Mary McCabe letter to Sarah Maria Galt, 1865 July 6

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Mary McCabe letter to Sarah Maria Galt, 1865 July 6



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Mary McCabe's letter to her cousin Sally Galt in regards to Sally's lack of communication and the irregularity of mails to Williamsburg, family updates, fears about childbearing, business disruptions caused by the Civil War, and inquiries into the the people of Williamsburg.



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Anne Arundel Ceo. Ind. July 6th 1865

Dear Cousin Sallie,

I have written to you several times since I came over to this side of the Potomac, but have never received any answers so I supposed that there was some difficulty in sending a letter to Williamsburg and that you had not received mine, I heard the other day that you were in Richmond and knowing that the mails to that city go without any irregularity I write now hoping to hear from you very soon.

It seems such a very, long, long time dear cousin since I saw you, that I would give anything to see you now. Next to my husband and child I have always loved you and dear cousin John better than any one

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in the world, and nothing would make me so happy as to see you.

I suppose you have been told most of the particulars of my marriage. I have one little girl baby named Mary who is now a little more than a year old. her birth nearly cost me my life, for I was dangerously ill, and my health since her birth has been delicate until now, I suspect to be confined with my second child the middle of September, and cannot help looking forward to it with anxiety but trust through the mercy of God to come safely through the trial.

We are now in very trying circum-stances. The war has unsettled every-thing so, that my husband finds it very difficult, to get into any business and there are so many returned soldiers from both armies that it is almost impossible to get a situation, with

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any business house, so those places are given to the soldiers. I hope however to be settled some time, for the present I have little else but hope.

Have you heard anything from Mr. [Sykes?]? He is truly devoted to you and will I know come to see you as soon as he knows it is possible. Aunt Julia and Grand ma have both been very kind to him, indeed he has made friends every where, and has truly gratified me by his excellent conduct. I have not received a letter from him since I crossed to Potomac. If you should see him tell him to write to me.

When you write give me any news about any of the people that I knew in [our?] old Williamsburg. I have never loved any other place so well and feel interested in every one who lived there.

Dr John McCabe, my husband's

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uncle is married a third time, to Mrs [Leeford?], a lady of great wealth. Gordon I hear is going to Europe to complete his education which so you remember was interrupted by the war.

Have you heard anything of Robinson Garrett? I should like to know that he is well and doing well.

Write to me soon and tell me all that you know will interest me if you can tell me something of your own prospects and intentions.

I hope soon to be housekeeping and when I am, you must come and see me. I shall do all I can to make you comfortable and happy.

Goodbye - love to all -
Your devoted cousin
Mary McCabe

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McCabe, Mary, “Mary McCabe letter to Sarah Maria Galt, 1865 July 6,” Special Collections, John D. Rockefeller Jr. Library, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, accessed November 28, 2022,

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