loomis must answer a suit that he has not paid a seven dollar debt.

William Williams was a Connecticut merchant who had been educated at Harvard. In the lead up to the Revolution, he served as clerk of the committee of correspondence and organizer of the council of safety. Connecticut sent him to the Continental Congress where he began his service on July 28, 1776. Having missed the vote for independence, Williams became one of four signers of the Declaration of Independence when he signed that document on August 2, 1776.


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To the Sheriff of the County of Windham his Deputy, or either of the Constables
of the Town of Lebanon within said County, Greeting.

By Authority of the State of Connecticut, you are hereby commanded to
summon Abraham Loomis of said
to appear before Christopher Leffingwell Esq ; a justice of the
Peace for the said County of New London dwelling house at
John Hyde's Office in Norwich in New London
County aforesaid
on Saturday the 28thday of March Instant at
one o'clock in the after noon, then and there to answer unto
Zabdiel Rogers Esq. of said Norwich
in a Plea, that to the Plaintiff the Defendent render the sum of seven dollars,
which to the Plaintiff the Defendant justly owes by book, to balance
book Accounts as by the Plaintiff's
book; ready in Court to be produced fully appears ; which debt the Defen-
dant hath never paid, tho' often requested and demanded ; which is to the
damage of the Plaintiff the sum of $7. -
And for the recovery thereof, with just costs, the Plaintiff brings this suit.

Fail not, but of the writ with your doings thereon, make due return accor-
ding to law. Dated at Lebanon the 18th day of March Instant Anno
Domini, 1801

SEVENTEEN CENTS Duty is paid on this Writ, Certified and signed by
Wm Williams Assis


Wineham County fs. Lebanon March 21st 1801

I then left a true and attested Copy of the withi
writ at the defendants usual place of abode
Test Elisha Waterman Constable

Fees travel in serving 10 miles 50
Service by copy 9
Travel in Returning 8 miles 40
Writt & Duty 67
Travel  6
Attendance 25
Judgt on Default 25
$2 .22
Debt - .50

Zab. Rodgers Esq.
Abraham Lewis
Ex. [illegible] April 2

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“Connecticut warrant issued by William Williams to the Sheriff of Windham County, 1801 March 28,” Special Collections, John D. Rockefeller Jr. Library, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, accessed December 4, 2022,

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