Method of producing grapes in a common cucumber frame ...

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Method of producing grapes in a common cucumber frame ...


Written description for growing grapes on a cucumber frame together with an illustration of the frame.



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Method of producing Grapes in a common
cucumber Frame taken from the Gard=
=ner of Richard Payne Knight Esqr of Downton
Castle near Ludlow [?]

[Within the illustration]

Ground plan of a
Hotbed of Dung
for a Common
Cucumber Frame
Vine two feet Vine Vine Wall[End of illustration text]

The space within the frame is all open, as in
in common frames -

Tiles or slates are laid on the hot bed, after
putting about an inch & half of mould on
the Dung, to keep the steam moderately
down -
The Vines are tied to, & supported by strong
Lattices, or Laths, or thin Bars of wood, placed
lengthwise the Frame, about half way
between the Tiles & the Glass; wch is the height
the Branch is introduced -

In the 3 lights of each Frame were intro=
=duced the Branches, taken from contiguous
Vines; & each light was 5 feet 4 inches
wide, & 6 feet in length the whole
frame must be supported on 4 Posts,
to Prevent it sinking with the Dung -

The Bottom of the frame, on the outside,
must be well secured with earth, moisten'd
of the Dung from wasting out of the
Frame [illegible] the Outside of the Bed must be


[within the illustration]

Feet inches
5 4

6 feet
5 feet [end of illustration text]

The dung bed to be 5 feet thick; of wch
on feet should be sunk in the Ground.
The Vine Branches, intented to be intro=
=duced, must be cut at a joint, at a proper
distance to go into the frame, wch shou'd
be placed two feet from the wall -

The branches should be introduced
between the 4th & the 24 of April -

The Grapes were cut, in high perfection,
on the 14th of July. so much fruit was pro=
=duced in two 3 light frames, that the
Gardener said he could not count the
Bunches; but supported there were not
less then one hundred Bunches under
each light wch report Mr Knight & his
Brother confirm'd -

There remaind in the Frames on the
14th of September, bunches sufficient for the
supply of a moderate family -

Mr. Knight had 2 frames, of 3 lights each, of
the above dimensions -

About 14 Branches from 2 lines, were introduced
into each of those frames -

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“Method of producing grapes in a common cucumber frame ...,” Special Collections, John D. Rockefeller Jr. Library, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, accessed December 4, 2022,

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