Alexander McGrew and Michael Bowyer indenture, 1777 May 5

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Alexander McGrew and Michael Bowyer indenture, 1777 May 5



Indenture binding Alexander McGrew of Pennsylvania to pay Michael Bowyer of the 12th Virginia Regiment the sum of 36 pounds. The document also concerns Thomas Smith an indentured servant of James Brackin of Pennsylvania who ran away and joined Bowyer's company.


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Know all Men by th[e]se Presents That I Alexander [McGrew] [torn, illegible]
[torn, illegible] In the County of Yo[rk] and CommonWealth of Penn[s]ylvania, Am Held and
firmly Bound unto Michael Bowyer Esquire, Capta[in] in the Twelfth Conti-
nental Regiment of the Virginia Forces, In the Su[m] of Thirty Six Pounds
current lawful Money of Pennsylvania aforesaid [to] be paid to the said
Michael Bowyer, or to his Certain Attorney Executors Administrators or
Assigns To the which Payment well and truly to be made I do hereby
bind myself my Heirs Executors and Administrators and every of
them firmly by these Presents Sealed with my [Se]al dated the Fifth
Day of May In the Year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred
and Seventy Seven -

Whereas Thomas Smith who is an Indent[torn, illegible] Servant unto a Certain
James Brackin of the County [of] York aforesaid, and [who] hath yet about One
Year to serve by Force [of] his Indenture did so[me] Time past absent him
self and ran away from his said Master, and hath not since until
now been heard of [by] his said Master - And Whereas he the
said Alexander M[cGre]w hath on this Day dis[c]overed him the said
Thomas Smith [torn illegible] Soldier in the [Co]mpany of him the
said Captain M[ichael Bow]yer --
Alexander MGre[w] [torn, illegible] taken upon him[self], That upon the [said]
Captain's paying [torn, illegible] [s]um of Eighteen Poun[d]s, for the Purchase
of the Remainder [torn, illegible] Time of the said Servant, for the Use
of the said James [Br]ackin, he the said Alexander MGrew will
engage to indemn[ify] the said Servant, unto the said Michael
Bowyer, his Heir[s] [a]nd Assigns from and against any further
Claim of him the [sai]d James Brackin his Executors or Assigns.

Now The C[on]dition of the above Obligation is such
That if the above [torn, illegible] unden Alexander MGrew or his Heirs
Executors or Adm[i]nistrators For and in Consideration of the
said Sum of Eight[ee]n Pounds lawful Money of Pennsylvania
having been paid unto him, for the Use of the said James -
Brackin, in [illegible] and in full Satisfaction, for the Remain
der of the Time of Servitude of the sa[id] Thomas Smith
in the said Indenture specified, Shall and will from
[torn, illegible] Time and at all Times hereafter forever, Save

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[torn, illegible] and [torn, illegible] harmless and indemnified As well the said
Thomas Smith from any Just Claims [o]f the said James Br[akin]
his Executors Administrators and Ass[i]gns, As also him th[e]
said Captain Michael Bowyer, from all or any Damage[s]
which he may sustain from the said James Brakin
Executors Administrators or Assigns for, or on Account or
by Reason of [the] said Servant, Then [th]e foregoing Obligation
to be Void and [o]f none Effect or else to be and remain in ful
Force and Vir[t]ue -

Sealed and d[e]livered                                     Alex M' Grew
in the Presen[ce] of us
Archd. M[clean]

May 5th. 1777 Received of Captain [Mic]hael Bowyer the Sum
Eighteen Pound Money of Pennsylvan[ia] On Account and for the
Use of James Brackin, being in lieu [torn, illegible] in full Satisfaction
for the Remainder of the Time of Ser[vi]tude of the before and
within named Thomas Smith -
Alex' M Grew

Witness present
Archid. MClean
John McDowell

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Ink on paper


McGrew, Alexander , “Alexander McGrew and Michael Bowyer indenture, 1777 May 5,” Special Collections, John D. Rockefeller Jr. Library, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, accessed March 28, 2023,

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