Lucy B. Saunders letter to Sarah Maria Galt, 1865 May 11

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Lucy B. Saunders letter to Sarah Maria Galt, 1865 May 11



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Lucy Saunders' letter to Sally Galt in regards to Saunders' return to Williamsburg after the Civil War and other family news.




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Chatham May 11th

My beloved Sally,

I have so much to say to you, & my heart is so full, I can scarcely express myself intelligently. At last, we are anxiously looking forward to a return to our old home, changed as it is, yet it is home! [Ere?] you receive this, you will have seen some of the Williamsburg [wonders?]. I write now by Dandy Jim, he returns with the hope of finding his parents - he has been very good & faithful. Now beloved Sally, wont you answer this & tell us how you & others are & if our home is habitable? If you cannot write get some friend to write to Lelia or for Page me, & direct to the care of Capt [?] U.S. army Danille.

The greatest pleasure we look

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for in the old city is to see & hear you. My husband daughters & son send you much love. My darling grandchildren have so grown you would not know them, but they all know you (our little Lucy) & want to see you

Oh! How I thank God you have been spared to us & to do good to others. It seems ten years since we left home & it was 3 years the 4th day of this month

Oh! Sally if you could but come & kneel at my darlings [?] me [?] that is a [?], I shall almost die to leave behind & have often felt I too should lie there! To say from the heart 'Thy will oh Lord be done on Earth as in Heaven" is my earnest prayer. Please tell our friends how we have thought of them & how we long to see them. I was at [Mr. V's?] lately all well & [hoping we can?]

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to go home, George has left out for W?

This evening Lelia Page & [Ro?] [?] at the [?] to eat strawberries & Mr J & [?] are to be there. This is [out of?] [?] and every [God?] has been so kind to us. I hope your faithful [Arena?] is [all?] you remember of her. Lelia has lately been to [?] & has many interesting things to tell of dear [Lizzie?] & the children.

Please get [?] to go to you & to tell you the real state of our house, dont be afraid to tell the worst, we have learned a great deal! you always admired my dear old husband, but if you could know & see how calmly & cheerfully he has borne all his trials you would

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admire him, more than ever Let us hear from you as soon as possible and may the Lord [?] and [?] thee

[pray?] your ever
affectionate old friend
L B Saunders

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Mrs.Lucy B, Saunders

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Saunders, Lucy B., “Lucy B. Saunders letter to Sarah Maria Galt, 1865 May 11,” Special Collections, John D. Rockefeller Jr. Library, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, accessed November 28, 2022,

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