Frame for a pit for early grapes

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Frame for a pit for early grapes

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(Mr. Puller.)

Frame for a Pit for Early Grapes.

Feet. Inches
Length 29. - 6
Width   6 - 6
Depth in front   2 - 6
Do. in back   4 - 6
A Border in the Front where the Vines
are to be planted}
  2 - 6 wide on outside of
    the pit.

NB. The Vines are let into the Pit by holes made in the Brick work,
(as in hothouses stoves &c) and trained upon trelesses 4 Inches from the [illegible]
to be made so that they may move up and down at pleasure. The
Brickwork to be 9 Inches thick, or 4 Inches thick and plaistered. The frame
divided into 2.3. or 4 equal parts according to the pleasure of the
Owner. Begin to force the Vines the first of March, either with the
pit filled with Tan Leaves or Dung (like a common hot Bed)

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Puller, Mr. , “Frame for a pit for early grapes,” Special Collections, John D. Rockefeller Jr. Library, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, accessed July 18, 2024,