The Virginia Gazette, no. 233, June 27, 1755

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The Virginia Gazette, no. 233, June 27, 1755


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JUNE 27, 1755 No. 233

With the freshest ADVICES, FOREIGN and DOMESTIC

Column 1

A MESSAGE to the Governor from the Assembly.
May it please the Governor,
We have considered the two last Messages sent down by the Gover-
nor to the House, and beg Leave to say, That we are humbly
of Opinion, Letters from the Secretary of State, laid before the
House by the Governor, and containing the Commands of the
Crown, ought generally to be inserted in the Minutes of Assem-
bly ; as such Letters are the Foundation of the Proceedings of the
House, and may be necessary for their Justification.

Sir Thomas Robinson's Letters of July 5, and October 26, were sent down to the
House without the least Caution to keep the Contents a Secret. The latter, which is
the most material, is a circular Letter ; one to the same Effect being sent by the same
Conveyance to all the Provinces and Colonies in North-America, and, as we are infor-
med, the Substance of it has been already printed in the Speeches of several Governors
to their Assemblies. The Design therein mentioned, of sending two Regiments to A-
merica, and raising tow more in the colonies, to join them in repelling the French Inva-
sions, was no Secret, being avowed in the English Prints, particularly in the London
Gazette, published by Authority. And our Governor himself made very full and par-
ticular Abstracts of those Letters in his Messages to the House, which were printed in
the Gazettes here, during our last Session, long before the House Adjourned, and no Ob-
jection was made to such Publication at that Time that we have heard of. We are
therefore surprized, that the Governor should now take Exceptions at the Insertion of
those Letters in our Minutes : And as he has not been pleased to point out a single In-
convenience or dangerous Consequence that may attend it, the House is not inclined
to expunge them.

We know not what Assurances of Secrecy the Governor expects from us, or what
would be satisfactory ; and therefore can only say, that whenever it shall appear to the
House to be necessary for the King's Service, or the public Good, to keep secret any
Matters laid before them by the Governor, we doubt not but that proper Measures will
be taken for that Purpose.

When the Governor was pleased (on the tenth of January) to demand a Copy of the
Minutes of that Sitting, the House ordered them to be printed with all convenient Speed,
and that a Copy should be delivered to the Governor when finished. They were accor-
dingly put to the Press, as soon as they could well be transcribed and revised by the Com-
mittee for that Purpose appointed ; and it seems the Governor has had a Copy of the
greatest Part of them even before they were finished. Ever since the Votes were first
printed in this Province, now upwards of thirty Years, it has been the constant Practice
to appoint a Committee to revise the Minutes, which has been done after the Rising of
the House ; and before they were sent to the Press. And till this was done, Copies
were never delivered out, unless of particular Votes, on special Occasions. The princi-
pal Matters they contain are generally to be found in the Governor's Speeches or Messages,
and the Answers of the House ; and these, with such Votes, as are material, are for
the most Part immediately printed in the News-Papers, and thereby made more public
than otherwise they would ever be. The rest is chiefly Matter of mere Form, Abstracts
of Petitions, and Things of small Import, which very few, even of the People of this
Province, think worth perusing or enquiring after, much less are they worthy the At-
tention of his Majesty or his Ministers. Therefore, and as it would be inconvenient to
the House to make up and perfect their Minutes daily, so as to send a Copy of them to
the Governor ; and as we see no public Service in such a Practice, nor know of any
Right in the Governor so preremptorily to demand it, we are not inclined to alter our
ancient Custom. It has been frequent not to print the Votes till the End of the Year,
and that without the least Design of keeping the Proceedings of the House a Secret from
our Governors. And we suppose scarce any Votes of the same Bulk and Quantity have
ever been published much sooner than these are like to be. When they appear, we conceive
nothingwill be found in them, that can give the least Reason to suppose, they were affec-
tedly delayed ; or that the Governor's Charge against us, of taking a very extraordinary and
unconstitutional Measure to keep them a Secret from him, has any real Foundation.
What the Construction is, that the Governor thinks our Conduct in this Respect is
liable to, we can neither know nor guess ; but whatever it be, we had rather it had
been spoken plainly than insinuated ; for we might have had an Opportunity of saying
what should be proper in our Justification. However, as we are conscious of the firmest
Loyalty to the Crown, and most upright Intentions towards the People we represent,
we are not very apprehensive of any great Prejudice from such Insinuations. And when
we reflect on the Weight and Importance of the Matters laid before us in the Gover-
nor's Message of the Morning, in which he so earnestly presses us to Unanimity and Dis-
patch, we cannot but be surprised at receiving Messages of so different a Kind in the After-
noon, such as can only tend to produce Division and Delay, and to waste our Time in
Disputes on Things of little or no Moment, when there is such Danger of losing the happy Op-
portunity mentioned by the Governor, and Unanimity between him and the House, on this
Occasion, is so necessary to the Public Welfare. We would therefore humbly intreat the
Governor to suspend these irritating Accusations, and novel Demands, till a Season of
more Leisure, and permit us to proceed, without any further Interruption of that Kind,
on the Business for which he has been pleased to call us together, and the very important
Matters he has recommended to our Consideration.
The 19th of the Third Month,
called March, 1755, A.M.
Signed by Order of the House,

A MESSAGE to the Governor from the Assembly.
May it please the Governor,
THOUGH the Season of the Year and the Badness of the Roads, have made it
difficult for many of us to attend the Governor's Call of the House at this Time,
yet considering the present Circumstances of Affairs, and the Matters of Importance
he has been pleased to lay before us, we return him our Thanks for giving us this
Opportunity of continuing to demonstrate our Loyalty to our King, our Regard to the
British Interest in America, and our Care of the People we represent.

As we are resolved to contribute such Sums of Money as may be consistent with our
Circumstances on the present Occasion, we shall immediately proceed to consider the best
Methods of raising and discharging the same, and shall forthwith prepare a Bill for
that Purpose to be laid before the Governor for his Assent.

The other Parts of his Message will also come under our Deliberation with all possible
Dispatch, that nothing may be wanting on our Part which may contribute to the
Prosperity or Honor of this Colony ; and if the Governor has received any further In-
telligence which may be of Service to us in the Course of Business, we make no Doubt
he will be pleased to communicate it to us for our Consideration.
The 20th of the Third Month,
called March 1755, A. M.
Signed by Order of the House,

Column 2

The 24th Day of the Third Month, called March, 1755, P. M.
The Secretary (after having delivered a Message from the Governor, recommending
a Grant of Provisions for the New England Forces) informed the House, that he had the
Governor's Orders to inspect the Journals of this Sitting ; and desired the House
would give an Answer in Writing to this Demand.

A MESSAGE to the Governor from the Assembly.
May it please the Governor,
WHEN the present Sitting is ended, the Minutes will be revised by the committee
appointed for that Purpose, and immediately printed ; and, when printed, a fair
Copy will be presented to the Governor, according to our long continued Custom. ‘Til
then, we hope the Governor will excuse us, if we do not permit any Person to inspect
them, or any Copy of them to be taken.
The 25th of the Third month,
called March, 1755. A. M.
Signed by Order of the House,
Isaac Norris, Speaker.

Appropriating Clause of the Bill for striking Twenty-five Thousand Pounds.
AND be it further enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That when the said Bills are
signed and perfected, the Trustees of the Loan-Office aforesaid, shall pay Five
Thousand Pounds, Part of the said Twenty-five Thousand Pounds, into the Hands
of Isaac Norris, Evan Moran, Joseph Fox, James Pemberton, James Wright, Joseph
Armstrong, and John Smith, Gentlemen, to enable them to discharge the Sums they
have borrowed, or may borrow, for the King's Service, in Pursuance of an Order of as-
sembly, made on the 3d Day of the Month called January, last past. And the said Trus-
tees shall pay the farther Sum of Ten Thousand Pounds, Part of the said Twenty-five
Thousand Pounds, into the Hands of Isaac Norris, Evan Morgan, Joseph Fox, Benjamin
Franklin, John Mifflin, and Samuel Smith, Gentleman, to be by them laid out in the
Purchase of Provisions, now requested by the Government of the Massachusetts-Bay, to
victual the Forces about to march for securing his Majesty's Territories. And the said
Trustees shall pay the farther Sum of Five Thousand Pounds, Part of the said twenty-
five Thousand Pounds, in Discharge of such Orders as may be drawn on them for the
King's Use, by the Honorable Edward Braddock, Esq; General of his Majesty's Forces
in North-America, And Five Thousand Pounds, the Residue of the said Twenty-five
Thousand Pounds, shall remain in the Hands of the said Trustees, until drawn out by
Orders of the Assembly for the Subsistence of such Indians as have taken, or may take,
Refuge in this Province; Payment of Posts or Expresses, Hire of Carriages, Clearing of
Roads, and other necessary contingent Expenses for the King's Service, as may be in-
cumbent on this Government to discharge. And the Receipts of the said Isaac Norris,
Evan Morgan, Joseph Fox, James Pemberton, James Wright, Joseph Armstrong, and
John Smith, Gentlemen, or of a Majority of them ; and of the said Isaac Norris, Evan
Morgan, Joseph Fox, Benjamin Franklin, John Mifflin, and Samuel Smith, Gentlemen,
or a Majority of them ; and the Orders of General Braddock, or of the Assembly as
aforesaid, shall be sufficient to discharge the said Trustees, their Executors, Administrators
and Assigns, of and from so much of the said Twenty-five Thousand Pounds, as shall be
specified in such Receipts or Orders.


A MESSAGE from the Governor to the Assembly.
YOUR Bill for striking Twenty-five Thousand Pounds, being contrary to his
Majesty's Instructions relating to Paper Money, and of the Same Nature with the
Bill I refused my Assent to the last Sitting of Assembly, I cannot pass it into a Law,
without a Breach of Duty to the Crown ; and I am concerned that you should offer
such a Bill to me when you had agreed to submit the Dispute between us, upon one
of the like Kind, to his Majesty.

As this is a Time of imminent Danger, and the Forces raised and destined for the Ser-
vice of the Colonies must wait the Supplies from this Province, I again intreat you to
fall upon some other Method of raising Money, that we may not lose this happy Op-
portunity of recovering his Majesty's Dominions, now invaded by the Subjects of the
French King, and preventing their unjust Encroachments for the future.

But if their repeated Recommendations of so reasonable a Supply, shall fail of the
desired Effect, and any ill Consequences should attend it, his Majesty and his Ministers,
a British Parliament, your own Constituents, and the neighbouring Governments, will
be at no Loss on whom to lay the Blame.


In Assembly the second Day of the Fourth Month, called April, 1755. A. M.
THAT the Sum of Fifteen Thousand Pounds be now given to his Majesty's Use ;
Five Thousand Pounds thereof to repay the Money borrowed for victualling the
King's Troops in Virginia ; and that Isaac Norris, Evan Morgan, Joseph Fox, and
Benjamin Franklin, Members of this House, and Reese Meredith, John Mifflin and
Samuel Smith, Gentlemen, be a Committee to lay out the remaining Ten Thousand
Pounds, in purchasing and transporting Provisions, now requested by the Government of
the Massachusetts Bay, to victual the Forces about to march for securing his Majesty's

Ordered, That the said Committe draw Bills, or Orders, on the Treasurer and
Trustees of the General Loan-Office, for the said Fifteen Thousand Pounds, and that
the Bills, or Orders, so drawn by the Committee, be made payable to the Bearer after
Twelve Months, with Interest at Five per Cent,[?] per Annum, until paid.

Ordered, That the Treasurer and collectors of the Excise do readily receive the Bills,
or Orders, of the said Committee in all Payments for Excise, or in Exchange for any
Public Money in their Hands, and allow the Interest due thereon at the Time of Tender,
whether before or after the Expiration of the Twelve Months.

Ordered, That the Trustees of the General Loan-Office do readily receive the Bills,
or Orders, of the said Committee, in Discharge of any principal Sums or Interest due to
that Office ; and allow the Interest due on such Bills, or Orders at the Time of Pay-
ment, whether before or after the Expiration of the Twelve Months.

Ordered, that the Treasurer urge the Collectors of the Excise to more Diligence and
Punctuality in collecting and paying the same ; and that he remove such as [damaged]
ligent and delinquent.

Ordered, That the Trustees of the General Loan-Office use the utmost [damaged]
and Diligence to collect the outstanding Quota's and Interest now [damaged]
that the Money may be in Readiness to discharge the Bill, or ord[Damaged]
when tendered for Payment.

Ordered, That the Trustees of the General Loan-Office, Tre[damaged]
the Excise, do, when they receive any of the aforesaid Bills, o[damaged]
lie, endorse on the Back thereof, the Time of Receiving the sam[damaged]
them allowed.
Copy from the Minutes,

Page 2
Column 1

Eodem Die, P. M.

Ordered, that Evan Morgan, and Joseph Stretch, wait upon the Governor, and ac-
quaint him, that the House desire he will be pleased to return them their Bill for
striking Twenty-five Thousand Pounds, and giving the same to the King's Use, &c. To
which he had refused his Assent.

The Third Day of the Fourth Month, called April 1755, A. M.

The Gentlemen appointed to wait on the Governor with the Message of Yester-
night, report, that they had delivered the same according to Order ; and that the
Governor was pleased to say, the Bill for granting Twenty-five Thousand Pounds, is
of so extraordinary a Nature, that he thinks it his Duty to lay it before his Majesty,
and he keeps it for that Purpose.


Tripoly, in Barbary, August 17.

ON the 24th past, departed this Life, after a tedious and painful Illness, the late
Bashaw ; he died about Six in the Evening, and at Seven his eldest Son Sidi Ali
was installed, and sat in the Chair of State ; at Ten the same Evening he was proclaim-
ed through the City, and early next Morning, the Divan, Officers of State, and all
Ranks of People within 20 Miles of this Capital, paid him their respective Congratula-
tions ; as did likewise all the European Consuls ; and, according to the Eastern Stile,
every one carried with him a Present. This Prince is possessed of the universal Affection
and Esteem of all Degrees of People. He is now about 23 Years of Age, of a very
affable Presence and Behavior, Temperate, Just, and an utter Enemy to all Manner of

Tripoly, in Barbary, January 25. On the 7th of October last, the Bashaw renewed
and confirmed all former Treaties subsisting between His Britannic Majesty and this


March 22. The insolent Answer, which is currently reported to have been received
from the Court of France, in Regard to the Commencement of a War, is this ; that
upon the Condition Nova-Scotia is given up immediately, the French King will oblige
himself to keep Peace for the Space of two Years to come ; at the End of which Term
his French Majesty will declare definitively what other Concessions he shall think it
proper for the English to make.

March 29. Britain must not expect to be free from Commotions at Home, or Attacks
on her Trade, Navigation, and Settlements Abroad, so long as she suffers such a Num-
ber of Romish Priests to be imported : Religion is their Pretext, but their Mission is
more extensive. Treason, Fraud, and Hypocrisy are they licensed to practice ; they
create Dissatisfaction, they insinuate and instil bad Principles into the Minds of the Vulgar,
they corrupt their Morals with Disloyalty, and solve their Treasons by Absolution ;
they are the Stem of many Evils, and should be cut down e'er the Sap put forth Branches :
And if we will but look round us, we shall find in every Port or Town of any Consi-
deration throughout the whole Island, one or two of these religious Spies, who watch
our Actions narrowly, improve on our Folly, transmit their Intelligence, and are vigi-
lant and active while we sleep in Security. And are they not quite incorrigible, so
avowedly and openly to assemble together ? Is not this a manifest Breach of the Law ?
Is any of their Chapels licensed but those for Ambassadors ? Why then do we suffer
our Laws to be violated by a Set of Miscreants, who condemn us to Perdition, and
damn us in the Lump ; and who so arrogantly presume on the Clemency of a good King,
and the known Christian Tenderness of a Protestant Administration ? But let them
know, that if the British Lion be generous, he may be roused : and when thoroughly
provoked, not easily appeased.

Ah ! my dear Countrymen ! let us not be idle Spectators, and shamefully look on,
when our Honor, our Interest, and (what is still more dear) our Liberties are at Stake :
Let us for once despise the Rodomontades of France : Let the English Flag spurn the
Gallic Insolence ; and let Lewis know that our Sailors are brave, and dare be honest ;
and that every true Briton is ready to oppose French Knavery, Popish Priestcraft, and
all their Sophistry of Home made Goods.

March 30 To encourage Sailors to enter into his Majesty's Service by removing
the Difficulties which they labor under in getting their Wages, it is proposed, That
every Sailor shall have his Ticket made out for his Pay every six Months, signed by
his Captain and Officers ; which Ticket shall bear Interest at the Rate of three per
Cent. per Annum, to commence three Months after the Date. By this Means a Sailor
would have it in his Power to dispose of it at Par, or, perhaps, at a Premium, in any
of his Majesty's Dominions, and have his Money to send to his Wife, Children, or
Relations. And in Order to secure the Sailors good Treatment from their Officers, he
might have it in his Power, to change from the Ship whenever he thinks himself ill
used, to any other of his Majesty's Ships that want Men, at the Expiration of the
Year. In Aid of this Plan, a Penalty might be laid on all Merchants in the Time of
War, if they exceed 229. 6d. per Month to the Seaman.

It is said a Scheme is to be laid before the Legislature, for the more expedi-
tious manning the Fleet, and raising Recruits for the Army, by obliging the Magistrates,
Church Wardens, Headboroughs, &c. In all Cities, Towns and Villages, to furnish Men
in Proportion to the Populousness of the Parish, or Place ; which it is imagined will rid
them of a Multitude of Vagabonds, who are a Burthen wherever they reside.

April 1. A brave and honest English Sailor declared the other Day in a certain As-
sembly, that if he had the Command of thirty Men of War only, officered and man-
ned by his Approbation, that he would undertake to put a Period to the War in six
Months, or forfeit his Head.

A certain Sailor, who is a considerable Freeholder at Deptford, publicly declares, that
if the Parliament would ascertain the Payment of the Men six Months after their being
discharged the Service, he would produce Two Hundred that should enter Volunteers

The Magistrates of Edinburgh have promised a Bounty of one Guinea and an Half to
every able Seaman, and one Guinea to every ordinary Seaman, over and above his Ma-
jesty's Bounty, who shall appear before any of the Magistrates, and voluntarily enter
themselves to serve his Majesty's on Board the Fleet. And they have farther promised a
Reward of Twenty Shillings to every Person that shall discover to them where a Sea-
man is concealed within that City or Liberties, so that such Seaman be secured for
his Majesty's Service.

The Magistrates of Glasgow have offered an additional Bounty of 30 s. Over and
above his Majesty's Bounty, to every able-bodied Seaman, who shall voluntarily enter
himself to serve in his Majesty's Fleet, in the River or Firth of Clyde, within the
Time mentioned in his Majesty's Proclamation.

A Bounty of two Guineas is given by the Corporation of Liverpool to every able
Seaman of Twenty, and not above Fifty Years old, that enters into his Majesty's Navy
on or before the 30th Day of April Instant, before a Committee for that Purpose.

According to our Accounts from France by this Day's Mail, most of the Ships
which compose the Brest Fleet are got into the Road, but M. De M'Namara, who was
to command them, was fallen sick at Nantes. These Letters assert, that the Naval Force
of that Kingdom consist of Seventy Ships of the Line, and Thirty Frigates.

These Letters add, that Eighteen Men of War are assembled at Carthagena, to act
as Circumstances may require ; and that they are exercising their Troops in many Pro-
vinces of Spain, that they may be in a Condition to take the Field in Case there should
be an Occasion for it.

Letters from Plymouth mention the great Expedition they are making in getting the
Ships ready, by working till nine at Night, and Admiral Moysin is along side the Ships
as soon as Day breaks.

Several Tenders are going to Hamburgh, to raise Men for his Majesty's Service.

April 3. In the last Haerlem Courant we find an Account from Petersburg, that there
has been presented to the Czarina, a laboring Man, who has had two Wives ; the first
[damaged]ch brought him four Times four Children at a Birth, seven Times three, and
[damaged] two at each Birth. The Second Wife has lain in seven Times, the first of
[damaged]ht forth three Children, and the other six Times two at a Birth. The
[damaged] Children by the two Wives amounts to 72.

[damaged]day Morning his Excellency the Duke de Mirepoix, the French Am-
[damaged] Conference with the Earl of Holdernesse, at his House in Arling-
[damaged]er which a French Courier was dispatched for Versailles.

[damaged] Messenger is arrived from the Court of France with a Notification,
[damaged] just as we please ; a bold Defiance, which, we hope, that insolent
[damaged] are at present, will hereafter find Leisure to repent.

Column 2

Our Advices from Spain gives us to understand, that nothing less than a War is Ex-
pected ; and that whatever Notions at present prevail in Respect of Neutrality on the
Part of Spain, ’tis beyond a Doubt that France will be powerfully assisted by Spain, if
Spain does not become a Principal in the Affair.

April 8. By Advice from Algiers, dated Dec. 19, and published by Authority, we
learn that the Dey has confirmed and put his Seal to the Peace, and to the additional
Article made by Commodore Keppel concerning the English Packet-Boats.

The French Indiaman arrived at Port l'Orient from Pondicherry brings an Account
that the new French Governor of that Place had sent Propositions of Peace to --------
Saunderson Esq; the English Governor of Fort St. George.

The Magistrates of Innerkeithing have unanimously agreed to give Twenty Shillings
Sterling, over and above his Majesty's Bounty, for all able-bodied Seamen within that
Town and Liberties, who shall voluntarily enter themselves, and Ten Shillings Sterling
for all ordinary Seamen. They have likewise promised and obliged themselves to cause
to be paid by their Town Treasurer to the Wife or Family of every able-bodied mar-
ried Sailor, inlisting, the Sum of Three Pounds Sterling yearly, so long as they continue
aboard any of his Majesty's Ships ; these Sums to be repaid to the Treasurer, when such
Sailors shall have received Payment from his Majesty. Also,

The Magistrates of Dundee have agreed to give to every able-bodied Sailor, who
enters voluntarily to serve on Board any of his Majesty's Ships, Thirty Shillings

Glasgow, January 20, 1755. This Day the Degree of Doctor of Laws was unanimously
conferr'd upon the Hon. Robert Dinwiddie, Esq; Governor of Virginia : And the Diplo-
ma, constituting him such, ordered to be immediately transmitted to his Honor in Virginia.

We are informed, that about 23,000lb. of Indico has been exported from George-
Town and Beaufort, since the first of November last, which, with what has been ship-
ped here, makes near 200,000lb.

May 22. On Tuesday last his Excellency the Governor was pleased to give his Assent
to the following Act, viz.

An Act for raising and granting to his Majesty the Sum of Sixty-two Thousand One Hun-
dred and Thirty-four Pounds, Sixteen Shillings, and Ten-pence Halfpenny ; and for ap-
plying the Sum of Three Thousand and Twenty-one Pounds, Three Shillings and
Eight-pence (being the Balance in the General Duty Fund) making together Sixty-five
Thousand One Hundred and Fifty-six Pounds, and Six-pence Halfpenny : For defraying
the Charges of this Government for one Year, ending the Twenty-fourth Day of March
last ; for repairing the old and building new Fortifications in this Province, and for other
Services mentioned in the Schedule to this Act annexed. And also to enable the Pub-
lic Treasurer for the time being, to issue Certificates payable out of the Fortification
Fund, for the more immediate repairing and building the said fortifications. And for
raising and granting to his Majesty, the further Sum of Thirty-three Thousand and Six
Hundred Pounds Current Money (which, with the Sum of Eight Thousand and Four
Hundred Pounds, provided for this Service in the Schedule aforesaid, is equal to Six
Thousand Pounds Sterling) as the Contribution of this Province, to a common Fund to
be employed provisionally for the general Service, in defending his Majesty's just Rights
and Dominions in North-America : And appointing Commissioners for stamping and
signing Public Orders, for the more immediate and expeditious Issuing of the said Sum
of Thirty-three Thousand and Six Hundred Pounds : And providing a Fund for sinking
the said Public Orders in five Years, by a General Tax and Assessment on the Estates,
real and personal, of the Inhabitants of, and others interested in this Province.


After which the General Assembly was adjourned to the second Tuesday in November next.

June 2. By a Letter from on of our Captives in Canada, we are informed, that
a Number of French Soldiers, have lately marched from thence for Ohio.

We have Advice from Sheepscut, that on the 23d of last Month, Mr. Ross, with
two of his Sons, and an elderly Man and a Lad, were fired upon by a Number of Indi-
ans, as they were at Work in a Field, who afterwards took them all Prisoners and
carried them off.

Saturday last came Advice from North-Yarmouth, in Casco-Bay, that the Indians
had killed one Mr. Stone, on the Back of that Town, and cut him to Pieces, and taken
another Man Captive, who had been out a Hunting with him.

We have a Report in Town, that thirteen large Ships have lately been seen on the
Banks of Newfoundland, supposed to be French Men of War. This is Fishermen's News.

June 2. We hear that the New-Jersey Provincial Forces, are to set out for Albany
the latter End of this Week, or the Beginning of the next, under the Command of
Col. Peter Schuyler. And,

Yesterday a Sloop arrived here from Virginia, with Arms for our Provincial Forces,
which are now raising in this City, and in the Towns adjacent ; and we hope we shall
soon be able to acquaint the Public of their being compleat.

June 9. By Letters from London, (via Boston) dated the 26th of April, we learn,
that Admiral Boscawen was sailed from England, for Halifax, in Nova-Scotia, with
7 Ships of the Line ; and that there was the greatest Reason to believe War was

We hear that Capt. James Kennier is appointed Aid de Camp to Major General
Shirley, whose Regiment is soon expected here from Boston.

Yesterday morning the first Stone of the Pennsylvania Hospital was laid by Mr. Joshua
Crosby, President, assisted by the rest of the Managers, and the Physicians of the Hos-
pital. The Stone is of Pennsylvania Marble, with the following Inscription :

RAN away about 13 Months ago, from the Subscriber's Plantation, in King & Queen
County, a Negroe Man, named Prince, bought of the Estate of Col. Waring, de-
ceas'd, in Essex County, and has been seen often and very lately in that Neighbourhood.
Whoever brings him to me, shall have a Five Pistoles Reward. Philip Johnson.

York, June 26, 1755.
STRAY'D from Urbanna, about a Fortnight ago, a brown Bay Mare, with
a long Tail and Mane, without any white Hairs about her ; she is 14 Hands high,
and branded on the near Buttock TN in a Piece. Whoever brings her to me, shall have
a Pistole Reward.
Thomas Nelson.

THOMAS CRAIG, Taylor, just arrived from
AT which City he has wrought for several Years, and is now settled in Williamsburg,
opposite to the Printing-Office ; where he should be glad to serve any Gentlemen
that please to favour him with their Custom, and they may depend on having their Work
done with the greatest Care, Elegance and Dispatch.

Page 3
Column 1

Virginia, ss.
By His Majesty's Lieutenant Governor, and Com-
mander in Chief, of this Dominion.
Whereas it is apprehended, that, if his Excellency General Braddock succeeds
in re-taking the Fort on the River Ohio, the French and their Indians will fall
upon the Frontier Settlements of this Colony. For the better preventing the Dangers
which such an Attempt may occasions, I have thought fit to order all the County Lieu-
tenants, and they are hereby strictly ordered and required to muster, and keep their Mi-
litia in proper Order, so that they may be in Readiness to resist and repel any such In-
vasion, and that they appoint proper Places for their Rendezvous, I having already sent
my Orders to the commanding Officers of the Frontier Counties, to keep a strict Look-
out, and have a Number of their Militia on the Watch, by Way of Patrolers, and
immediately to send me Advice if any Number of Men shall appear in Arms on our Fron-
tiers, and to give a proper Alarm to the neighboring Counties, that we may be in a
Condition of defending our Country from any Insults.

GIVEN under my Hand, this 16th Day of June, 1755, in the 28th Year of His Majesty's Reign.

NOTICE is hereby given to those who have Lands to survey in the County of
Halifax, That Attendance for that p\Purpose will, God willing, be given the en-
suing Fall, as follows,
From the 10th to the 20th of September, on the Branches of Dan and Hico Rivers,
and Aaron's Creek.
To meet the first of October at the Mountains, to finish Mr. Bell's Grant with Mr.
Watkinson's, Chile's, &c. thence to the Branches of New and Dan Rivers, to survey
Messrs. Willis's, Maclin's and Company's Grant, thence downward on Mayo, Dan and
Irwin Rivers, with their Waters as low as Leatherwood Creek, 'til the 15th of the said Month.
From the 15th to the last of October, of Pig and Black-water Rivers, with their Wa-
ters, from the Mountains as low as the Mouth of Turkey-Cock Creek.
From the 15th of November, on Leatherwood Creek, Sandy, Dan, and Irwin
Rivers, with their Waters and the upper Waters of Banister River.
From the 15th to the last of November, on Turkey-Cock Creek, Pi's, Stanton and Ba-
mister Rivers, as low as the Mouth of Straitstone Creek, on Stanton and Stinking River,
on Banister, including the adjacent Waters of each.
From the 1st to the 15th of December, from the Mouth of Sandy River Down Dan
River, and on Birch's and Sandy Creeks, with the adjacent Branches of Banister.
From the 15th of December to the End of the Season, from the Mouth of Staitstone
on Stanton, and of Stinking River on Banister, down said Banister and Stanton Rivers,
with their respective Branches to the Fork of Dan and Stanton Rivers,
with their respective Branches to the Fork of Dan and Stanton Rivers.
They that fail giving their Attendance, may depend on having their Entries made void.
Peter Fontaine, Jun. Surv. Hal.

Just Imported in the Lydia, Capt. Teage, from London, and to be sold by
JAMES CARTER, at the Unicorn's Horn,
near the Raleigh Tavern, in Williamsburg,
A fresh Assortment of Drugs and Medicines, viz.
Cochineal, Jesuits Bark, Balsam Capivi, Balsam Peru, Balsam Tohu, Cam-
phire, Jallip, Ipecacuana, Isinglass, flakey Manna, common Manna, China Root,
Sarsaparilla, Turkey Rhubarb, Spanish Flies, Shavings of Hartshorn, Epsom Salts, Glau
ber's Salts, Sperma-Ceti, Tartar Emetic, Musk, &c. Also
Doctor JAMES's Fever Powders,
Annodyne Necklaces, Anderson's Pills, Lockyer's Pills, Crude Antimony, Brimstone in
Rolls, Flower of Brimstone, Bateman's and Stoughton's Drops, Turlington's Balsam of
Life, British Rock Oil, Rostock's and Godfrey's Cordials, Daffy's and Squire's Elixirs,
Universal Balsam, Eaton's and Helvetius's Styptick, Allom, Borax, Copperas,  Oil of
Turpentine, Verdigrease, Vermillion, Gold Leaf, Dutch Metal, Smelling-Bottles, with
and without Cases, Hungary Water, Pumice Stone, Sponge, Clyster Pipes, Crucibles,
Nipple Classes, Breast Pipes, Ivory and Pewter Syringes, Almonds in the Shells,
Fresh Currans, fine Jar Raisins, Capers, fine Eating Oil, Barbers Oil, Almond Sugar
Plumbs, Carraway Comfits, Barley Sugar, brown and white Sugar Candy, Spanish Li-
quorice, preserv'd Ginger, candied Nutmegs, Cinnamon, Cloves, Mace, Nutmegs, fresh
Prunes, Sago, Salt-petre, &c.

To be SOLD, on the Premisses, the 17th Day of
July next,
A TRACT of Land, lying in Caroline County, containing 400Acres, with an ex-
traordinary good Dwelling-House, and all other convenient Houses ; well situated
for a merchant, a public House, or for Cropping : Also several choice Slaves, among
which are sundry Tradesmen, viz. Smiths, Collies, Carpenters, and Coopers. Some
Credit will be allowed, on giving Bond and Security, as usual.
James Martin

TAKEN up by the Subscriber, living on Sappony Creek, in Dinwiddie County, a
small Sorrel Mare, unbranded, with a small white Spot in her Forehead, a Sprig
Tail, and has with her a Year old Cold of the said Color : They have been posted, and
appraised at Forty Shillings. The Owner may have them of me, on paying as the Law
directs. Star key Robinson.

TAKEN up by the Subscriber, in Spotsylvania County, a small Milk and Cyder Roan
Horse, with a Blaze in his Face, Branded on the near Buttock with three Dots, and
trots altogether The Owner may have him of me, on paying as the Law directs.
John Talbert.

TAKEN up by the Subscriber, near Lunenburg Court-House, a small black Horse,
about 4 Feet 3 Inches high, with both his hind Feet white to the Footlocks, and
branded on the near Buttock C. He has been posted and appraised at Forty-five Shillings,
The Owner may have him of me, on paying as the Law directs.
John Roberts

TAKEN up by the Subscriber, living is Louise Count, near Capt. Abraham Venable's,
a Sorrel Mare, about 4 Feet 5 Inches high, with a Blaze in her Face, and branded
on the near Buttock resembling VD in a Piece. She has been posted and appraised.
The Owner may have her of me, paying as the Law directs.
James Nuckols.

TAKEN up by the Subscriber, in Caroline County, in February last, a middle-[illegible]
Bay Horse, branded on the near Buttock P : He has been posted and appraised
at Three Pounds current Money. The Owner may have him of me, on paying as the
Law directs. William Madison.

To be SOLD, (for want of Employment)
A NEGROE GIRL, about 13 Years of Age, that has been used to serving in a
Family, Enquire of the Printer.

Column 2

STOLEN or stray'd, on the first Day of June, a small Bay Horse, about 5 Years
old, with a Star on his Forehead, a white Snip on his Nose, his two Hind ever are
whitish as high as the Footlocks, and branded on the near Shoulder and Buttock. I, but
but not docked. Whoever delivers him to the Subscriber, in Williamsburg, shall have Half
a Pistole Reward. Catherine Blaikley.

To be SOLD, or RENTED,
TWO Lots, in Newcastle Town, well situated either for a Store or an Ordinary, with
good Buildings there on, a good Brick Well, and a large Garden, all well paled in,
with all other Conveniencies : For Terms enquire of the Subscriber, living on the Pre-

Just Imported in the LYDIA, Capt. TEAGE, by the
Subscriber, in WILLIAMSBURG,
A FRESH Assortment of Drugs, vix. Bark, Ipecacuans, Jallap Rhubarb, Camphire,
Epsom Salt, Verdigrease, Myrrh, &c. Also Bell-Metal Mortars, Glyster Syringes,
Paste-board, Gold Leaf, Gold-beater's Skin, Nipple-Glasses, Flower of Mustard, Mace,
Close, Nuts, Cinnamon, Black-pepper, candied Eringo, best candied Ginger, Anderson's
and Lockyer's Pills, Almonds in the Shell and out, Annodyne Necklaces, Ambergrease,
Bateman's Drops, British Rock Oil, Universal Balsam, and Turlington's Balsam of Life,
fresh Currans and Raisins, Co[[eras, Crucibles, Capers, Eaton's Styptic, Burgamot,
Freeman's Cordial, Galls, Ginger, French and Pearl Barley, Red and White Lead, Spanish
Brown, Musk, Prussian Blue, Pearls, and both Bezoars, fresh China Root, black and
white Rozin, black Soap, Sponge, Staughton, Salt-petre, Sulphuric, Sago, Sandiver,
Squire's Elixir, white and brown Sugar Candy, Spirit of Wine, Barley Sugar, Eating
Oil, Barbers ditto, Phials, Gallipots, Corks, Tow, &c.
George Gilmer

ALL Persons indebted to the Subscriber, living at James-Town Ferry, are desired to
come and pay their respective Accounts, and those Gentlemen that send their Boys,
Horses, Carriages, &c. Are desired to send Money to pay their Ferriages, or they need
not expect to be set over the Ferry, by
2|| Robert Higginson

June 8, 1755
RAN away from the Subscriber, living in Hampton, a Servant Man named James
Lewis, about 5 Feet 5 Inches high ; had on when he went away, a blue Coat with
white Metal Buttons, a black Wastecoat, but Breeches, blue Stockings, a brown cut
Wig, and perhaps may have changed his Cloaths, he having another Suit with him.
Has a Mole on his right Cheek. Whoever apprehended and conveys him to me, shall have
Two Pistoles Reward, besides what the Law allows.
John Jameson, Taylor.

To be SOLD, in James-City County, near Col.
Chiswell's Ordinary,
A TRACT of Land, containing near 400 Acres, with a Dwelling-house, 20 by 16,
shedded with a 10 Feet Shed, hipp'd round one End, which affords 3 Rooms and a
Closet on the lower Floor, and 1 above, 2 Fire-places, a Kitchen, Quarter, To-
back, and other convenient Houses, and a Garden lately paisley in ; likewise an Apple-
Orchard, containing upwards of 200 Trees, chief of them very choice Fruit, just come
to bear ; also a young Peach-Orchard ; There is a Crop of Corn, and Tobacco Ground
sufficient for 7 or 8 Hands, and a Pasture, all inclosed with good Fences. Any Person
inclinable to purchase, may know the Terms, which will be reasonable, by applying to
the Subscriber, living on the Premisses.
4|| Jeremiah Taylor.

MAKES all Kinds of Ornaments in Stuco, human Figures and Flowers, &c. &c.
Stuco Cornishes in Plaster, carved or plain, after the best Manner ; likewise Stone
Finishing on Walls ; he carves in Wood, cuts Seals in Gold or Silver ; likewise Landskip
and Herald Painting ; and is to be spoke with at Mr. Anthony Hay's, Cabinet-Maker, in

To be SOLD in Hanover county,
SIX Thousand Acres of good Land, where on are eight good Plantations ; the Manor
Plantation is well situated, with a very good Dwelling-house, and all other necessary
Out-Houses, a good Water-mill, and a fine Meadow. Any Person inclinable to purchase
the Whole, or any Part, may know the Terms by applying to the Printer. t.f.

To be SOLD,
A Valuable Tract of Land, consisting of 500 Acres, all plantable, pleasantly situated
on the River, within two Miles of Norfolk Town. And one of Portsmouth, a suffi-
cient Quantity of which is cleared and fenced either for Pasture or Cropping, the rest
well wooded and timber'd, with a good Dwelling-house, Kitchen, Barns, Outhouses,
Orchards, and all other Necessaries, good Landings, Fish and Oyster at the Door : The
Land to be Sold, with or without the Negroes, Stock of Cattle, &c. Whoever is willing
to purchase the same, may apply to Anthony Walker, in Norfolk, 6

WHEREAS the Co-partnership between Boyd and Aitchison, of the Borough of
Norfolk, Merchants, will end and be dissolved on the first Day of July next, they
therefore (to prevent Disputes) hope, that all Persons indebted to them will, some Time
before the first of August nest, settle their respective Accounts ; as Robert Mackie, their
Assistant, departs for Britain about that Time ; and, for the same Reason, all Persons
that have any Demands against them are requested speedily to present their Accounts for
Settlement, the better to enable William Aitchison, the acting Partner, to settle with
John Boyd, the other Partner, now removed to Britain,
Boyd and Aitchison.

To be SOLD, at Mr. Mitchel's Door, in Y[damaged]
On Tuesday the first of July next, to the highest Bidder, by Virtu[damaged]
Attorney from John Irwin, Brother and Heir at Law of [damaged]
all the real Estate of the said Jones, to wit. A Tract of 887 [damaged]
ounty, one in Warwick County, of between 4 and 500 Acres, one [damaged]
between 3 and 200 Acres, and several Lots of Land in and near the said T[damaged]
Credit ’til the 24th Day of October next, Bond and Security being given,[damaged]
chaser, to Jo[damaged]

Page 4
Column 1

RAN away from the Subscriber, living in Hanover County, an Irish Servant Man,
named John Briant ; he is a short well set Fellow, speaks much upon the Brogue,
and had on when he went away, a Pair of Leather Breeches, a brown Linen Shirt, and
a Felt hat ; he is supposed to have gone towards North-Carolina, having got a forged
pass, signed by on Charles Waggoner. Ny Person that will apprehend and convey the
said Servant to me shall have two Pistoles Reward, besides what the Law allows.
James Littlepage.

STRAY'D from the Subscriber, living in Prince-George County, the Beginning of
April last, a black Horse, about 14 Hands high, with a white Face and white Feet,
and branded on the near Button 4, he was raised in Bertie County, North-Carolina,
and is supposed to be gone that Way. Whoever brings him to me shall have a Pistole
Reward if taken in this Government, and Two Pistoles if taken in North-Carolina.
Robert Watson.

STRAYED from the Subscriber, in April 1754, a small bay Horse, about 4 Feet
1 Inch high, branded on the near Buttock H, trots well, and is very hard to catch,
he was bred on Mush Island, in Roanoke. Whoever brings him to me, in the Isle of Wight
County, shall have a Pistole Reward.
Horatio Durly.

TAKEN up by the Subscriber, in Chesterfield County, a small grey Horse, branded
on the. near Buttock with a single Dot. He has been posted and appraised at
Three Pounds Ten Shillings. The Owner may have him of me, on paying as the
Law directs. Archibald Cary.

TAKEN up by the Subscriber, in Chesterfield County, on the 5th Day of December
last, A reddish color'd Bull, with a Crop and two Slits in the right Ear, and a Crop
and either slit of resembling a Slit. He has been at my Plantation about five Years, and
seemed to be a Yearling when he came there. The Owner may have him of me, paying
as the Law directs. Edmond Logwood.

TAKEN up by the Subscriber, living on the Middle of Maherin River, in Lunen-
burg County, a young middle-sized yellowish colored grey Mare, with a large Star
in her Forehead, and without either Dock or Brand ; she has been posted and appraised at
fifty Shillings. The Owner may have her of me, on paying as the Law directs.
Joseph Johnson Sen.

TAKEN up by the Subscriber, living on the Middle of Maherin River, in Lunen-
burg county, a small grey Horse, with some Saddle Spots, branded on the near
Buttoch FT and a Scar on the off Cheek ; he has been posted and appraised at Three
Pounds. The Owner may have him of [illegible], on paying as the Law directs.
Isaac Johnson, Jun.

TAKEN up by the Subscriber, living in Bromfield Parish Culpeper County ; a middle
sized bright Bay are, with a Crop in the right Ear and am Underkeel in the
Left, one white Foot, and branded on the near Buttock Mh ; she has been appraised at
forty Shillings. The Owner may have her of me, on paying as the Law directs.
Michael Smith.

TAKEN up at the Subscriber's Plantation, in Kind & Queen County, a small grey
Mare, branded on the near Buttock IM, and on the near Shoulder something
like a Bunch of Grapes ; both Brands are very blind and hardly perceivable. The Owner
may have her of me, paying as the law directs.
R. Turns tall.

TAKEN up by the Subscriber, living on the Head of Appamattox River, in Prince-
Edward County, Three Mares, vix. one white, with a hanging Mane, a long
Tail, and branded on the near Buttock thus [; another two Years old, of a Roan Colour,
with a long Tail, and branded on the near Buttock with two Figures of 7 one at the Top
of the other, but not dock'd ; the other about a Year old, neither dock'd nor branded.
The Owner may have them of me on Paying as the Law directs.
George Nix.

Just Imported from London, my Messieurs Dickinson and
Company, at their Store next Door to the Printing-Office,
in Williamsburg, and to be sold cheap for ready Money, the following Goods, vix.
SUPERFINE, Middling, and. coarse Broad Cloaths, narrow ditto, German Serge,
Drugget, Sagathy, Duroy, Durant, Shalloons, Tammies, black Velvet, figured and
plain, Hair Plush, Barragon, double Allopeen, Everlasting, Sarge Denim, black Russet
Camblets, Callimancoes, Irish Stuffs, Fustian, Cotton, Thicketts, Granduvell, Jeans,
colored, spotted and Torrington Ruggs, 8 and 9-4th Blankets, Dussel, Fearnought, Half-
thicks, Negroe Cotton, all Sorts of Trimmings, Silk Knee Garters, yard wide 7-8th and
3-4th Irish Linen, IrishSheeting, Garlix, Oxnabrig, Yard Wide, 7-8th and 3-4ths Checks
strip'd and brown Holland, fine Dutch and Irish Holland, printed Linnen and Callicoe,
blue and white Cotton, Bed Furniture, Cambrick, Muslin, broad and flower'd Lawn,
spotted and bordered Bandanoes, Longee and Silk Romale Handkerchiefs, Cotton, Romale
and Scotch check'd Handkerchiefs, Bed-Ticking, Diaper Table Cloths, Men and Wo-
men's Sil, Thead and Worsted Stockings, Yarn Hose, Cotton and Worsted Caps, John
Hose single channell'd and turn'd Pumps, Shoes and Morocco Slippers, WOmen's Calli-
manco Shoes, Men's fine and coarse Hats, Men and Boys Felt Hats, Whalebone Hoops,
Dresden Minenett Lave, Black Silk Lace and Fringe, white knotted Fringe, Ribbons,
Silk Laces, Ferretting, broad and narrow Quality Binding, Garters, Tape, Thread of all
Sorts, sewing Silk, Pins, Needles, men and Women's Kid, white and colored Gloves,
Black Shamoy and wash Leather ditto, China, Glass, Delf, and Liverpool Ware,
white Stone Tea Pots, Tea cups and Saucers, single refined Sugar, Bohea Tea,
Muscovado Sugar, Rum, Pepper, Nutmegs, Raisins, Fig Blue, Indico, Prussian Blue,
Dutch Pink, Flanders Yellow, Yellow Ofer, white Lead, Gun Powder, Shot, Gun
Flints, Gun Hammers, Copper Saucepans, Stew-Pans, and Coffee Pots, Pewter Dishes,
Plates and Spoons, Razors, Scissars, Knives, Buckles, Buttons, Seals, Rings, Shirt and
Jacket Wire and Horn mold Buttons, Snuff Boxes, fine Scotch Snuff, Crown Glass, 8 by
10, and 9 by 11 ; 4, 6, 8, 10 and 20 d. Nails, 8 d. Brads, Flat Irons, 2 Foot Rules,
London Hoes, Frying Pans, Cross cut and Whip Saws, H, HL, Dovetail and cross Gar-
nett Hinges, Plate Stock Locks, Chamber Spring-Locks, Padlocks, Chest Locks, Iron
rimm'd Locks, Staples, drawing Knives, Axes, Claw Hammers, Gimbletts, Pipes,
Corks, Horn Combs, Ivory Combs, Inkhorns, Wool Cards, Bed Cords, Whalebone,
Switch Whips, &c. &c.

GENTLEMEN inclinable to take the Journals of the House of
Burgesses for the present Session, are desired to signify the same to
the Printer, as soon as possible, that they may be supplied with them.

[damaged]EN up by the Subscriber, in King-William County, a small Iron-grey Mare.
[damaged] on the near Buttock AP in a Piece. She has been posted and Appraised,
[damaged] have her of me, on paying as the Law directs.
William Temple.

Column 2

IMPORTED, in the Sambourne, Capt. Smith, in October, 1753, Bale of Goods
marked WCC, No 1. Which it is supposed was landed at some Place on James River,
but is not yet come to Hand. Whoever has got it in their Possession, it is hoped, will
be pleased to give Notice to me, in Caroline County, or to Mr. James Mills in Hobbs a-
Peter Copland.

The Subscribers for LOTS, in the Town laid off at White-Hall, Appomattox
River, are desired to meet at the said Place on Monday the 7th Day of July next,
to draw their respective Lots, for which Conveyances will be made at Prince-George
Court in October Following, at which Time it is hoped the Purchase Money will be Paid
George Currie.

To be SOLD,
FIVE Hundred Acres of valuable Land, situate in Brunswick County, on the South
Side of Maherin River, adjoining Hix's Ford, with a new Dwelling-House thereon,
32 by 16, a Kitchen, Stable, Quarter, Dairy, a new Barn, 40 by 20, a 10 Feet Shed,
and all convenient Out-Houses, a good Orchard, with about 60 Acres of cleared Ground,
and the Plantation in good Order for Cropping. It is a very commodious Situation for
an Ordinary.
There are also to be sold, on the Premisses, about 70 Head of Fine Cattle. Any Per-
son inclinable to purchase, may apply to the Subscriber, living of the Premisses, and
know the Terms.
t. f.
Michael Wall.

In the PRESS, and will be Published on Tuesday next ;
Price 1s. 3d.
A TREATISE on BAPTISM ; in which the Quaker-Doctrine of Water Baptism is
considered ; their Objections answered ; and the Doctrine of the Church of Eng-
land upon this important Point, stated and vindicated. By a Layman.
The Truth endureth, and is always strong, it liveth and conquereth for ever. I Esdras iv. 38.

To be SOLD, by the Subscribers, by Virtue of Powers
of Attorney, from William M'Redie, Brother and
Heir at Law to Thomas M'Redie of Fredericks-
burg, Merchant, deceas'd, and Thomas M'Redie,
Father of the said Thomas,
A Plantation in Augusta County, on Shemandre River, containing 450 Acres more or
less, 100 of which are extraordinary rich low Grounds ; as also, Ten choice
working Slaves, with Hogs, horses, and Cattle. The Premisses may be entered upon,
and enjoyed, at any Time after the Sale. Whoever has Mind to purchase, may ap-
ply to us and know the Terms.
John Mitchell,
t. f.
William Cuningham

To be SOLD, in Prince-George County,
FOURTEEN Hundred Acres of Land, containing both valuable high and low
Grounds, affords good Water, good Pasturage, and is well timber'd with large Oak,
Pine and Poplar, whereon are three good Plantations, in good Order for Cropping ; and
the Manor Plantation is a very handsome Situation, with the following Conveniencies, viz.
One Dwelling-House 32 by 25, containing 4 Rooms and 4 Closets, with a Brick Chim-
neys, plaister'd and white-wash'd ; also another Dwelling-House 38 by 18, with a Stack
of Chimneys in the Middle, 2 Rooms on a Floor, and a large Closet, plaister'd and white-
wash'd, a good Dairy, Meat-House, Smoak-House, Kitchen, Quarter, Spinning-House
with a Brick Chimney, one 40 and one 32 Feet Tobacco-Houses, a large well-fixed Store,
with several other convenient Houses and Orchards ; and on each of the other Plantations
are two 32 Feet Tobacco-Houses, an Overseer's House, and Negroe Quarters, likewise
Orchards, and good Water. Any Person inclinable to purchase may know the Terms,
by applying to Charles Turnhall att Pertersburg, John Hyndman and Smithfield, or William
Stevenson at York. t. f.

Virginia, ss.
At a General Court, held at the Capitol, in Williams-
burg, April 14, 1755.
Richard Dobson, and Frances his Wife, Plaintiff,
William Taylor, Gentleman, Defendant,
UPON an Appeal form a Decree of the court of Hanover County, obtained by the
Defendant against the Plaintiffs and Matthew Anderson, John Goodwin, and Mary
his Wife, John Anderson and Lucy Anderson, Infants, and John Scott, Bartlett Anderson,
and John Anderson, Executors, &c. Of Matthew Anderson, deceased, the third Day of
October last past, whereby It was Ordered, Adjudged, and Decreed, That the Plaintiffs had
not any Right to Dower of and in the Houses and Lots in the Bill mentions, that James
Littlepage, John Symme, and Reuben Skelton, Gentlemen, or any two of them, should felt
the said Houses and Lots, at public Auction, on Six Months credits, they first giving
public Notice of the Time and Place of such Sale, by advertising the same in the Virginia
Gazette, for two month successively ; that the Defendant make a good and sufficient
Conveyance of the aid Houses and Lots to the Purchaser thereof, that the said Commis-
sioners shell thereupon pay to the Defendant, out of the Money arising by such Sale, the
Sum of Five hundred and Ninety-two Pounds, sixteen Shillings and a Penny current
Money, being the Ballance then due to him on the Bond given by the said Matthew An-
derson, deceased, for the Payment of the Money he agreed to give for the said House
and Lots, Roger with the Interest of Five per C. Per An. Or Three hundred and Forty-two
Pounds, sixteen Shillings and a Penny, Part of the said Sum of Money, from the first
Day of June 1751, and on Two hundred and Fifty Pounds the Remainder thereof, form
the 30th Day of June 1752, and the Costs of Suit, and that they deliver the Overplus,
if any to the Executors of the said deceased.

This Cause was this Day heard, upon the Transcript of the Record of the. Decree
aforesaid, and the Arguments of the Council on both Sides, on Consideration whereof, it is
the Opinion of the Court that the said Decree is erroneous : Therefore, It is Decreed
and Ordered, That the same be reversed and annulled, and on the Prayer of the Plaintiff,
that this Court would make such Decree as the Said County Court out to have made,
It is further Decreed and Ordered, That the said James Littlepage, John Symme, and Reu-
ben Skelton, or any two of them, do sell the Houses and Lots, aforesaid, in the Manner
mentioned in the said Decree, and pay one sixth Part of the Money arising from such Sale
Houses and Lots ; this Court being of Opinion that she is entitled thereto, That the
Defendant William Taylor make a good and sufficient Conveyance of the Said Houses
and Lots to the Purchaser thereof in Fee-Simple, and that the said Commissioners do
thereupon pay to him the Residue of the Money arising from such Sale, towards dis-
charging the Money mentioned in the said Decree, to be due to him on the Bond given
by the said Matthew Anderson, decease'd, and the Interest Thereof, or so much thereof as
will be sufficient to discharge the same, and deliver the Overplus, if any, to the Execu
tors of the said Matthew, and that the said Defendant pay to the Plaintiffs their Costs
by them expended, as well in the said County Court as in this Court.
Benjamin Waller, Col. Gen. Court.

[damaged]Persons may be supplied with this Paper. Advertisements of a moderate Length are inserted for Three
[damaged]gs the first Week, and Two Shillings each Week after.




Hunter, William, -1761, printer. , “The Virginia Gazette, no. 233, June 27, 1755,” Special Collections, John D. Rockefeller Jr. Library, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, accessed November 27, 2022,

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