Charles Steuart letter to Francis Fauquier, 1762 December 12 : manuscript copy

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Charles Steuart letter to Francis Fauquier, 1762 December 12 : manuscript copy



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December 12th. 1762


I have just now recd. your Honour's Letter of
the 9th. and it gives me singular pleasure that the
greatest part of my Conduct towards the Spaniards
is approved of by you & the Gentlemen of the Council:
As to that part in which I have erred, I beg your Honours
pardon for it, and am much obliged by your Condescension
in explaining it and the favorable Construction you are
pleased to put on it. I very well know that it would
be descending from the Dignity of your Station, to make
a Visit to Don Pedro, but about the time when I men=
tioned it to him, the Case in which you are pleased to say
you might have dispensed with that piece of punctilio,
did really exist, for if his fever had continued & increased,
it might have gone hard with him at this time of Life;
however it was not said as by your Honours Directions &
nothig has since passed on the Subject

The person who fired into the house has not yet
been discovered; Mr. Miller says he would know him

Lieut. Govr. Fauquier

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if he could see him & that he believes he belongs
to the Arundel

With this your Honour will receive a Certi=
ficate of the Survey; Capt Longbottom is at present
unwell & cannot wait on you or the Agent Victualler,
but hopes you will be pleased to give the necessary
Orders concerning the Provisions, to Colo. Hunter
who I suppose is now in town, He has not yet
made out a List of what is wanted to complete
them for the Voyage, but I shall endeavour to get
it tomorrow & send it over to Colo Hunters Clerk

As it is necessary for the Dispatch of the ship
and will give Satisfaction to the Spanish Gentn.
I have declined going up this Court, but shall have
the Honour to wait upon you with the Accounts
soon after they embark & am with the utmost

Yours &c
Cha Steuart

P.S. It is necessary that your Honour will be pleased
to give Orders concerning the Provisions that were

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condemned. They are not fit to be put on bd. the
Ship, & are too good to be thrown into the River;
the poor would be glad to have them, or they will
sell for something at Vendue ~

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6 (Copy) December 12th. 1762


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Steuart, Charles, 1725-1797, “Charles Steuart letter to Francis Fauquier, 1762 December 12 : manuscript copy,” Special Collections, John D. Rockefeller Jr. Library, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, accessed June 25, 2022,

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