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Thomas H. Sherwood letter to his wife


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Thomas H. Sherwood letter to his wife



Dr. Thomas H. Sherwood letter to his wife sent care of Professor Mitchell in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. The undated letter was sent by Sherwood during his administration of the Eastern Lunatic Asylum (now Eastern State Hospital, Williamsburg, Virginia) in 1862. Sherwood encourages his wife to look after her health, discusses family and friends and his situation at the Asylum.


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You must take care of yourself, I do not
care how much you romp if you will only
be careful to do yourself No injury. Do not
give yourself any alarm concerning my
health as I know how to take care of myself
and am as robust as there is any need
of being.

I received a letter from Mother yesterday
evening and a paper announcing our Mar-
riage, I have cut out a complimentary notice
from the paper which I send you. I am
sorry to learn in my letter from Mother of
the Death of William Allered. What a terrible
blow it will be to his wife, who by the way
is in a delicate situation. Oh! how I pity her
so shortly married and as soon sepparated
I suppose you have heard of his death.

I wrote to dear pa & ma a few days
ago encloseing a letter to you. I also sent
the letter announcing my change of position
to them to be read and forwarded to you
I want to get another opportunity to write
before our forces leave if I have time. I want
to go to camp however this afternoon to see
Colonel Averell and report to him the condition
of the institution, and procure any letters

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that may be there for me for I expect that
dear immage of your darling self this
afternoon, & Oh! won't I be disappointed
if I do not get it. My darling, darling
wife shall I endeavour to express one half
of my love for you, or how much I want
to see you, I feel it would be impossible, and
I shall not make the effort. I do not doubt
dear one that you want to see me, but indeed
you must not let it worry you. Now darling
try and not do this will you, for my sake, I know
this is the strongest appeal I can make. Oh! how
I feel that God has blessed me in giveing me
such a dear, good, loveing wife, and I so
extremely unworthy too. But I hope I shall
be more worthy some day, as I shall labour to

I regret very much that I was unable
to see Aunt Willie's boys, but really darling my
time was so much occupied for the last few
days I spent at Harrison's Landing that
I was unable to go anywhere. I did meet a
portion of Rush's Lancers and inquired for
Will but found that the Company he was with
were with General Porter.

Darling you must direct your letters still

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to my Regiment as our General will in all probability
take some means to send them to me, and I can-
not tell yet how long I shall remain here
untill our forces leave and communication
is opened with Richmond, as soon as this
is known I will make every effort to in-
form you. It is useless for you to address
your letters here at present as there is no
knowing how ling I shall remain, and
I may be away before this reaches you, as
long however as our forces remain I shall
keep up a daily communication with
you, and remember always that it is
necessity compells when I do not write
for I shall never let an opportunity slip.

Remember me kindly to sister Annie and tell
her I would like to see her. You had better
if you have time write Pa & Ma ere the
reception of this and give them an [illegible]
of my reasons for being left here. The govern-
ment has supplied the institution with
thirty days rations for the inmates and
I think we shall get along very well, if the
Rebels do not take possession in that time I
shall draw upon General Dix at Fortress
Monroe for another supply

[Page 4]

I must stop now darling, as I have given
you perhaps enough to cogitate over for a lit-
tle while, at least untill tomorow.

Remember me kindly to all and dont ne-
glect to write as often as usual to your
loveing and devoted husband

A kiss for you here

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