The Virginia Gazette, no. 232, June 20, 1755

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The Virginia Gazette, no. 232, June 20, 1755


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JUNE 20, 1755.
With the freshest ADVICES FOREIGN and DOMESTIC

Column 1

P H I L A D E L P H I A, May 22.

The third Day of the first Month, called January 17 1755
Resolved, N. C. D.
That Isaac Norris Esq; Speaker, and Evan Morgan, Joseph Fox,
James Pemberton, James Wright, Joseph Armstrong, and John
Smith, Gentlemen, Members of this House, be, and they are here-
by nominated and empowered to take up and borrow, on the Credit
of this House, any Sum not exceeding Five Thousand Pounds, Law-
fun Money of this Province: to be by them laid out for purchasing
fresh Victual, and such other Necessaries as they, or a Majority of them, shall think,
expedient, for the Use of the King’s Troops at their Arrival: For all which Money,
borrows as aforesaid, they, the above-named Gentlemen, or any four of them, shall
give a Certificate or Certificates, as the Case may require, under their Hands to the
Person or Persons lending the fame, certifying that such Money was taken up and
borrowed for the King’s Use, in the Manner, and for the Purpose, directed by this Re-
solve. And this House will repay or take effectual{?} Care to secure the Re-payment of
of all and every Sum or Sums of Money, so as aforesaid borrowed, with Interest, if

A MESSAGE from the Governor to the assembly.


I HAVE the Pleasure to acquaint you, that Major General Braddock, who is ap
appointed, by his Majesty to command the Forces employed in North-America, is ap-
arrived in Virginia ; and as the Season for Action is approaching, I thought it necessary to
summon you together, that any Thing the General had to propose, might be considered
without Delay,; and that the Men, Provisions and Money, expected by his Majesty from
this Province towards carrying into Execution the Measures concerted for the general Ser-
vice of America, might be provided in Time.

Sir John St. Clair, Quarter-master General of his Majesty’s Forces in America, has
represented to nse{?} the Necessity of having Roads opened, from the inhabited Parts of this
Province Westward towards the Ohio, not only for the March of Troops, but to fa-
militate the supply of Provisions to such Forces as may be employed on the Frontiers of
this or the Neighboring Governments,- - - -I have therefore issued a Commission to a Num-
ber of Men acquainted with that Country, to reconnoiter and examine the fame, and to
mark out where such Roads may most conveniently be made, and to make Report to me
or their Proceedings, with an Estimate of their Expenses that will attend the Opening and
Clearing them ; and I recommend it to you to make a suitable Provision for this nec-
essary Service.

It is said, the Large Supply of Provisions that the French have received from these
Colonies, has enabled them to support the Forces employed in building Forts in his Ma-
jesty’s Territories, and will enable them, for some Time at least, to maintain the Troops
they have drawn together to defend them. - - - -And tho’ this Province has been hitherto
Very little concerned in that Supply, yet as it is necessary to prevent it for the future, I
have issued Orders to the Officers of the Customs for that Purpose, and make no Doubt
you will join with me in a Law effectually to hinder such an unnatural Trade.

The Eastern Governments, ever active in the Defense of their Country, and in main-
taining his Majesty’s just Rights and Dominions in America are exerting themselves
at this Juncture, and are desirous that this Province should join in the Operations
intended, to frustrate Encroachments; I therefore hope you will enable me to take such Part in
the Measures proposed, as becomes the Honor and Interest of a Province circumstances
as we are.

General Braddock, by his Letter of the 28th of last Month, which will be laid be
fore you, desires me to establish a Post between Philadelphia and Winchester, for the
forwarding his Dispatches; this he thinks may be of great Importance, during the
Operations of the Campaign, and you will be pleased to empower me to comply
with his Request.

His Majesty having, by one of his principal Secretaries of State, recommended it to
the several Provinces, to establish a command Fund for the Benefit of all the Colonies col-
electively, General Braddock now desires, that the Quota’s of the several Provinces, to-
wards that common Fund, may be lodged in the Hands of a Treasurer, who may have
Orders to answer his Demands ; as this is intended to expedite Business, and the General is
perfectly disinterested, and declares himself willing to give an Account of his Dis-
bursements, I hope you will put it in my Power to return a satisfactory Answer to his
Letter in that Particular.

I heartily recommend to you Vigor, Unanimity and Dispatch; in the Matters you will
have under you Consideration, that the happy Opportunity the Colonies, now have, by,
Means of his Majesty’s paternal Care, and generous Assurance of securing themselves for
ever against the Attempts of the French, may not be lost.



I OBSERVE by the printed Minutes of your Proceedings that you have inserted at
large Sir Thomas Robinson’s Letters to me of July the fifth, and October the twenty-sixth last, without my Knowledge or Consent.

The King’s commands signified by a Secretary of State may be very proper for the [torn, illegible]
Consideration of the different Parts of the Legislature, but no always to be commu[torn, illegible]
scatted to the Public; I think it therefore necessary, Gentlemen to caution you against [torn, illegible]
the like Practice for the future, and expect that no Letters or Papers communicated by [torn, illegible]
shall be printed without my previous Approbation; and as it may be of dangerous C [torn, illegible]
quince to publish those Letters, I desire a stop may be put to the Publication [torn, illegible]
Part of your Minutes which contains them.

I have Letters and other Papers, that relate to His Majesty’s Service, which [torn, illegible]
willingly communicate to you, but I do not think it safe to do it, till I [torn, illegible]
Assurance from you, that the Contents of them shall remain secret.

March 18, 1775. ROBERT HUNTER.

A MESSAGE from the Governor to the Assembly


On the tenth of January last I demanded by the Secretary, a [torn, illegible]
of your Proceedings which you promised to send me, but not [torn, illegible]
on the twenty-ninth of the same Month, by Letter to the Speaker [torn, illegible]
and have frequently, by the Secretary, reiterated my Request, [torn, illegible]
Sight of them till the twelfth Instant, about two Months after [torn, illegible]
only a Part of them were sent to me in Print, and I have no [torn, illegible]

Column 2

The keeping your Proceedings thus a Secret from me, I take to be a very unconsti-
tuitional and extraordinary Measure, liable to a Constitution that I do not choose at
present to put upon it; but only to acquaint you, that I expect you will order your Clerk
to attend me every Night with the Minutes of the Day, that I may know what is done
and doing in your House, and be able in Time to lay the same before his Majesty and his
Ministers, who expect to be regularly informed of the Measures taking by the Legisla-
tures of the Colonies.

March 18, 1755. Robert Hunter Morris.

L O N D O N.

Jan. 6. The Scheme of a Lottery has been given to the House of Commons to raise
the Government 50,000 £ in which Scheme are 54 Prizes of 10,000 £ each. The
whole Lottery to consist of a Million of Tickets at one Guinea each.

April 9. On Monday the Duke of Mirepoix, Ambassador from France, took his
Leave of His Majesty in Order to return Home.

April 11. Yesterday Morning Walkinshaw, who was taken up in Scotland for trea-
sonable Practices, was brought to Town under a Guard of six Dragoons, and commit-
ted to the Car of Mr. Carrington, one of his Majesty’s Messengers.

April 12. We hear that twelve ships of the Line are sailed from Portsmouth
under the Command of Admiral Hawlac.

And that 25 more Men of War of the Line, are to be completely fitted up, to be
ready on any Emergency.

’Tis reported that some Regiments of Dragoons, & c. Will encamp on Blackheath
this Summer.

The Regiment of Scotch Grey Dragoons, who were on their March to Scotland,
are countermanded, and are on their March from Lancashire, to Suffex and Kent.

We hear that his Majesty intends to make a considerable Augmentation to his Troops
in his Electoral Dominions.

We hear from Carmarthen in South Wales that the Fraternity of Free and Accepted
Masons in that Place, have ordered their Treasurer to give twenty Shillings (over and
above his Majesty’s Bounty) to every able-bodies Seaman within the Port of Armarthen,
who shall voluntarily enter to serve in his Majesty’s Navy on or before the 25th

All the Officers of the Guards, & c. Have received Orders to get their Field Equi-
pages, ready with all possible Expedition.

The Report of his Excellency the Duke de Mirepoix’s having taken Leave of this
Court, as was mentioned in the daily Papers; is void of all Foundation. For

On Monday Morning at four o’clock one of his Excellency’s Domestics was dispatched
express for Versailles, who is expected would arrive there on Thursday Night.

Thursday, the 24 Inst. his Majesty was pleased to appoint the Right Hon. James Lord
Tyrawley to be Col. of the Coldstream Regiment of Foot Guards, and at the same Time
to appoint the Right Hon. George Earl of Albemarle to be Colonel of his Majesty’s own
Regiment of Dragoons late commanded by Lord Tyrawley.

His Majesty’s 20th Regiment of Foot (late Lord Albemarle’s) is disposed of; but the
King’s Aid-de-camps are not yet filled up, which are expected before his Majesty goes
abroad, which he certainly does this Month, notwithstanding it has been at certainly af-
forted to the contrary.

April 14. Advice has been received that fix Men of War are failed from Brest, with
a Number of Land Forces on Board; and it supported by some that they are destined
for America. Others suppose that they are gone to make an Attempt our defenseless
Sugar-Islands; for the author of the Miscellaneous Essay on the Courses pursued by
Great-Britain in Regard to her Colonies (whose Knowledge of our American Affairs
appears to be greatly superior to that of most Writers) says that the French have been
for some time providing Stores of Arms and Ammunition at Martinico, with a View to
attack our Islands in the West-Indies, in Case of a War breaking out.

Six Men of War, from 50 to 90 Guns; are to sail directly for Jamaica, under the
Command of Commodore Stevens.

The London Gazette confirms the Appointment of Lord Tyrawley to be Colonel of the
late Lord Albemarles’s Regiment of Foot; of Capt. G. L. Hall, of Ancram’s Dra-
goons, to be Major of Sir J. Cope’s Dragoons; and of Capt. Lieut. Bell, of Mordaunt’s,
to succeed Capt. Hall.

Plymouth, April 4. The Otter Sloop, Capt. Graves, arrived this Day from a Cruise
of about ten Day: and is reported that she hath been off the Harbour of Brest,
where been [illegible, worn off] been, two French Men of War weighed Anchor and pursued the Otter,
who thereupon made Sail.

An Extract of a Letter from The Hague, dated March 4.

”By all Accounts we receive from our Correspondents in England [illegible, rest of column is torn]

Page 2
Column 3

[ineligible, worn], that the King of Sardinia is a Party in the Treaty said to be
concluded between our Court and that of Spain; and what gives Foundation for such a
Conjecture is, the particular Respect that has been shewn of late to the Minister from
the Court of Turin.”

Extract of a Letter from Portsmouth, April 9.

”Last Night arrived Admiral Boscawen, and this Morning hoisted his Flag on Board
the Nottingham, till the Torbay arrives, Crowds of Nobility and Gentry daily come to
this town to view the Fleet at Spithead, which consists of twenty-six Men of War.”


May12. Yesterday Capt. Kirkwood arrived here in about nine Weeks from London, and
has brought with him Arms and other Accoutrements for the Provincial Troops, lately
raised, who have impatiently waited here several Weeks for their Arrival He has also
brought a large Quantity of Powder. Capt. Trout for this port came out with Capt.
Kirkland, and hourly expected.

By a Vessel from Halifax we are informed, that the Commander of his Majesty’s Sloop of War the Vulture, stationed there, lately died very suddenly, in his Cabin.

And that Capt. Cobb, in a Sloop in the Governments Service, had taken a French
Schooner going to Louisburg to St. John’s, with 1100 Barrels of Flour, a Number
of Cannon and other warlike Stores on Board, all which were condemned at Halifax.
Also, that Capt. Cobb had taken a Vessel belonging to (our) Plymouth, laden with
Provisions, which was going to trade with the French ; but as both Vessel and Cargo have
been condemned and sold, ’tis tho’t the Owner will make but an indifferent Voyage
on’t - - - - May all such Traders meet with the same Fate.

May 15. We hear from New-Hopkington, in the Government of New-Hampshire,
that on Monday last a Man and a Boy were taken Prisoners there, by five Indians : But
it happen’d, that in about 2 Hours after they were met with by nine Men, who were out on a Scout : One of the Indians discovering the English near them, held up two of
his Fingers and whistled, which was a Signal to the rest ; whereupon they rose from their
Ambush, and fir’d on the English, but did no Execution.——The English pursed them,
retold the Captives, and the Indians made off

Capt. Kirkwood has brought Two Thousand Stand of Arms, and other Accoutre-
cents for the Provincial Regiments which have been raised here. He has also brought
a large Quantity of Powder.

May 19. Saturday last Capt. Trout arrived here from London but has brought no
later News than we had by Capt. Kirkwood. He has brought several hundred Barrels of
Gunpowder, and a Gentleman is come Passenger with him who is Paymaster General
of the Forces now on Foot in America, who has brought Fourteen Thousand Pounds
Sterling in Cash for their Use.

Extract of a Letter from a Gentleman in Cadiz, to his Friend in Boston, dated March 29


The remaining Effects of the Spanish Ship so unjustly detained at New-London,
arrived here lately under the Convoy of his Brittanick Majesty’s Ship the Tryton ;
which Event has been very satisfactory to this Commerce in general, has been well re-
ceived by the King of Spain, and accordingly signified to the Commander Matthew Whit-
well, Esq; by Sir Benjamin Keene, his Majesty’s Minister at Madrid ; and we are as-
sured, that those there, who are concerned in the Pillage, will be obliged to pay the
last Farthing, to the entire Satisfaction of the Proprietors, which we dare say, as you
interest yourself in the Honor of our Colonies, you will be pleased to hear, as it may
prevent for the future such barbarous Proceedings, which tend to justify the Depreda-
tons which we complain of from Time to Time.

We hear by a Person which left Fort Halifax the 4 th Instant, that said Day two of
the Norridgewalke Tribe of Indians (who were concerned in the Murder of some of our
Men last Fall) came there were very desirous of making Peace.

This Morning set sail under the Convoy of three Men of War, 35 Sail of Transports,
having on Board upwards of 2000 Forces, which have been raised here, bound to the Eastward.


Extract of a Letter from a Merchant in London, dated April 19.

”The Preparations for War continue, and the Opinion prevails that a Rupture is now
inevitable.—We have about 30 Sail of Men of War fit for Sea, and more compleating
every Day.—His Majesty sent a Message the other Day to the Parliament for a Supply of
every Day.—-His Majesty sent a Message the other Day to the Parliament for Supply of
800,000 to defray the extraordinary Expenses—The House immediately and unani-
mousy voted him a Million, to be raised by Way of Lottery, and promise to defend him
with their Lives and Fortunes in Support of the Nations’ undoubted Rights—-’Tis now
said, with Assurance, that the King is going Abroad, the Yachts being ready at the
Nore .——The House of Commons have agreed, early next Session, to take into Considera-
ion the Affair of the Drawbacks on foreign Linens ; and very strong Parties are already
formed to obtain an Act, that they shall be no longer payable.—-If timely Application is
not made from the Colonies in Opposition thereto, it will probably pass into a Law——
The Drawback on Oz(?)nabrigs, and most other Sorts of narrow German Linens, is Three
Half-Pence per Ell, on Yard wide, and other broad Sorts very near Four-Pence, and on
Holland and Flanders Linen Nine-pence Half-penny per Ell ; and the not allowing them
for the future would consequently occasion those Linens to come so much dearer from
England than they now do.—-Our home Manufactures are so far from being depended on
for supplying our own Consumption, and the Plantations, that 32 Millions of Yards are
still annually wanted and imported from foreign Parts ; 16 Millions whereof are con-
sured in England, and near 6 Millions exported to the Colonies—-From 1749 to 1753
the Prices of Linens abroad were excessively dear, and during all that Time, the Scotch
and Irish had a Bounty of Three Half pence per Yard on Exportation, which is since
ceased : Had they been able to make a sufficient Quantity, here was the most favorable
Opportunity they could possibly expect, to exert themselves in supplying our Colonies ;
but, notwithstanding all these Advantages, they could not, during that Time, furnish
more than 1-8th Part of their Consumption of white and brown Linens ; How then can they be supported to be able to do it, now the Bounty is no longer payable, and when an extraordinary Demand would greatly enhance the Prices ?——If such a Law should pass
the heavy Duties here payable on Linens would be extended to the West-Indies ; which
will not only prove a heavy additional Burthen on the necessary Article of Clothing to
the Poor as well as the Rich, but must also tend to the Prejudice of the fair Trader,
by the great Encouragement given to the Smuggling in of these Goods, which will not
think themselves so far interested in this Affair, that proper Instructions will, with all
Expedition, be given to their respective Agents, and Representations made to the Lords
Commissioners of Trade, in Order to prevent the ill Consequences of its being enforced
by Law. The Merchants here will think it their Duty, to co-operate with them, in
Order to prevent so heavy an Imposition and am in hopes that our united Endeavors may
be able to prevent this Innovation.”

The Lydia, Capt. Teage, is arrived in York River, from London; she spoke with his
Majesty’s Ship Triton, Capt. Whitwell, going up the English Channel, all well on board.[Illegible, rest of column torn]

Column 4

17. Lilly, David Blair, from the Isle of May, with 8000 Bushels of Salt.

18. Catharina & Mary, Stephen Righton, from Montserrat, with 17 Hhds, and 8
Tierces Rum & 27 Barrels of Sugar.

19. Providence, Samuel Baron, from North-Carolina, with 3 Hhds. Rice, and
209 Barrels of Pork.

21. Nancy, John Mourhouse, from St. Christophers, with 29 Hhds, and 4 Tierces
of Rum.

22. Industry, Samuel Tennant, from Jamaica, in Ballast.

23. Rebecca, Edward Blake, from St. Christophers, in Ballast.

26. Dinniston, Patrick Carnegy, from Barbados, with 60 Hhds. Rum, and 59 Barrels Sugar.

26. Peggy, James Taylor, from St. Christophers, with 16 Hhds. Rum, and 8 dittos

26. Buckskin, James Beall, from Maryland, with 2300 Pounds of Cordage.

29. William, Alexander Chisholm from Providence, with 800 Feet of Maderia

29. Fanny, Francis Peart, from Antigua, with 89 Hhds, and 9 Tierces Rum

30. Frances, Henry Tucker, from Bermuda, in Ballast.

Cleared Outwards

May. 3. George, William Foster, for Hull 144 Hhds. of Tobacco, 1050 Barrels Tar,
350 ditto Turpentine, 28 Pipes, 1 Hhds, & 3 Quarter Casts of Madeira
Wine, 21,575 Staves, 196 raw Deerskins, 150 Feet Walnut & 1 Bag of

5. Prince Frederick, John Burton, for South-Carolina, with 30,000 Shingles,
4414 Feet Boards, 15,000 Slaves, 5000 Hoops, 2550 Feet Joists, and 40
Barrels Beef, 20 ditto Pork, 12 ditto Tar, & ditto Pitch.

5. Earl of Halifax, George Terry, for South-Carolina, with 37,319 Staves,
48,000 Shingles, 272 Boards, 29 Barrels Beef, 250 ditto Port, 4000
Hoops, 1000 Bushels /Corn, and 504 Pieces of Scantling.

5. Terrible, Joseph Wright, for South-Carolina, with 23300 Staves, 7000
Shingles, 358 Boards, 431 Pieces Scantling, 29 Barrels Beef, 150 dittos
Pork, 4000 Hoops, and 1000 Bushels of Corn,

6. Providence, Archibald M’Call for Bermuda, with 2500 Bushels Corn, 8
Boxes Candles, 2 Barrels Tallow, 20,000 Shingles 2000 Staves, 1000Feet Scantling, & 38 Bushels Pease.

6. Molly and Hannah, James Campbell, for Boston, Ballast.

8. Rebecca, Pasco Curle, for Bermuda, 10,000 Feet Scantling, 90,000 Shingles,
and 38 Barrels of Pork.

8. Allethea, Joseph Laborn, for Bermuda, with 83 Barrels Pork, 2240 Bushels
Corn, 24,700 Shingles, 12 Boxes Soap, and 12 Spars.

9. Martha, Robert Griffith, for New-York, in Ballast.

10. Sally, William Thomson, for Barbados, with 50 Barrels Pork, 2100 Bushels
Corn, 24,700 Shingles, 12 Boxes Soap, and 12 Spars.

17. George, William Tabb, for Bermuda, with 1300 Bushels Corn, 15,000
Shingles, and 4000 Staves and Heading.

27. Industry, Matthias Miller, for Corn, 113,000 Staves, 300 Boards, and [illegible, worn off]
Hhds. Rum.

28. Owner’s Goodwill, Samuel Fish, for Hull, with 2954 Barrels Tar, 46 dittos
Turpentine, 194 raw Beer-Skins, 64 Feet Plank, 10,280 Staves, and [illegible, worn off]
Bale Coaths.

29. Beckie, Robert Boyd, for Bermuda, with 53 Barrels Pork, 200 Bushels of
Corn 254 ditto Pease; 3 Barrels Train Oil, 4 ditto Lard, 8 Kegs Tallow,
3200 Staves, and 92,000 Shingles.

31. Speedwell, Thomas Godfrey, for Bermuda, with 1605 Bushels Corn, 50
Barrels Pork,150 Bushels Pease, and 15,000 Shingles.

31. Polly and Helena, Joseph Ivy, for Bermuda, with 1600 Bushels Corn, 55 Bar-
rels Pork, 40,000 Shingles, and 100 Bushels of Pease.

Virginia, ss

By His Majesty’s Lieutenant Governor, and Com-
mander in Chief, of this Dominion.

WHEREAS it is apprehended, that if his Excellency General Braddock succeeds
in re-taking the Fort on the River Ohio, the French and their Indians will fall
upon the such an Attempt may occasion I have thought fit to order all the County Lieu-
tenants, and they are hereby strictly ordered and required to muster, and keep their Mi-
lit, in proper Order, so that they may be in Readiness to resist and repel any such In-
vasion, and that they appoint proper Places for their Rendezvous, I having already sent
my Orders to the commanding Officers of the Frontier Counties, to keep a strict Look-
out, and have a Number of their Militia on the Watch,
by Way of Patrollers, and
immediately to send me Advice if any Number of Men shall appear in Arms on our Fron-
tiers, and to give a proper Alarm to the neighboring Counties, the we may be in a Condition of defending our country from any Insults.

GIVEN under my Hand, this 16th of June, 1755, in the 28th Year of His
Majesty’s Reign.



Just Imported in the LYDIA, Capt. TEAGE, by the
Subscriber, in

A Fresh Assortment of Drugs, viz. Bark, Ipecacuana, Jalap, Rhubarb, Camphire,
Epsom Salt, Verdigrease, Myrrh,& c. Alfo Bell-Metal Mortars, Glyster Syringes,
Paste-board, Gold-leaf, Gold-beater’s Skin, Nipple-Glasses, Flower,= of Mustard, Mace,
Cloves, Nuts, Cinnamon Black-pepper, candied Eringo, best candied Ginger, Arderen’s
and Lockyer’s
Pills, Almonds in the Shell and out, Annodyne Necklaces, Ambergrease,
fresh Currans and Raisins, Copperas, Crucibles, Capers, Eaton’s Styptic, Burgamot,
Freeman’s Cordial, Galls, Ginger, French and Pearl Barley, Red and White Lead, Spanish
Brown, Musk, Prussian Blue, Pearls, and both Bezoard fresh China Root, black and
white Rozin, black Soap, Sponge, Stoughton, salt-peter, Sulphur, Sago, Sandiver,
Squire’s Elixir, white and brown Sugar Candy, Spirit of Wine, Bailey Sugar, Eating
Oil, Barbers ditto, Phials, Gallipots, Corks, Tow, & c.

George Gilmer.

June 8, 1755.

[torn, illegible]from the Subscriber, living in Hampton, a Servant Man named James
[torn, illegible]5 Feet 5 Inches high; had on when he went away, a blue Coat with
[torn, illegible]a black Waistcoat, blue Breeches, blue Stockings, a brown cut
[torn, illegible]may have changed his Cloths, he having another Suit with him.
[torn, illegible]Cheek. Whoever apprehends, and conveys him to me, shall have
[torn, illegible],besides what the Law allows.

John Jameson, Taylor.


[torn, illegible]
Page 3
Column 1

JUST imported, and to be sold reasonably , by the Subscriber at the
Unicorn’s Horn, near the Raleigh Tavern, in Williamsburg, a choice and fresh Assort-
meant of Drugs and Medicines, & c.

James Carter.

To be SOLD, in James-City County, near Col.
Chiswell’s Ordinary.

A TRACT of Land containing near 400 Acres, with a Dwelling-house, 20 by 16,
shedded with a 10 Feet Shed, hipp’d round one End, which afford 3 Rooms and a
Closet on the lower Floor, and 1 above, 2 Fire-places, a Kitchen, Quarter, To-
back, and other convenient Houses, and a Garden lately bailed in ; likewise and Apple-
Orchard, containing upwards of 200 Trees, chief of thievery choice Fruit, just cometo bear ; also a young Peach Orchard : There is a Crop of Corn, and Tobacco Ground
sufficient for 7 or 8 Hands, and a Pasture, all enclosed with good Fences. Any Person
inclinable to purchase, may know the Terms, which will be reasonable, by applying to
the Subscriber, living on the Premises.

4|| Jeremiah Taylor.


Makes all Kinds of Ornaments in Stucco, human Figures and Flowers & c. &
Stucco Cornices in Plaster, carved or plain, after the best Manner ; likewise Stone
finishing on Walls ; he likewise carves in Wood, cuts Seals in Gold or Silver ; and is to
be spoke with at Mr. Anthony Hay’s Cabinet-Maker, in Williamsburg.

To be SOLD in Hanover County,

Six Thousand acres of good Land, whereon are eight good Plantations ; the Manor
Plantation is well situated, with a very good Dwelling-house, and all other necessary Out-Houses, a good Watermill, and a fine Meadow. Any Person inclinable to purchase
the Whole, or any Part, may know the Terms by applying to the Printer t.f.

To be SOLD

A very good Windmill, and all other Houses fit for carrying on the Business of a
Baker, being Part of the Estate of Robert Todd, late of Norfolk, and
the Terms of sale may be known by applying to Capt. Edward Pugh of the said Town,
or the Subscriber.

All Persons indebted to the said Estate, are, to prevent Trouble, desired immediately
to pay their respective Balances to Messieurs James Holt and William Young, Attorneys at
Law in Norfolk, or to the Subscriber living in Suffolk ; and such as have in their Posses-
sion any Notes, Bonds, or other Papers of consequence belonging to the said Estate, are
requested to give Information thereof to 9. John Watson, Administrator.

To be S O L D

A Valuable Tract of Land, consisting of 500 Acres, all plant able, pleasantly situated
on the River, within two miles of Norfolk town, and one of Portsmouth, a suff-
icient Quantity of which is cleared and fenced either for Pasture or Cropping, the rest
well wooded and timber’d with a good Dwelling-house, Kitchen, Barns, Outhouses,
Orchards, and all other Necessaries, good Landngs, Fish and Oysters at the Door : The
Land to be Sold, with or without the Negroes, Stock of Cattle,& c. Whoever is willing
to purchase the fame, may apply to Anthony Walke, in Norfolk. 6

Whereas the Co-partnership between Boyd and Aitchisan of the Borough of
Norfolk, Merchants, will end and be dissolved on the first Day of July next they
therefore (to prevent Disputes) hope that all Persons indebted to them will, some Time
before the first of August next, settle their respective Accounts ; as Robert Mackie, their
Assistant, departs for Britain about that Time ; and, for the same Reason, all Persons
that have any Demands against them are requested speedily to present their Accounts for
Settlement, the better to enable William Aitchison, the acting Partner, to settle with
John Boyd, the other Partner, now removed to Britain.

|| Boyd and Aitchison.

Ran away from the Subscriber, living in Hanover County, an Irish Servant Man
named John Briant ; he is a short well set Fellow, speaks much upon the Brogue,
and had on when he went away, a Pair of Leather Breeches, a brown Linen Shirt, and
a Felt Hat ; he is supposed to have gone towards North-Carolina, having got a forged
Pass, signed by one Charles Waggoner. Any Person that will apprehend and convey the
said Servant to me shall have two Pistoles Reward, besides what the Law allows.

James Littlepage.

To be S O L D, at Mr. Mitchels’s Door, in York

On Tuesday the first of July next to the highest Bidder, by Virtue of a Power of
Attorney from John Irwin, Brother and Heir at Law of Jones Irwin, deceased,
all the real Estate of the said Jones to wit. A Tract of 887 Acres in King George
County, one in Warwick County, of between 4 and 500 Acres, one in York county,
between 1 and 200 Acres, and several Lots of Land in and near the said Town of York,
on Credit ’til the 24th Day of October next, Bond and Security being given, by the Pur-
chaser, to John Martin.

STRAY’D from the Subscriber, living in Prince-George County, the Beginning of
April last, a black Horse, about 14 Hands high, with a white Face, and white feet,and branded on the near Buttock 4, he was raised in Bertie County, North-Carolina and is supposed to be gone that Way. Whoever brings him to me shall have a Pistole
Reward if taken in this Government, and Two Pistoles if taken in North-Carolina
Robert Watson.

STRAYED from the Subscriber, in April 1754, a small bay Horse, about 4 Feet
1 inch high, branded on the near Buttock H, trots well, and is very hard to catch,
he was bred on Musb(?) Island, in Roanoke. Whoever brings him to me in Isle of Wight
County shall have a Pistole Reward.
|| Horatio Durley.

TAKEN up by a Subscriber, in Chesterfield County, on the 5th Day of December
last, a reddish color’d Bull, with a Crop and two Slits in the right ear, and a Crop
and either slit or resembling a Slip. He has been at my Plantation about five years, and
seemed to be a Yearling when he came there. The Owner may have him of me, paying
as the Law directs.
|| Edmond Logwood

TAKEN up by the Subscriber, living on the Middle of Maberin River, in Lunen-
County, a young middle-sized yellowish colored grey Mare, with a large Star
in her Forehead, and without either Dock or Brand ; she has been posted and appraised at
fifty Shillings. The Owner may have her of me, on paying as the Law directs.
. || Joseph Johnson Sen.

JUST Imported, a choice Parcel of Hairs and Trimmings, to be sold cheap for
ready Money : they are mostly brown.
James Speirt.

Column 2

TAKEN up by the Subscriber, living on the Middle of Maherin River, in Lunen-
burg County, a small grey Horse, with some Saddle Spots, branded on the near
Buttock, and a Scar on the off Cheedk ; he has been posted and appraised at Three
Pounds. The Owner may have him of me, on paying as the Law directs.
|| Isaac Johnson, Jun.

TAKEN up by the Subscriber, living in Bremfield Parish Culpeper County ; a middle
sized bright Bay Mare, with a crop in the right Ear and an Underkeel in the
Left, one white Foot, and branded on the near Buttock Mh ; she has been appraised at
forty Shillings. The Owner may have her of me, on paying as the Law directs.
|| Michael Smith.

TAKEN up at the Subscriber’s Plantation, in King & Queen County a small grey
Mare, branded on the near Buttock IM, and on the near Shoulder something
like a bunch of Grapes ; both Brands are very blind and hardly perceivable. The Owner
may have her of me, paying as the Law directs.
R. Tunftall.

TAKEN up by the Subscriber, living on the Head of the Appomattox River in Prince-
County, Three Mares, six one white, with a hanging Mane, a long
Tail, and branded on the near Buttock thus ; another two Years old, of a Roan Colour,
with a long Tail, and branded on the near Buttock with two Figures of 7 one at the Top
of the other, but not dock’d ; the other about a Year old, neither dock’d nor branded.
THE Owner may have them of me, on paying as the Law directs.
|| George Nix.

Just Imported from London by Messieurs Dickison and
Company, at their Store next Door to the Printing-Office
in Williamsburg, and to be sold cheap for ready Money,
the following Goods,viz.
SUPERFINE, Middling, and coarse Broad Cloths, narrow ditto, German Serge,
Dugget, Sagathy, Duroy, Durant, Shallons, Tammies, black Velmet, figured and
plain, Hair Plush, Barragon, double Allopeen, Everlasting, Sarge Denim, black Russet
Camblets, Callimancoes, Irish Stuffs, Fuftian, Cotton, Thickesetts, Granduvell, Jeans,
colored, spotted and Rorrington Ruggs, 8 and 9-4th Blankets, Duffel, Fearnought, Half-
thick, Negroe Cotton, all Sorts of Trimmings, Silk Knee Garters, Yard wide 7-8th and
3-4th Irish Linen, Irish Linen, Irish Sheeting, Garlic, Oznabrig, Yard wide, 7-8th and 3-4ths Checks
strip’d and brown Holland, fine Dutch and Irish Holland printed Linen and Callicoe,
blue and white Cotton, Bed Furniture, Cambric, Muslin, broad and flower’d Lawn,
spotted and bordered Bandanas, Longee and Silk romale Handkerchiefs, Cotton, Romale
and Scotch check’d Handkerchiefs, Bed-Ticking, Diaper Table Cloths, Men and Wo-
men’s Silk, Thread and Worsted Stockings, Yarn Hose, Cotton and Corseted Caps, John
Hose single channeled and turn’d Pumps, Shoes and Morocco Slippers, Women’s Calli-
mango Shoes, Men’s fine and coarse Hats, Men and Boys Felt Hats, Whalebone Hoops,
Dresden Minenett Lace, Black Silk Lace and Fringe, white knotted Fringe, Ribbons,
Silk Laces, Ferretting, broad and narrow Quality Binding, Garters, Tape, Thread of all
Sorts, sewing Silk, Pins, Needles, Men and Women’s Kid, white and colored Gloves, Black Shamoy and wash Leather ditto, China, Glass, Delft, and Liverpool Ware,
white Stone Tea Pots, Tea Cups, and Saucers, single refined Sugar, Bohea Tea,
Muscovado Sugar, Rum, Pepper, Nutmegs, Raisins, Fig Blue, Indico, Prussian Blue,
Dutch Pink, Flanders Yellow, Yellow Ocher, white Lead, Gun Powder, Shot, Gun
Flints, Gun Hammers, Copper Saucepans, Stew Pans, and Coffee pots, Pewter Dishes,
Plates and Spoons, Razors, Scissors, Knives, Buckles, Buttons, Seals, Rings, Shirt and
jacket Wire and Horn mold Buttons, Snuff Boxes, fine Scotch Snuff, Grown Glass, 8 by
10, and 9 by 11; 4, 6, 8, 10, and 20 d. Nails, 8 d. Brads, Flat Irons 2 Foot Rules,
London Hoes Frying Pans, Cross cut and Whip Saws, H, HL, Dovetail and cross Gar-
nett Hinges, Plate Stock Locks, Chamber Spring-Locks, Padlocks, Chest Locks, Iron
rimm’d Locks, Staples, drawing Knives, Axes, Claw Hammers, Glimbletts, Pipes,
Corks, Horn Combs, Ivory Combs, Inkhorns, Wool Cards, Bed Cords, Whalebone,
Switch Whips, & c. t. f.

GENTLEMEN inclinable to take the Journals of the House of
for the present Session, are desired to signify the same to
the Printer, as soon as possible, that they may be supplied with them.

GEORGE the Second, by the Grace of GOD, of. Great-Britain, France and Ire-
King, Defender of the Faith & c. To James Roach, Greeting. For cer-
tain Causes, moved our Justices of our General Court, chancery, to you. We com-
and, and firmly enjoin, that all other Matters and Excuses whatsoever set aside in your
proper Person, you be before our Justices of our said Court, at the Capitol in Williamsburg
on the first Day of the next Court, to answer a Bill in Chancery, exhibited against you
by James Power Executor & c. of William Morris, deceased, and this you shall in no
wise omit, under the Penalty of One Hundred Pounds and have then there this Writ.
Witness Robert Dinwiddie Esq, our Lieutenant Governor, at Williamsburg, the sixth
Day of May, in the Twenty-eighth Year of Our Reign.
3 Benjamin Waller, Cl. Gen Court

To be S O L D, (for want of Employment)
A NEGROE GIRL, about 13 Years of Age, that has been used to serving in a
Family. Enquire of the Printer.

TAKEN up by the Subscriber, in Orange County, a dark grey Mare, lighter co-
bored in the Face than any other Part, with some Saddle Spots, a bob Tail, and
branded on the near Buttock. The Owner may have her of me, on paying
as the Law directs.
|| John Haskew.

Just Imported, and to be sold by the Subscriber, very cheap ;
FRESH Olives, Capers, Anchovies, Sweet Oil, pickled Walnuts, Citron, Sweet
meats, Sugar-Candy, double and single refined Sugar, Coffee, Almonds in the
Shell, Rice, Pearl Barley, Flour of mustard, Scotch Snuff, fine old Cheshire Cheese,
Castile Soap, Red Port, Claret, Lisbon, Tent, Sack, Arrack, French Brandy, Vine-
gar, Wine ditto, Citron Water, Cordials of all Sorts, smoking Tobacco, Balsam Tolu,
Liquorish Bail, Bark, and Corks.

As I intend for Britain soon, I desire all Persons who are indebted to me to pay off
their respective Debts, or give Bond immediately, otherwise I shall put them into a
Lawyer’s Hands to bring Suit against them directly.
Joseph Scrivener.

TO be SOLD, in Norfolk County, about 7 Miles from the Great Bridge, 2092
Acres of Land, well timbered with White-Oak and Cyprus, and a good Place for
Stock. Any Person inclinable to purchase, may know the Terms by applying to
Thompson Segann.

RAN away from the Subscriber, living at Norfolk Glebe on Tuesday [torn, illegible]
May last a Negroe Man named Dick; he is a very likely Fello[torn, illegible]
of Age, speaks goodEnglish,plays on the Violin, will endeavor to [torn, illegible]
and Freeman, being very cunning and artful ; had on when w [torn, illegible]
worn grey Suit, a brown Wig, a Pair of large Trousers, with Shoes [torn, illegible]
is supposed to have crossed the Bay to the Eastern Shore. Whoever [torn, illegible]
cures him, so that I may have him again, shall have Two Pistoles [torn, illegible]the Law allows.

page 4
Column 1

IMPORTED, in the Sambourne, Capt. Smith in October, 1755 Bale of Goods
marked WCC, No 1. Which it is supposed was landed at some Place on James River,
but is not yet come to Hand. Whoever has got it in their Possession, it is hoped, will
be pleased to give Notice to me, in Caroline County, or to Mr. James Mills in Hobbs’s-
|| Peter Copeland

THERE is at the Plantation of Mr. George Currie, on Roanoak, a middle siz’d grey
Horse, branded on the near Buttock S ; he has been there ever since
last Winter. The Owner may have him of me, paying as the Law directs.
|| John Hayes, Overseer.

THE Subscribers for LOTS, in the Town laid off at White-Hall, Appomattox
River, are desired to meet at the said Place on Monday the 7th Day of July next,
to draw their respective Lots for which Conveyances will be made at Prince-George
Court in October following, at which Time it is hoped the Purchase Money will be
paid. 6 George Currie

STRAY’D or stolen from Mrs. Tarpley’s in Williamsburg, on Tuesday the 13th of
May last, a black Gelding, about 4 Feet 7 Inches high, paces and gallops well. He
has a small white Spot behind his right Ear, has no Brand that can be discover’d ; his
Mane hangs on the near Side of his Neck. Whoever delivers him to Mrs. Tarpley, or
to the Subscriber in Culpepper County, shall have a Pistole Reward.
William Green

TAKEN up by the Subscriber, living at Col. Lewis Burwells’s, on James River,
a light-grey Horse, about 12 Hands and an Half high, with a bob’d Tail and
hanging Mane ; has Marks on his Withers resembling 2 HH, or else he has been cut for
a Fistula ; supposed to be very old, and has been posted and appraised at Twenty Shillings.
The Owner may have hi of me, on paying as the Law directs.
||. Francis Lester.

TAKEN up by the Subscriber, in King-William County, a small Iron-grey Mare,
branded on the near Buttock AP in a Piece. She has been posted and appraised,
The Owner may have her of me, on paying as the Law directs.
|| William Temple

To be S O L D
Five Hundred Acres of valuable Land saturate in Brunswick County, on the South
side of Maberrin River adjoining Hix’s Ford, with a new Dwelling-House thereon,
32 by 16, a Kitchen, Stable, Quarter, Dairy, a new Barn, 40 by 20, a 10 Feet Shed,
and all convenient Out-Houses, a good Orchard, with about 60 Acres of cleared Ground,
and the Plantation in good Order for Cropping. It is a very commodious Situation for
an Ordinary.

There are also to be sold, on the Premises, about 70 Head of fine Cattle. Any Per-
son inclinable to purchase, may apply to the Subscriber, living on the Premises, and
know the Terms. t.f. Michael Wall

In the P R E S S, and Speedily will be Published;
Price 1s. 3d.
A TREASISE on BAPTISM ; in which the Quaker-Doctrine of Water Baptism is
considered ; their Objections answered ; and the Doctrine of the Church of Eng-
upon this important Point, stated and vindicated. By a layman.
The Truth endureth, and is always strong, it liveth and conquereth forever. 1 Esdras iv. 38.

To be SOLD, on the Premises, to the highest Bidder,
on Thursday the 26 Day of June 1755,
A TRACT of Land, containing 250 Acres, in EssexCounty, on Rappahannock River,
about two Miles below Bowler’s Warehouse, with good Improvements, such as a
large Dwelling-House, plank’d above and below, three Rooms on the lower Floor and
two above, four Dormers two on each Side two Brick Chimnies with three Fire Places,
two Closets, and a small private Brick Teller under one of the Closets, together with all other necessary Out-Houses; as also good Orchards both Apple and Peach, and several other large bearing Trees. The Place is also very convenient for Fishing and
Oystering, being joining to the River. Some considerable Time of Credit will al-
lowed for Part thereof, the Purchaser giving Bond and Security, as usual to
7 Philip Vincent Vass.

N.B. Any Person inclinable to purchase sooner, may apply to the Subscriber,
living in Spotsylvania County, near Mr. Zachary-Lewis’s, or to Major Rice Curtis, on
the Assembly, and know the Terms.

To be S O L D, by the Subscribers, by Virtue of Powers
of Attorney, from
William M’Redie, Brother and Heir at Law to Thomas M’Redie of Fredericks
burg, Merchant, deceas’d, and Thomas M’Redie, Father of the said Thomas,

A Plantation in Augusta county, on Shenandoe River, containing 450 Acres more or
less, 100 of which are extraordinary rich low Grounds ; as also, Ten choice
working Slaves, with Hogs, Horses, and Cattle. The Premises may be entered upon,
and enjoyed, at any Time after the Sale. Whoever has a Mind to Purchase may ap-
ply to us and know the Terms.
t.f. John Mitchell, William Cunningham.

To be S O L D, in Prince-George County,

FOURTEEN Hundred Acres of Land, containing both valuable high and low
Grounds, affords good Water, good Pasturage, and is well timber’d with large Oak,
Pine and Poplar, whereon are three good Plantations in good Order for Cropping ; and
the Manor Plantation is a very handsome Situation, with the following Conveniences, viz,
One Dwelling House 32 by 25, containing 4 Rooms and 4 Closets, with a Brick Chem-
news, plaster’d and white-wash’d ; also another Dwelling-House 38 by 18 with a Stack of Chimneys in the Middle, 2 Rooms on a Floor, and a large Closet, plaster’d and white-
wash’d, a good Dairy, Meat-House, Smoak-House, Kitchen, Quarter, Spinning-House
with a brick Chimneys, one 40 and one 32 Feet tobacco-Houses, a large well-fixed Store,
[torn, illegible]several other convenient Houses and Orchards ; and on each of the other Plantations [torn, illegible]
2 Feet Tobacco-Houses, an Overseer’s-House and Negroe Quarters, Likewise
[torn, illegible] good Water, Any Person inclinable to purchase may know the Terms,
[torn, illegible] Charles Turnbull at Petersburg, John Hyndman at Smithfield, or William
[torn, illegible] t.f.



At a General Court, held at the Capitol, in Williams-
Burg, April 14, 1755.

Richard Dobson, and Frances his wife, Plaintiffs,


William Taylor Gentleman Defendant.

UPON an Appeal from a Decree of the Court of Hanover County, obtained by the
Defendant against the Plaintiffs and Matthew Anderson, John Goodwin and Mary
his Wife, John Anderson and Lucy Anderson infants, and John Scott, Bartlett Anderson,
and John Anderson, Executors, &amp c. Of Matthew Anderson, deceased, the third Day of
October last past, whereby It was Ordered, Adjudged, and Decreed, That the Plaintiffs, had
not any Right to Dower of and in the Houses and Lots in the Bill mentioned, that James
Littlepage, John Somme,
and Reuben Skelton, Gentlemen, or any two of them, should sell
the said Houses and Lots at public Auction, on six Months Cred, they first giving
public Notice of the Time and Place of such Sale, by advertising the same in the Virginia
Gazette, for two Months successively ; that the Defendant make a good and sufficient
Conveyance of the said Houses and Lots to the Purchaser thereof, that the said Commis-
sinners shall thereupon pay to the Defendant, out of the Money arising by such Sale, the
Sum of Five hundred and Ninety-two Pounds, sixteen Shillings and a Penny current
Money, being the Balance then due to him on the Bond given by the saidMatthew Ar-
person, deceased, for the Payment of the Money he agreed to give for the said Houses
and Lots, together with the Interest of Five per C. Per An. or Three hundred and Forty-two
Pounds, sixteen Shillings and a Penny, Part of the said Sum of Money, from the first
Day of June1751, and on Two Hundred and Fifty Pounds the Remainder thereof, from
the 30th Day of June 1752, and the Costs of Suit, and that they deliver the Overplus,
if any, to the Executors of the said deceased.

This Cause was this Day heard, upon the Transcript of the Record of the Decree
aforesaid, and the Arguments of the Council on both Sides, on Consideration whereof, it is
the Opinion of the Court that the said Decree is erroneous ; Therefore, It is Decree
and Ordered,
That the same be reversed and annulled, and on the Prayer of the Plaintiff,
that this Court would make such Decree as the said Country Court ought to have made.
It is further Decreed and Ordered, That the said James Littlepage, John Symme, and Reu-
ben Skelton,
or any two of them do sell the Houses and Lots aforesaid, in the Manner
mentioned in the said Decree, and pay one sixth Part of the Money arising from such Sale
to the Plaintiffs, in Lieu and satisfaction of the Plaintiff Frances her Dower in the said
Houses and Lots ; this Court being of Opinion that she is entitled thereto, That the
DefendantWilliam Taylormake a good and sufficient Conveyance of the said Houses
and Lots to the Purchaser thereof in Fee-Simple, and that the said Commissioners do
thereupon pay to him the Residue of the Money arising from such Sale, towards Dis
charging the Money mentioned in the said Decree to be due to him on the Bond given
by the Matthew Anderson, deceas’d, and the Interest thereof, or so much thereof as
will be sufficient to discharge the same, and deliver the Overplus, if any, to the Execu-
tors of the said Matthew, and that the said Defendant pay to the Plaintiffs their Costs
by them expended, as well in the said County Court as in this Court.

Benjamin Waller, Cl. Gen. Court.


At a General Court, held at the Capitol, in Williams-
burg, the 12th Day of April, 1755.
}In Chancery.
William Caverhill, Thomas Caverhill, Merchants, and William Com-
Gardiner, all of Jedburgh in Great-Britain, Plaintiffs,
Thomas Caverhill, late of the city of Glasgow, Merchant, Francis
and Walter Douglas, Defendants,

THE Defendant Thomas Caverhill, being beyond Sea, and not having entered his
Appearance according to the Rules of this Court, on the Motion of the Plain-
tiffs, by their counsel, It is Ordered, That the other Defendants, who have Effects of the
said Thomas in their Hands, as is suggested, do not pay, convey away, or secrete such
Effects, until the further Order or Decree of this Court, but that they deliver up
such Effects, or so much thereof as will be sufficient to satisfy the Plaintiff’s De-
and unto the said Plaintiffs, upon their giving Security to the Clerk of this
Court for the Return of the said Effects, in such Manner and to such Persons as the Court shall hereafter adjudge.

And, It is further Ordered, That the said Defendant Thomas appear here, on the
first Day of the Next Court, to answer the Plaintiff’s Bill ; and that a Copy of this
Order be, within fifteen Days inserted in the Virginia Gazette, for two Months suc-
cestively, and published on some Lord’s Day, immediately after Divine Service in the
Churches of Fredericksville Parish, in the County of Louisa, and be also posted up at the
Front Door of the Capitol, in the city of Williamsburg.

Benjamin Waller, Cl. Gen. Court.

Anna Hamilton, Plaintiff,
Thomas Douglass, and Company, late of Montrose, Merchants,
Alexander Thain and William Black, Defendants,
}In Chancery

THE Defendants Thomas Douglass and Company, and Alexander Thain being beyond
Sea, and not having entered their Appearance according to the Rules of the Court;
on the Motion of the Plaintiff by her Counsel, It is Ordered, That the other Defendant,
who hath Effects of the said Thomas Douglas and Company, and Alexander Thain in his
Hands, as is suggested, do not pay, convey away or secrete such Effects, until the further
Order or Decree of this Court, but that he deliver up such Effects, or so much thereof
as will be sufficient to satisfy the Plaintiff’s Demands until the said Plaintiff, upon
her giving Security to the Clerk of this Court for the Return of the said Effects, in
such Manner and to such Persons as the Court shall hereafter adjudge.

And, It is further Ordered, That the said Defendants Thomas Douglas and Company,
and Alexander Thain do appear here, on the first Day of the next Court, to answer the
Plaintiff’s Bill ; and that a Copy of this Order be, within fifteen days, interred in the Virginia Gazette, for two Months successively, and Published on some Lord’s Day, Im-
mediately after Divine Service, in the Churches of Cople in the County of West-
and be also posted up at the Front Door of the Capitol, in the City of Will-
liamsburg. Benjamin Waller
Cl. Gen. Court.

David Moffin, Clerk, Francis Timerland, David Maitland, John
Timberlake, Henry Timberlake, and William Macon,
Merchants and Partners in Dum
fries, Bartlett Anderson and William Moore, Defendants,
{In Chancery

THE Defendants Robert Ferguson and Adam Smart, being beyond Sea, and not having
entered their Appearance according to the Rules of this Court, on the Motion of
the Plaintiffs, by their Counsel, It is Ordered, That the other Defendants, who have
Effects of the said Ferguson and Adam Smart in their Hands, as is suggested, do not pay, convey
away, or secrete such Effects, until the further Order or Decree of this Court, but that
they deliver up such Effects, or so much thereof as will be sufficient to satisfy the
Plaintiff’s Demand unto the said Plaintiffs, upon his giving Security to the Clerk
of this Court for the Return of the said Effects, in such Manner and to such Persons
as the court shall hereafter adjudge.

And, It is further Ordered, That the said Defendants Ferguson and Smart do appear
here, on the first Day of the next Court, to answer the Plaintiff’s Bill ; and that a Copy
of this Order be, within fifteen Days, inserted in the Virginia Gazette, for two Months
successively, and published on some Lord’s Day, immediately after Divine Service, in
the Front Door of the Capitol in the City of Williamsburg.
Benjamin Waller,
Cl. Gen. Court.

[torn, illegible]ons may be supplied with this Paper. Advertisements of a moderate Length are interred for Three
[torn, illegible] first Week, and Two Shillings each Week after.




Hunter, William, -1761, printer. , “The Virginia Gazette, no. 232, June 20, 1755,” Special Collections, John D. Rockefeller Jr. Library, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, accessed November 27, 2022,

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