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Robert Carter letter book, 1769 January 8 - December 2


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Robert Carter letter book, 1769 January 8 - December 2



1 volume ([1] leaf, 46, [2] pages)


Letter book of Robert Carter III, of Williamsburg and Nomini Hall for 1769.

Includes index; leaf [1r].


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Anderso[n William] [11]
Ditto [16]
Brooke J[ames] [34]
Christie Robert 2 [5]
Dulany Daniel 2
Ditto Ditto [7]
Ditto Ditto 3[0]
Didsbury John [20]
Fauquier Francis 10
Ditto Ditto 18
Ditto Ditto 26
Ditto Ditto 41
Hanbury & Company 11
Hunt Edward & Sons 9
Ditto Ditto 17
Ditto Ditto 19
Ditto Ditto 24
Ditto Ditto 44
Ditto Ditto 45
Johnson Thomas 3
Ditto Ditto 4
Jenney Joseph 39
Lowndes Christopher, his Renunciation 15
✓ Hyndman & Lancaster 34
Ogle Anne 6
Ditto Ditto 23
Ditto Ditto 33
Ogle Anne & Robert Carter, their power of attorney
to James & William Anderson & Edward Hunt & Son}
Ridout John 31
Sydebotham & Company 46
Tasker Anne 7
Ditto Ditto 8
Ditto Ditto 29
Ditto Ditto 40
Tasker Anne her power of attorney to Aanne Ogle
& to Robert Carter}
Tasker Anne 21
Ditto Ditto 21
Tetley Finn & Hobson 44

[Page 1]

1769 Madam
January 18

Your Letter of the 10th day of last month
came to hand, last night, and as the chief
objects therein are answered in a former
Letter shall cause it to be copied below, which
you will read, or not, according to the fate
of the original

I fear that every Letter, which I have written
(since I saw you) touching your mother's
Business & my joint Trusteship with you
is lost, and that being the Case every rational
Person will applaud the Ideas expressed
in your spirited Letter I shall cause the same
Letters to be transcribed immidiately & sent
to whom they are directed

The Ballance due from your mother to your Brot[hers]
Estate is £1908..2..9 sterling, as stated
an account, which Mr, Ridout & I raised f[or]
your father's Ledger's the 4th day of last October
You & I have not a Power of diminishing
that Principal, & cant part with the Profits
only, so that Mrs, Lowndes can receive
nothing of that Fund, till Mrs Tasker
has had the use of it one year. I am
Madam &c. Robert Carter

See Letter to Mr's. O.
dated 24th december 1768.
To Mrs, Ogle

Dear Sr,

Your letter of the 18th day of last month; & one
from Mrs, O was put into my Hands last
night John Ellis of York county will call
on me To-morrow, who is going up to An
napolis to demand a Slave in Goal there
Mrs, Carter & I rejoice at your great
humanity, & hope that the Negroes who have
alliances at Bell-air may not be sold

[Page 2]

till those Slaves be, & the [illegible] Negroes be
sold with Wife & Husband We desire that
you will draw for us when the allotment of the
Slaves, (who are not to be sold) shall be
agreed on when that Lottery shall be drawn
by pleased to inform me how many of said
male & female Negroes belong to me, their
ages & qualifications, & estimate the Whole
My Wife & I had rather let those Slaves
chuse masters in Maryland than send them
to Plantations, for we can not employ them
in our Family.

I do highly approve of your negotiation of
the several matters you have notifyed to
me, & hope that you will sell the Land lying
near Annapolis & in Prince George's County
as judiciously as Enfield Chase tract is
sold for I believe Mr T gave a guinea
per acre for it, only. I shall observe in
a future Letter on your Information touching
Mrs, T's Pretensions to a large tract
of Land lying partly in the Governments of Maryland
& Pennsylvania that I may write to Mrs O
& to Mr Thomas Johnson attorney at An
napolis, by the Bearer.

No man ever did more to gain the
diligent Character than I have done
concerning Mrs, T's Business & my mutual
Trust-ship with Mrs O and I fear every
Letter, which I have written on ssaid
Matters is lost, and as a former
Letter is an answer to the Remainder of
yours before me, shall cause the same to
be copied below, which you will read, or
not, according to the fate of the original.

I am yours affectioately Robert Carter

See Letter to D, D dated 25th December

To the honorable
D, Dulany.

[Page 3]

January 8th


Mr, D, Dulany had not received the 18th d[ay]
of last month, the Letter, which I inclosed
to you so long ago as the 19th of last November
therefor I apprehend that, that Packet directed
to you is lost it contained also the origina[l]
Appraisement of the Slaves & personal
Estate at Bell-air, a part of the Property
of the late Colonel Tasker and an adver[tisement]
to notify that, all, that Interest was to be
sold and it was to beg you to negotiate
an affair of consequence I shall subjoin
Copies of the Letter & appraisement & set
down from memory the literal of the Advertisement

I am, Sir, Yours &cca, Robert Carter

To Mr. Thomas Johnson
attorney at Law,
at Annapolis

See Letter referred to above[?]

February 1st


Your letter of notification of receiving
mine to you dated the 19th day of last
November was delivered to me yesterday only
The conveyance of letters has been rendere[d]
tedious lately by the severity of the wether,
& frequent Rains the winter The services
you have done for me demand my Thanks.
& I do most heartly acknowledge the
Favours If I had attended less to your
Character & situation of Residence, & more
to your Profession & Engagements should
have most certainly joined an assistant
when I was delegating to you my power of
fulfiling the late Mr Tasker's order relative
to Bell-air Plantation &cca, If your
brother be not fully employed I hope
yourself & hee will mutually accept
of that Agency, but if he shall refuse to
act therein, be pleased to engage some

[Page 4]

Person to do the business. I have told
Mrs Ogle that I expect you will nominate
a gentleman who will attend at Bell-air
to take a legal Inventory of all that Estate
immiately that I will attend there
personally on Wednesday the 1st day of
next month I desire that the Assistant
you shall nominate may meet me then
at Bell-air, to receive the money & take
Bonds of those who shall buy on Credit.
Be pleased to engage an Auctioner to sell
the Estate. The overseer should be di
rected to prepare fie[l]ds for Indian Corn
& Tobacco,& take great care of the Stock.

The proposal mentioned in my former
letter to you, which is to effect Mrs Tasker's
Interest, is conditional only, and I beg
leave to say that the hint was not intended
to vex that Lady, nor to embarass you
If opportunity permitted I would men
tion here the Consideration, which induced
me to think that the Slaves & personal
Estate Bell-air should be called a
part of Mr Tasker's Estate, that if that
Estate should sell for a greater Sum
than Hall & Jacob's estimation, then
the Executrix to take that Surplus, & she to
be chargeable with the deficiency, if any
shall happen to be: therefor I must
conclude & am,

Sir yours &cc
Robert Carter

To Mr
Thomas Johnson junior

February 1st


Your letter dated the 16th day of last
month was delivered to me yesterday
only the severity of the weather & frequent
Rains this Winter have occasioned the conveyance
of Letters to be very tedious and I fear

[Page 5]

two of mine directed to Mrs Tasker & M[r]
Ridout inclosing Bills of Exchange act[ua]
tally losst your letter now under con
sideration gave me the 1st advice of my Letter
to Mr Thomas Johnson, who refuses to act
litterally in the affair, but agrees to nomin[ate]
a Gentleman, who shall negotiate that matter
for me, & I have written to Mr Johnson
accordingly I hope & expect all that part
of your Brother's Estate at Bell-air
together with the House & Plantation will be
legally inventories immiately, & that my
Delegate does attend the appraisers who
shall be appointed to act therein I will
not [illegible] you with any observations on the
utility of that measure, it being so very
obvious I shall attend at Bell air on
Wednesday the first day of next month, as
you do require it, & will up my best en
deavours to facilitate that sale, or any other
matters, which shall be at that time proposed
concerning our joint Trusteeship.

Your favors directed to me of the 6th & 10th
of December were answered the succeeding daies after
receiving them, which answers were delivered to Mr
Montgomerie & Mr Ellis, & I trust have been
put into your Hands long eer now, & hope that
your apprehensions of my inattention, to your
Letters &cca, have ceased I have lately
received my negotiations respecting those
objects & do not discover any impropriety
therein but if in any future transactions
I shall commit Blunders, or omissions, I beg
leave to say that they will happen from mistake
& not design.

In my former letters to you I say that all
my crop of Indian Corn made in the year
1767 is sold, that the Crop of last year is not
sold, & that you may have any quantity of

[Page 6]

it at 8s/ sterling the Barrel, to be delivered at
my Granaries on Potomac River If you shall
buy any Corn of me it may be removed
to Annapolis, or to the Baltimore Ironworks
in Colonel Taylor's Vessel, which being ore from
that Company's ore Bank my Pork
was sold before your Letter of enquiry
concerning the Price of it came to my Hands

If I was in quest of Pleasure only,
should lengthen thes Letter, but I disclaim
that Character, and my attention will be
engaged immediately being asked for, by
another, therefor Robert Carter is Madam
your affectionate & most humble servant

Mrs, Ann Ogle

April 17th

Dear Sir,

My late Illness did not yield either to
Exercise or medicine till very lately, so that
I postponed the Consideration of this Trans
action in accoount with the late Mr Tasker, &
Mrs Tasker to that Day The account which I
ventured to form of those matters the 9th
day of last month from memory is erronious
and to shew the mistakes therein I have
collected into two accounts all the Claims and
Payments chargeable to Mr & Mrs Tasker
and all the Credits are allowed from Payments
made to me also all the Profits accruing
on the several Demands put into my
Hands to collect

By the inclosed accounts the Ballance on the Judgment
from Bond Bond of P, Thornton &c due from them
to Mrs Tasker the 22d November 1768 is £3551.16..9
sterling and the Ballance due from Mrs Tasker
to me the 9th March 1769 is £335..6..4 sterling
As I have remarked under several articles
in the accounts beg leave to refer you to them

[Page 7]

If these Endeavours do not evince the Positi[on]
be pleased to mention to me the Doubt, that
I may strive to dispel the Cloud which
envelops the Truth I am yours &c
Robert, Carter

May 11th

Dear Madam,

Upon reviewing the Bills of Exchange you
paid to me last March I find that William Hoxton's
Draft is not dated, therefor do inclose it
in this Letter, hoping you will direct Mr James
Brooke to advise the Drawer of the Error, &
to prevail on him to correct it. And when he
shall have returned the Bill to you, be
pleased to forward it to me by the Post, on

Colonel Archibald Cary asked me whether you
would lend him £4000 sterling He, Mr
Thomas Mann Randolph & Mr John Wayles
passing their joint Bond for the same. My
Reply occasioned the inclosed Letter to be
written, to which I beg leave to refer,
believing it will explain the Colonels Intention
& Desire The Gentleman named above
have considerable possessions, but I am not
acquainted of the tenure by which they
hold them; nor of their private Engagements
I am instructed to say that other Gentleman
of fortune will join in the Bond, if further
Security shall be required, I am, Madam
Yours &cca Robert Carter

To, Mrs, Tasker
at Annapolis

[Page 8]

[May] 17

Dear Madam

I wrote a Letter to you a few daies ago,
mentioning that Colonel Archibald Cary wants to borrow
£400 sterling and I now inform you that Colonel
Richard Randolph of Curl's wants 4000£ also.
My former letter will not be delivered to you
so speedily as Colonel Cary hoped who again
urges me to write to you on the subject of
Money. These Gentlemen have expressed
their desire & intention in Letters to me
which are inclosed herein for your perusal
and if you incline to impart to me your
answer to the proposals, I will signify it
to them Colonel Cary does mention Mr Thomas Mann
Randolph & John Wayles, who will execute
a joint Bond with Himself But Colonel
Richard Randolph does not name any
particular Security All the Gentlemen
named above have considerable Estates
but I am not acquainted of the Tenure
by which they hold them nor of their private
Engagements I am instructed to say that
many Gentlemen of Fortune will join in
the Bonds if further Security shall be

Colonel Byrds Trustees paid £1093..10..3 paper
Bills of Credit, which are estimated at
£874..8..2 sterling The Merchants who at
tended here to sell Bills of Exchange were
gone before the payment was made: so that
I have not exchanged your Money for
Bills I am,
Dear Madam &cca
Robert Carter

To Mrs Tasker

[Page 9]

May 20th


My Drafts, which are addressed to you since the
11th of this Instant, (May) amount too £761.18.5
Sterling namely £460.11.9
payable to Presly Thornton: 50
payable to Robert Nicolson: 151..6..8
payable to James Mercer: and 100
payable to John Cates by Cocke, all which said Bills be
pleased to pay.

Your favors to me dated the 22d day of last December
18th & 23d of the following month, certify your
diligence; integrity & candour and I heartily
wish that every human mind participated of
those Virtues, as abundantly I like every
Sentiment in the Letter of the 23d of January,
nay every phrase

The General Assembly of this Province meet last
monday seven nights, in obedience to the Governour's
Proclamation and by Command of his Excellency
the Speaker & House of Burgesses attended
him last Wednesday in the Council Chamber
The Governour informed them, that their late
Resolves, (passed yesterday) had made it
his duty to dissolve them : and did dis
solve them. I am,
Gentlemen yours &cc Robert Carter

To Edward Hunt & Son Esquire

May 23d

Dear Sr

Your Letter to me dated the 15th day of february Captain
Fearon delivered those you mention to have
written the 21st June & 5th & 6th of August are come
to hand, but that of the 12th December I have not received

The Goods, which you have been advised were
packed, & 2 pipes of Madeira Wine, which I
understand your fahter imported from your Brother
& uncle were shipped on board the Hanbury
Captain James Esten, a few daies before Fearon
arrived here.

[Page 10]

Year 1769

Lord Botetourt has had 4 pipes of madeira wine
& 6 are now at the Palace the Casks are crazy
& it is apprehended if they wer not to be moved
before some cooperage, that the wine would leak
& be lost, therefor the Casks shall be repaired,
& then shall be put on board the Hanbury

The Goods belonging to your Father's Estate which
will be delivered to Captain Esten are estimated
by the Appraisers at about 500£ Sterling, so
that yo will insure accordingly if I had
leasure would make a List of said Articles,
but as I have not, beg leave to refer you to the
Bills of parcells, put into each Parcell
I inclose herein Mrs Anne Tasker's Bills on William
& James Anderson for £204..4..8 Thomas Buchanan's
on Perkins, Buchanan & Brown for £48..10..9
Basill Warner's on William Mollason for 7..11..5 The
same, on James Russell for £7..11..1 all said
Bills amounting to £267..17..1 sterling, to satisfy<
a Ballance due from me to your Father's Estate
which Ballance is stated in the inclosde account
I shewed it, & the Bills to Mr Nelson & Mr. Wythe,
who examined into the matter, & approved
of the Payment.

As a joint Letter could not be written to you
by this Conveyance, & thinking the above
Information &cca: &cca might be acceptable
I do venture to impart it singly, & to trans
mit the inclosed Bills hoping that neither of
these Acts will incur Censure. I am
&cc. Robert Carter

To Francis Fauquier Esquire
Hollis Street
in London

[Page 11]

April 12.


The honorable Benjamin Tasker of the Province of
Maryland deceased, had devised to Mrs. A, Ogle
Mr, Christopher Lowndes & myself 1000£ sterling
Capital Bank, Stock in trust, for Master
Benjamin Benson now an Infant, which Legacy
is to be paid to him if he shall attain to the
age of 21 years, and in the mean time the
Interest arising to be paid for his Education
at some publick School in Great Britain.
Mrs. Taske the widow & Executrix of the Testator
in consequence of the Will, has executed a
Power of Attorney commissioning you to
transfer that Interest (1000£, C, B, S) to
Mrs Ogle & myself only, as Mr Lowndes
refuses to perform a part of that Trust
all, who are interested in the Business
mentioned above hope you Gentlemen
will take a part therein; therefor I do
inclose herein a Power of Attorney, and a
copy of Mr Lowndes's Renunciation and
desire to be informed accordingly. I am.

Gents yours &cca
Robert Carter

To Messrs,
Capel & Osgood Hanbury
& William Anderson, merchants,
in London


Copies of the
The Power of Attorney & Renunciation
mentioned above are as follow

To all to whom these Presents shall come

Whereas the honorable Benjamin Tasker Esquire late
of the City of Annapolis in the Province of
Maryland deceased did by his last Will
& Testament in writing bearing date on
or about the 15th day of february in the year
of our Lord 1766 constitute and appoint
his Wife Anne Tasker whole & sole Executrix

[Page 12]

Year 1769

of his said last Will & Testament and being
at the time of his Death intituled to the Sum
of 10000£ Sterling in Capital Bank Stock
did thereby amongst other Things give and
bequeath as follows "I give devise & bequeath
unto my Daughter Anne Ogle, Mr Christopher
Lowndes & to Robert Carter Esquire of Virginia
&cca &cca to part of my personal Estate"
(See the Will) and the said personal Estate
Benjamin Tasker did also devise & bequeath
unto his said Wife all his personal Estate
whatever, (except such parts thereof as are
particularly mentioned in the said last Will &
Testament And whereas the said C, Lowndes
hath absolutely refused to act under the said
last will or in any manner to concern himself
with the Care of the said B. Benson, and the said
Anne Ogle & Robert Carter Esquire have agreed
to take upon themselves the Care & Education
of the said B. Benson and to accept under
the Trusts here after mentioned the said Legacy
or Bequest of 1000£ sterling - C- B, S And
the said A, Tasker being desirous to perform
what the said Testator hath by his Will directed,
and by Reason of her residing in the
Plantations cannot personally assign
& transfer the same Now Know ye that
I the said A, Tasker widow & Executrix of
the B, Tasker have made ordained con
stituted & appointed and by these
Presents do make ordain constitute &
appoint Messrs, Capel & Osgood Hanbury
& William Anderson Merchants in London
& the Survivor of them my true & lawfull
attorney or attornies for me & in my name
Place & stead to assign & transfer or
caused to be transfer assigned &
transferred the said 1000£ sterling C,B,S and
all Dividends which have arisen due
thereon since the decease of the said Testator

[Page 13]

or which shall hereafter accrue or grow due to
them the said Anne Ogle & Robert Carter or to such
Person or Persons as they the said Anne Ogle, & Robert Carter
may authorize & empower to accept the same
in their names & Behalf in Trust to pay
the said Sum of 1000£ Sterling C-B-S- to the said B,B
(now a minor in Scotland about 15 years
old) when he attains the age of 21 years and
in the mean Time in Trust to apply the Interest
of the said Sum for his Education at some
public School in Great Britain and in
Case the said B.B. should dye before he attains
the age of 21 years then in Trust to pay the said
Sum of 1000£ Sterling C-B-S to the Represen
tative of the said B. Tasker to be disposed of
pursuant to the Directions of his said last
Will & Testament And further I do
hereby authorize & empower the said Messrs
Capel & Osgood Hanbury & William Anderson &
the Survivor of them to do execute perform
& finish all & singular Acts Matters &
Things which shall be Expedient & necessary
touching & concerning the Premisses as fully
& effectually to all Intents & purposes
whatsoever as I myself might or could
do in & about the same were I personally
present hereby ratifying & Confirming
whatsoever my said attornies or the Survivor
of them actign in Pursuance of these
presents shall do & perform

In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my
Hand & Seal this 15th day of March 1769
Anne Tasker LS

Sealed & delivered
in presence of
James Brooks
J, Ridout
R, Ghiselin   D, N, Publick LS

[Page 14]


Whereas the Honorable : Benjamin Tasker Esquire late of the
City of Annapolis in the Province of Maryland
deceased did by his last Will & Testament in
writing bearing date the 15th day of February in
the year of our Lord 1766 did devise & bequeath for
the Uses & Trust therein mentioned the Estate of
his late Son the honorable : Benjamin Tasker Junior
as follows Vizt Whereas my dear Son Benjamin
Tasker deceased did by his Will give & devise
to me all his Lands & real Estate to be by me
sold & disposed of and the monies & the produce
thence arising to be by me applied in the manner
therein mentioned & directed upon & for the Use
Trust & Confidence expressed in his Will I do
therefor hereby Will devise & bequeath unto my
Daughter Mrs Anne Ogle, Mr C. Lowndes Mr
Robert Carter & the Survivor of them & the Heirs of
such Survivor all the Estate Real & Personal
devised & bequeathed to me in & by the Testament
& last Will of my dear Son in Trust to & for
the Uses & purposes mentioned in the same Will
And I do hereby nominate & authorize the said
Anne Ogle C. Lowndes & Robert Carter or any
two of them the Survivor of them and the Executor
or Executors Administrator or Administrators
of such Survivor or such person as such
Survivor shall appoint to do execute and
perform all & every Act Matter & Thing
that I myself could or ought to do under
or by virtue of the said Will Now be it
known that I the Subscriber Christopher Lowndes
being one of the three Persons to whom the Estate
of Benjamin Tasker the Son is by said Tasker
B.T. devised & bequeathed for the Uses Trust
& purpose, mentioned in the Will of B.T. the
Son by reason of my not having leisure
without detriment to my own private
affairs to attend manage or concern myself
with the said Estate & for other considerations do
renounce & for myself & my Heirs Executors
& Administrators relinquist all & every Right

[Page 15]


or Claim I or they may have by virtue
of the Will of the Benjamin Tasker the father to administer
Meddle or concern ourselves in any manne[r]
with the said Estate & at the same time desire
that the said Mrs Anne Ogle & Robert Carter Esquire who in
the said Will is nominated in conjunction
with myself will alone undertake the
administration of the said Estate dispose
of both the Real & such other part of the
personal as hath not been already
converted into Cash money so that the same
may be applied to the uses Trusts and
purpose described or intended by the said
Wills or either of them Given under my
Hand & seal at Annapolis this 5th day of
October Anno Domini 1768
Christopher Lowndes   LS

Signed sealed
& delivered in the Presence
of Benjamin Ogle.

April 12th.


The honorable Benjamin Tasker of the Province
of Maryland deceased has devised to Mrs
Anne Ogle, Mr Christopher Lowndes & myself 1000£
sterling Capital Bank Stock in Trust for
Master Benjamin Benson now a Infant
which Legacy is to be paid to him if he
attains to the age of 21 years; and in the
mean time the Interest arising to be paid
for his Education at some public School in
Great Britain - Mrs Tasker in consequence
of the Will has executed a power of attorney
commissioning Messrs Capel & Osgood Hanbury
& you William Anderson Esquire to transfer said
1000£. Capital Bank Stock to Mrs. Ogle & myself only,
Mr Christopher Lowndes refusing to perform any
part of the Trust - Therefor we, Anne Ogle &


Year 1769

I have executed a Power of Attorney authorizing
you or either of you to accept of such transfer
& to receive the Devidends in our names, for the
Benefit of Benjamin Benson

If the Gentleman will act in the Business mentioned
above, as Mrs Ogle & I flatter ourselves you
will, I hope that an Account be opened in the Names
of her & me jointly as Trustees under Mr
Tasker's Will for Benjamin Benson, to give us Credit
for the Devidends you shall receive from time to
time on Account of said Capital Bank Stock and debit us
with all Payments on his Account also with the
Expencess of the Transaction I am,
Robert Carter

Know all men by these Presents that We Anne Ogle
of Annapolis in the Province of Maryland &
Robert Carter of Williamsburg in the Colony of Virginia
Esquire do make constitute & appoint Messrs
William Anderson & Edward Hunt & Son
Merchants in London or any two of them our
true & lawful attorney or attornies for us
in our Names & on our behalf as Trustees for
Benjamin Benson a Minor of the age of
about 15th years & in Case of his death during
minority for the Representative of the late
Benjamin Tasker Esquire of Annapolis jointly or
seperately to take & accept of Assignments
or Transfers at any time or times of Mrs
Anne Tasker Widow & Executrix of the afore
said Benjamin Tasker lase of Annapolis in the province
of Maryland Esquire or fro any person or persons
by her impowered to transfer the same sum of
1000£ to Capital Bank Stock & also to receive & give
Receipts for all Devidends now due & that hereafter

[Page 17]


shall be come due or payable for the said Share
or Interest in the Capital, Bank Stock & Funds of the
Governor & Company of the Bank of England
and to do all lawful Acts requisite for
effecting the Premisses ratifying & confirming
all that our said attornies, or either of them shall
do therein by virtue hereof In Witness
whereof we have hereunto set our Hands &
Seals in Annapolis aforesaid the 15th Day
of March in the year of our Lord 1769

Anne Ogle LS
Robert Carter LS

Sealed & delivered
in the Presence of us two witnesses
& me Notary Publick
John Ridout
James Brooks           }witnesses
Richard Ghiselin, D, Notary Publick

April 12th


The inclosed Letters contain two Powers of
Attorney one executed by Mrs Anne Tasker
of Annapolis in the Province of Maryland, the
other by Mrs, Anne Ogle of the same Place & myself
In this letter I call for your aid, as the Business to
be negotiated requires that We shall (Mrs
Tasker, Mrs Ogle & I) shall deligate our
Powers to Friends in London therefor hope
that Liberty will be excused, & that you will take
the part of the employment, which is desired
As I have given a Detail of said Business
in the inclosed Business Letter addressed
to you, & Messrs, William & James Anderson, I
beg leave to refere you to it. I am, Gentlemen
Yours &cc Robert Carter

Edward Hunt & Son Esquire }
Merchants in London

[Page 18]


June 3d
Year 1769

Dear Sir,

In a former Letter to you I say that your
Father's Executors here had consented that
his Excellency Lor Botetourt should have
4 pipes of Madeira Wine since which writing
I imparted to his Lordship the Information
contained in your Favor to me dated the 15th
Day of last February touching the Madiera Wine
And his Idea is to use two Pipes of it only,
& to return the Remainder His Lordship
payins as Mr Fauquier had engaged all
of Madeira to his Friends in Britain before
his application had reached him,
except two pipes, that he did not wish
to disappoint them, but on the contrary
was very desirous to gratify those Persons
and at the same time rejoiced to part
with the Thing which enabled you to comply
with your Engagements punctually.
We hope to send 8 pipes of Madeira Wine by
the Randolph Captain Walker, which
are all that remain at the Palace to be

I wrote to Captain James Esten (before I
knew the Governors Resolution concerning
the Wine we sold to him) immediately
your Letter to me which you mentioned above
was put into my Hands pressing him to Wine to Hanbury

I might have saved myself the trouble
for she was loaded before said Letter was
written. I am &cc
Robert Carter

To Francis Fauquier Esquire
in Hollis Street
Cavendish Square
in London

P,S, The inclosed Account
was upon my Table
(& was fogotten) when I
sealed my Letter to you,
which was forwarded by the Magdalen Captain Calder
therefor do now inclose it Robert Carter

[Page 19]


May 1st


Be pleased to send to me the sundry Goods, which
are specified below, and you will oblige Sir
Your humble Servant
Robert Carter

2 best cast Razors in seperate Cases Sheaths
1 best Razor Strop made by Smith
½ lb Davison's shaving Powder at the Civit Cat
in fleet street
Senex's Globe 12 Inches diameter   £3.3.0
1 pair usual Glasses of the best sort
in temple frames for Eys of 40ty years   5.6
1 Harpsichord tuning Fork to sound the
note C
2 pair black callimanco Shoes with low heals
small 5ves for Mrs Carter
2 pair green Ditto, Ditto
4 pair strong Shoes 10 Inches long fo my son Benjamin
2 pair neat Ditto, ditto,
4 fine Castor Hats the diameter of the Crown, to
be 7 Inches & 3 tenths, for Ditto.
3 pair Steel Snuffers
1 silver pepper Box
1 mustard Pot}
1 oil Cruit}           all of the best cut glass
1 vinegar Cruit}
4 feet of silver Lace, Loop & Button to lace
a Hatt

To Edward Hunt & Son Esquire
Merchants in London}

May 1st


I wear a pair of the last parcel of Shoes yu sent
to me neither the Fashion nor size of them
corresponde with my former Shoes I impute
these alterations to a message which Mr Robert Miller
had in Charge to impart to you The Size of
the Shoes is partly to my wish but the other

[Page 20]


alteration is not and desire you will
return to the old fashion, which I think in [i.e. is]
convenient & elegant The Shoe which
Captain Esten will deliver to you fits me, but
would be more desireable if a little larger
I believe the pair was made for Colonel Mercer
of this Province at your Shop I bought them
at Mrs Rathall's Shop here

Be pleased to send to me the following
articles & call on Edward Hunt & son Esquire
Merchants in London for Payment

1 dozen pair of neat dog skin Shoes
1 pair of Morocco Slippers, with shoe soles
3 pair strong Shoes
1 pair buck skin Spatter dashes
1 fashionable dress Wig, of dark brown Hair
2 black silk Baggs to wear with ditto
2 pair black silk stockings, the Heels & toes
to be wove thicker than the Legs

I am, Yours &c
Robert Carter

To Mr John Didsbury
Shoe & Boot maker

June 22d

Dear Madam

I beg leave to advise ye that Colonel Byrd's
Trustees have paid £1399..9..1 Current
' Money of Virginia, (since I returned
from Annapolis) to satisfy in part your Claim
against them that I exchanges it for two
setts of Bills at 22£10 Exchange, which
are made payable in London & drawn
by Messrs Humphrey & John Hill, & my self
amounting to £1092..12..4 sterling, which
Setts of Exchange I inclose in this Letter
I wrote to Mr D, Dulany so long ago
as the 17th day of last April observing
therein upon the erroneousness of the
Settlement I signed the 9th day of
last March at your House and
inclosed two Accounts comprising many

[Page 21]

Transactions which were negotiated between
yourself Mr Tasker & me. But I sug
gest that the Consideration of them has been
postponed on account of a multiplicity
of applications made to Mr, D, Dulany
and pray tell him I desire to have
My Turn only. I am, &cca
Robert Carter

To Mrs, Anne Tasker.

June 28th Dear Madam,

I transmited to you last Week by Mr
Meriwither of Annapolis Bills of Exchange
amounting to £1092,,12..4
sterling And since he went from this Place Colonel Byrd's
Trustees have paide £465..10s Current
Money of Virginia on your Account which I
negotiated at £22..10 per Cent difference
of Exchange with A Donald getting
his Draft for £380 sterling which I inclose
herein & deliver to Peyton Randolph Esquire
who will pass thro' your Town shortly
to act in conjunction with some Commissioners
to Establish a Boundary Line between
the Governments of Jersey & New York.
His Excellency Colonel Tryon Governor of North Carolina
& his Lady are here on a Visit to Lord
Botetourt Colonel & Mrs Tryon ride
daily, & say that the Weather is very
temperate when our Thermometers
have never been lower than 80 degrees
& up to 88 since their arrival here

I am, Dear Madam.
Yours &cca,
Robert Carter

To Mrs Tasker

June 28th, Madam

I have long ago transmitted Mrs. Tasker's
Letter of attorney directed to Messrs

[Page 22]

Capel & Osgood Hanbury & William Anderson
commissioning them to transfer 1000£ sterling
Capital Bank Stock & all the Dividends
which have arisen since Mr Tasker's Death
to thee & me in Trust for Master Benjamin Benson
& the Representatives of your Father and in the
same Letter inclosed our joint Power of
Attorney authorising Messrs William & James
Anderson & Edward Hunt & Son or any two
of them to accept the said Assignment in ur
Names & Behalf

I also wrote to Mr Robert Christie of Glascow
(with whom Master Benson lives) directing
him to draw on our Agents to reimburse
him what he was Advance for Master Benson
& to apply to them for money from time to
time that may be demandable on Account of
his maintenance & Education. But with
the Caution that masters Expences were not
to go beyond the profits arising on 1000£
Capital Bank Stock

Has Mr Christie wrote either to yourself
or to one of your Family concerning
Benjamin Benson or has any Person in Maryland
received Letter from the young Gentleman?
My Wife has imparted to me your Favor
to her dated the 27 day of last month
It appers by an Estimate of Mr Brooke
Manager for the Baltimore Company that 1600 bushels
of Indian Corn are about three 15ths
of the Consumption of that article expended
at their Works yearly therefor I ordered
my Steward to send 800 bushells of Corn
to Mr Brooke to answer half Mrs L's
proportion & Mrs Carter's whole 15th
But if said Calculation be erroneous & 200
bushells more he wanted Mr Daniel Dulany
will furnish it, or any other Demand

[Page 23]

on said Account. for he promissed last
March to act in that matter

When I shall be advised that Mr Joseph
Galloway has conveyed all his Right
to this 5th part of the Baltimore Iron Works
which your Father sold to him, then its
Sale shall be notified as you desire
I shall deliver the Letter to Peyton Randolph
Esquire the late Speaker of the House of Burgesses
who is one of the Commissioners named
to establish part of a Boundary Between
the Governments of Jersey & New York,
he will pass thro' Annapolis And I do
now anticipate his Pleasure during that
period knowing that the Contention there
is who shall be most civil to Strangers

I am, &cca Robert Carter

To Mrs Ogle.

July 4th Gentlmen

I wrote a Letter to Mr Richard Hunt a few
daies ago inclosing therein Inspectors
Receipts for 79 hogsheads of Tobacco & desired
him to tell Captain Hubbard to fill up
two setts of Bills of Lading for said
Tobacco consigning 40 hogsheads to your House
& the Remainder to Majors Hyndman
& Lancaster pray obtain an Insurance
on the whole 79 hogsheads so that I may recover
1000£ sterling if the ship Thomas shall
bee foundered or a total loss of the
Tobacco in any other manner.

I have not informed you of my late
Drafts on you amounting to £718..14..9
sterling namely £684..9..1 payable to Mrs
Anne Tasker & £34..3..8 to Robert Carter Nicholas
which Bills be pleased to pay & debit

It appears by an English News Paper dated

[Page 24]


the 11th day of last April that government
proposes to discharge part of the Civil
List Debts by a Lottery. buy me 2
of the Tickets & notify the Numbers of
them to me The article of Intelligence
just mentioned does not say whether
the fortunate Adventurers are to claim
the Prises, or a yearly Interest on them
if they be intitled to the latter only, then
I will not be the public's Creditor
for any sum less than 1000£ sterling, but
if I shall be intitled to that sum, or
more let it stand in my own name.
So that you will sell, or not accordingly.

I am. Gentlemen Yours &cca
Robert Carter

To Edward Hunt, & Son Esquire
Merchants in London}

April 12}


I shall transmit by this opportunity Mrs
Anne Tasker's Letter of Attorney au
thorising Messrs Capel & Osgood Hanbury
& William Anderson Merchants in London to
transfer £1000 sterling Capital Bank
Stock & all the Dividends which have arisen
since the Death of Benjamin Tasker Esquire late
of the City of Annapolis & myself in
Trust for Master Benjamin Benson an
Infant, (who is under your Tuition) &
the Representatives of said Tasker Mrs
Tasker delegates this Power in obedience to
her Husband's Will, which, also directs that
Mrs Ogle & I, or our Executors pay to
said Capital Bank Stock to Benjamin Benson if he shall
live to the age of '21 years, & in the mean
time the Interest accruing to be applied
to his maintenance & Education
and by Reason of the Residence of

[Page 25]

Mrs Ogle & I we have executed a joint
Power, which is directed to Messrs Willia &
James Anderson & Edward Hunt & Son Merchants
in London requesting them to accept of said
Transfer in our names & Behalf on whom
Sir, draw for all Disbursements on Account
of Benjamin Benson, & inclose an Account of them to me.
And be pleased to write explicitly con
cerning his Progress in Education, his
Disposition & whether he be robust, or
delicate I am. Sir, your humble servant
Robert Carter

Mr Robert Christie
merchant in Glascow

The following Letter to Messrs William & James
Anderson & Edward Hunt & Son was inclosed
to one to Mr Robert Chrisite, which stands
next above it

April 12th Gentlemen,

Pray pay Mr Robert Christie's Draft on
you for Disbursements on Account of Master
Benjamin Benson a minor in Scotland &
under his Tuition and debit the same
to Mrs Ogle & me, who are the only acting
Trustees of the said Benjamin Benson, I am
Your humble
Robert Carter

To Messrs,
William & James Anderson
& Edward Hunt & Son                       }
merchants in London

[Page 26]

Virginia, August. 31. 1769


All the remaining goods of your late father
except what lord Botetourt took, & what we
could sell, of which you shall have an
account here after are now sent in the Thomas
Captain George Hubbard; And We wish them safe
to your hands An invoice & bill of loading
of them are inclosed. It was impossible for
us to take bills of loading specifying all
the Articles we have sent to you; and therefor
we shall be glad if you will furnish us
w ith Receipts for all such Things as have
been & shall be delivered to you, that we
may be able to produce satisfactory
discharges before the persons who will be
appointed to state & settle our Account
of Administration We are

Sir your humble servants
Willam Nelson
Robert Carter
George Wythe

Francis Fauquier Esquire
Hollis Street Cavendish Square
in London

Goods sent by the Thomas captain George Hubbard
master, to be delivered to Francis Fauquier
Esquire in London

FF- No. 1 1 pipe of Madeira Wine ullage 8 Inches
                  2 do                                                             11 do
                  3 do                                                             11½
                  4 do                                                               8
                  5 d                                                                   6½

[Page 27]


                  6 pipe Madeira Wine ullage                 7 Inches
                  7 do                                                                   9
                  8, a                                                                     8½
                  9 Case containing on Violin cello & 3 Bows
                10 a telescope
                11 one Violin cello & 3 Bows
                12 one tenor Violin & 3 Bows
                13 containing manuscript Letters in 7 Volumes
No. 12 to 18, & sundry loose papers
1 Letter Case, impressions of copper Plates
19 Books, partly wrote & one small
red Case, 2 french-horn mouth pieces,
2 scewers, 2 miniature pictures in
shagreen cases, 3 shagreen Spectacle
Cases. & two pair of Spectacles, 1 pair
Scissars, 3 pair of mourning Shoe &
knee Buckles, 1 pair of silver buckles,
2 gold wathes, 5 gold seals 2 mourning
Rings 1 pai gold sleve buttons,
1 gold watch chain, 4 spare specktacle
glass, 2 tackets, & 3 other pieces
9 pair studs, some things for drawing,
2 black lead pencils, & a parcel of pencil
handles, sealing Wax bow strings,
2 tin Cases plaister in one of them,
1 pencil case, & pair of dividers
1 tin box with violin String, 1 quadrant
2 pai steel Spurs, 10 razors in 5 sheaths,
& two in paper, 1 pot of Soap
1 silver shaving Brush, & 1 spare brush,
1 razor Strop, 1 hone, 1 brass circuler
vial, 1 Case of Instruments, 1 four Inch Rule,
2 knots of Cord, a marble mould,
1 brass plumb, 1 brass knob, 1 brass wheel,
2 Leads for a library table, 1 bundle of
printed Coats of Arms, one worked P. Book
and a saddle with housin, holsters
& horse cloth, 6 pair of mourning Studs
2 pair mourning Buttons, 2 pair pinchbeck
shoe & knee buckles
No 14 a pair of green painted branches, private Letters

[PAGE 28]


No 15 a box containing your Fathers private
Letters & 2 Ledgers

August. 23}


In obedience to your direction fisnified to
me by Mr Brooks your Secretary I trans
transcribed from my Books the
inclosed Accounts containing all my
transactions relative to the Bond
Colonel Byrd's Trustees executed & made
payable to Mr Benjamin Tasker As
these Copies are explanatory of that matter
my Remarks on it here, shall be

Pray observe that Account marked No 1,
shews that William Byrd's Bills of Exchange
on L, McLean were to pay off a Judgment
of York County Court against him
(William Byrd) also some interest due on a
Judgment of the same Court against John Page
& Peyton Randolph from the 2d day of June
1765, to the 2d June 1767 & some costs on
said Judgments; No 2, the 1st & 5
next following articles Credits amounting
to 300£, were to satisfy a liberal
Present given to my Wife, that the 4
Setts of Exchange drawn by William Byrd
amounting to £1132..6.2 & delivered to
me were applied partly towards
paying Mrs Carter's Claim under her
Brothers Will, & to Mr T's use,
namely 2 setts drawn in 1765 & 1767
making £771..7.2 were tranmitted
to him & to William Perkins of London
by Mr T's order; That No. 3 contains
a List of all your Demands I have
or had to collect, also of the Bills

[Page 29]


& a small Account transmitted to you
amounting to £2142//5//7. which are applied
to discharge Byrd's Draft on L, McLean
& Damages thereon also part of the Judgment
against John Page & Peyton Randolph

I hope that the matter in question is explain
able from these Papers & the General Account
I sent to Mr Daniel Dulany so that I shall
only add here that I am
Dear Madam
your affectionate son
& humble servant
Robert Carter

Mrs Tasker
at Annapolis

August 17 Sir,

It is said that you advised Mrs Ogle last
month that she had then 12 tons of Bar Iron
& 20 of pig at the Baltimore Iron Works
Mrs Lownds & my Wife claim an equal
portion with Mrs Ogle of that 5 part of the
Baltimore Iron Works their father died possessed off.
Be pleased to inform me if there were
36 tons of bar Iron & 60 of pig when you
wrote to Mrs Ogle & whether I may draw
on you for 12 tons of bar Iron & 20 of pig,
in right of my Wife only.

are bar & pig Iron salable at the Works,
& what are they worth?

What was Indian corn worth when William Horton
delivered 800 bushells at the Works by
my order & how was it applyed?
Pray send to me a Copy from the Books of
the Baltimore Company Mrs Tasker's Profits, from
the 30th day of December 1767 to the 30th of
December following. I am, &cca
Robert Carter

To Clement Brooks, manager
at the Baltimore Works

[Page 30]


September 18th

Dear Sir

The manager at the Baltimore Works wrote
to Mrs Ogle the 11th of last month July to draw
for 12 tons of bar Iron & 20 of pig I have
asked Brooks if I may give an Order for
the like quantity of Iron in right of my
Wife only but his answer is not
arrived When was the Baltimore
Furnace extinguished, & when will it
be rekindled? Drawn on Hunt &
Son of London for Disbursements you
have paid Brooks on my Account, &
inform me that I may advise them accordingly
Colonel John Randolph has not paid any
part of my Demand against him
He thinks that you will either discharge
the Debt, or be Surety for the payment
of it Will you do either? a speedy
answer is desired, which will very much
oblige Dear; which will very much
Your most obedient Servant
Robert Carter

to the honorable Daniel, Dulany
at Annapolis

September 18th


I have impatiently expected a Letter from
from the Manager at the Baltimore Iron Works to
ascertain the true quantity of bar &
pig Iron belonging to the Legatees
claiming under the Will of the late Colonel
asker junior at the last settlement of
those Books but as no such Letter
has appeared I do admit that the Ladies
Ogle, Lowndes & my Wife have 12 tons of Bar Iron
& 20 of pig each taking for granted
that the admission is warrantable from
Mr Brooks's Letter to Mrs Ogle; which
you speak of to me in the Letter before

The Gentlemen who act for Mrs Lownds

[Page 31]


Lownds should repay to Mrs Ogle half of the
Disbursements which she spent on account of
one 5th part of the Works; also the like to
me. I furnished 800 bushells of Indian Corn
& want it rated as Brooks bought Corn
when it was delivered. If Mrs Ogle has
not engaged Corn & Port for the Works I
can supply them, & will charge the market
Price for said Articles

My Place of Residence constrains me to
ask a friend to superintend the overseer
at Bell air Plantation and who so
fit as Mr Ridout, therefor please Sir, to
engage the overseer to live there the suceding
year; tell him to cloth the Negroes, to
reserve corn &cca for them & the Stocks; to sell
that part of the Crop that be superfluous, also
Beaves, muttons, Hoggs, &cc; to get a List
of the Demands against said Estate & pay
them : and to collect what money is due
for sundry Things sold since last Christmass.
As my Claim against Mrs, Tasker & the Estate of
her late Husband is neither collectible from
my state of it, (which Mr Daniel Dulany put
into your hands) nor Mr Tasker's Books
Mr Brooks was instructed to advise me
thereof : and to elucidate that matter I sent
Copies of some Accounts, & Remarks on them to Mrs
Tasker : and wrote to yu the same time I
conjecture that Mrs Tasker communicated them
to yourself & Mr Brooks who I understand
are to judge of the Justness of said Demand.
Robert Carter & Mrs Carter present their Love
& Compliments to yur self & Lady, & he
begs leave to assure Mr Ridout that he has
a greatful Remembrance of his Services
towards Him

To, the honorable
John Ridout
at Annapolis

[Page 32]


September 20th,


I suspect that some oppossition will hinder
this year the sale of that 5th part of the Baltimore
Iron Works, which we have undertaken to
dispose off therefor it behoves us to
adopt some plan towards satisfying the
common expences of next year. If you
will pay Clement Brooks's order for the
Current money, I will answer his Demand
for bills of Exchange, Corn & Pork, & will
charge the market Price for the two last
named Articles

I have asked Mr Ridout to superintend
Bell-air, & direct the overseer there to
cloth the negroes this Autumn, reserve
Corn &cca for them & the Stocks, to sell the
remainder of the Crop & superfluous
Stocks; to collect from those who owe
Money to that Estate, & get all the Demands
against it & pay them

Who received Mrs Lowndes's Iron, & how
much was here Proportion?

The Direction concerning Benjamin Benson, is
as follows "The Trustees are to pay to
Benjamin Benson at the age of 21 years 1000£ sterling
Capital Bank Stock and in the mean time the Interest
of that sum to be paid for his Education
at some public School in Great Britain"
These words evince that the Testator intended
that the youth should be kept at School
till he arrived at full age. However if
Mr Christie & Benjamin Benson, Preceptor say that
Benjamin Benson is not studious, nor inclines to
either of the learned Professions, I shall
then agree to your proposal, thinking it
advantagious & proper I expect to
hear from Mr Christie by the next arrival

I beg leave to congratulate you on your Son's
Arrival return to Annapolis, & hope the Journey

[Page 33]


was pleasing & advantagious to him I am
Your humble servant
Robert Carter

To Mrs, Ogle
at Annapolis

September 18th


All the Cash & Bills of Exchange paid to me
on account of Goods sold at Bell-Air
last Spring belonging to the Estate of the
late Colonel Tasker junior, amount to £30..17..6
sterling I have paid £26..5.9 sterling, &
have assumed to pay sundry Demands
agaist said Estate

That Estate will not be sold before some
Doubts are removed, & I conceive that
the Trustees may postpone the Claims of the
Creditors against it, till they shall receive
assets However I will pay one third
of Mr Patrick Smith's Account when he
shall have proved it

It appears by a Copy of an Account taken
from Mr Tasker's Ledgers, which you sent to
me, that Colonel Byrd's Trustees have paid
to the late Mr Tasker sundry Bill of
Exchange & accepted his order, they it
& the Bills making £1983..7..5 sterling
on account of Interest on their joint Bond
payable to him; that he chose to assign
to m £608..9..3 part of the payment
namely £213..11 £33..11 £217..9 & £143.18.3
but what part of £1983..7..5 I collected
& transmitted to Mr Tasker does not appear
That matter is explainable from the Accounts
I sent to Mrs Tasker & Mr Daniel Dulany
last Summer, also the Object in View
therefor beg leave to refer Mr J, Ridout
& yourself to those Papers And hope that
you will signify to me the Result of

[Page 34]


that enquiry Be pleased to communicate the
Letter to him I am. &cc
Robert Carter

To Mr James Brooks
at Annapolis

October} Gentlemen

Mr Pelham who wrote the inclosed Direction
recommends Mr Thomas Griffin organ maker in
Fenchurch-Street, and if you be not attached
to another maker, be pleased to employ him
with this caution that he first satisfy you that his
price be reasonable The organ described by
Mr Pelham is less compounded than the following
one, which T-G- estimates at 50 Guineas, Viz
a Principal
                        } through mettal or Wood
a Fifteenth
therefor it is thought will not be so costly
If furniture be stowed in a Vessel where
where the air is in a manner excluded the
property of glue is greatly defeated in
long voyages and I would pay an ex
traordinary freight to have the organ put
in a cool part If the Randolph Captain
Robert Walker do not sail before the In
strument be completed, put it under his
Care whose diligence I commend but if he
be come away then send the organ &cca to
me by a careful & diligent Captain I am
Yours & cc
Robert Carter

To Messrs
Hyndmay & Lancaster
in London

[Page 35]


Virginia Williamsburg
5th October 1769

Robert Carter presents begs the favor of Messrs Hyndman
& Lancaster merchants to send him the following
Goods & have them insured and if they be
lost to ship the like merchantdise for Robert Carter

a silver drinking Cup & Cover to contain
one pottle, to cost about 25£ sterling
a silver Cross to set a salad, center Dish,
or any other figure that be more convenient
2 silver Salvers 11 Inches diamiter
a gold watch Chain for a Woman's Watch
a Chamber organ, see directions, which is to be
sent to the maker, who shall make it
5 10 tunes or musical Composition regulated
to the measure of the new version of
Davids Psalms, for an organ and a variety
of interludes or voluntaries after the
stanzas, proper for each tune
5 10 approved Songs either old or new in
score and Basses figured Note the
above music to be written and revised
by a master of music
2 box german Flutes the ends which recieve
the pieces to be hooped & mounted with Silver
they to be in unison with the organ

The following Directions to be observed in
making an Organ for the use of a Gentleman
in Williamsburg Virginia

The Case to be made of Deal & painted to
resemble mahogony As it is designed for a
Chamber, its hight must not exceed 8 or
9 feet; the width & debth to be determined
by the space requisite for the pipes, which must
be so capacious, that they be not crouded
Care be taken that a convenient place be al
lowed under the Keys to receive the knees of
the performer In Fashion & appearance
it must represent a Book Case with

[Page 36]


folding doors, & without any sham front pipes
but in there stead within the Doors let there be
some neat fret work (painted as the Case) which
will serve to conceal the pipes when the doors are
open, & at the same tiem suffer a sufficient
quantity of sound to escape; & therefor no
lining of any sort can be allowed to the part
of the Work, and therefor will be necessary that
the top of the Case be so contrived, that it may be
taken off with ease, & that the fret work also
may let in & ^ take out at pleasure The compass
of the Keys must include double G in the Bass
& E in alt in the treble, which part of the work
must be finished in a neat & masterly
manner Two stops only are required &
both to be stoped Diapason made of wood,
they must be unisons & in Concert pitch,
to each of them must belong a slide or
Register to open or shut the pipes in one Motion
The erronious principle on which the Bellows of
an organ are constructed, renderes it
utterly impracticable to tune the pipes with
any degree of accuracy; in support of this
assertion I beg leave to off what follows,
& Doubt not that you'll join with me in
opinion I tuned two C's a Octave, &
procured a perfect agreement between
them when the Bellows had parted with one third
of their Wind; & when about half was
exausted the octave became imperfect;
but before the wind was quite spent, the
Notes agreed again Not it is evident
that this variation did not arise from any change
the pipes under went, but from the different
degrees of force with which the weight on
the Bellows prest the air into them The truth
of this will further appear from considering in
what manner the Bellows are made Two boards
of equal size placed one above the other,

[Page 37]


are connected together by leather joints that
suffer the upper one to move with facility: as
the under board is fixt or stationary, a
supply & discharge of air depends wholy
upon the action of the upper part, on which is
place such a quantity of weight as is
necessary to give a due force to the air that
supplies the Pipes; this supply is however, very
unequally dealt out, for this weight acting
some times with a greater, & sometimes with a
lesser power; pruduces an inequality in its
air strength of the air, that causes the difference
of perhaps a quarter of a tone in the same
pipe, which must necessary heppen; for the
upper board is in every respect a perfect
lever, the centre of motion being at the end
where thenose is fixed, the hither end or that
part where the handle is, must move in a
circular direction & therefor the weight cannot
act with an equal power; but further to
illustrate that matter; supppose a Lever in
length 4 yards from the fulcrum or centre
of motion, with a pound weight appended
to the hither end; when the lever is in an exact
horizontal direction, it will press in the
middle at the rate of 12 pounds; if the lever
be elevated above the horizontal direction
to 45 degrees, the weight will then lose one
half of its power, & that will also be the
case if the it be depressed as much below
the horizontal position

The imperfections of the Bellows to chamber
organs use is still greater, for they always deliver
the air in violent Puffs, which do not only prevent
clear tuning, but even destroys whatever is
performed on the Keys

Having thus freely condemned the usual
method observed in making organ Bellows, it
may be expected that I propose something

[Page 38]


to remedy the evil complained of, what I have to
say upon that head I am now going to offer with due
deference to the Judgment of skilful artists
Let two boards of a proper & equal size be
provided, one of these boards must be fixed
perfectly level with the floor, but at such a
distance from it, that a nozle may be admitted
into a hole made for the purpose; at a suitable
distance from the end, which nozle I think should
be formed thus [drawing of the angle] The other board to be con
nected with this by a certain number of ribs
jointed with leather, these ribs made of thin
narrow slabs of Wood, should be of a long
square, & all of one & the same size, to be glued to
the edges of the two boards; thus the uppermost board
in every dgree of extention, will be in a direct
parallel with the bottom : But to presert this
situation it will be necessary to fall upon some
contrivance to govern its up & down motion,
which me thinks may be effected by fixing
4 well polished iron bars perpendicularly & in
such a manner that they embracing the edges of the
board may prevent if from moving in a side
direction, & yet at the same time allow it fredom
enough for its proper motion These bellows I do
imagine must be blowed by a method similar
to that used in a Church organ.

From what has been advanced it might appear
evident at first view, that Bellows constructed in
this manner; will be intirely free from the insuf
ferable defects I have ecxepted too, as the
weight will always act with a uniform
regular dgree of power, whether there be much
or little air to be compressed: Andi it follows
of course that the business of tuning will be
reduced to a greater degree of certainty
Two such Bellows as I have discribed must
be made for the Gentleman's Organ, whose satis
faction I have chiefly consulted in the pains

[Page 39]


I have taken about them; and pray let
it be particularly noticed, that each of them
must be sinished with a handle as he purposes
to employ a Servant to blow when ever he
uses th Organ, & therefor desires there be no
contrivance to blow with the foot

If what I have here recommended should meet
with the approbation of the candid & judicious
I shall humbly hope that my plan will be
generally adopted, whereby as I conceive
a very great imperfection will be rectified
in one of the noblest Instruments we have
any knowledge of


The Doors & every other part of the Case must
lined with woollen Baize in order to
recude [i.e. reduce] the sound to as great a degree of
softness & distance as possible

Peter Pelham,

Williamsburg 9th October


Note 9th August 1770 Robert Carter says in
a letter to Hyndman & Lancaster that this
this Plan was rejected by Mr Griffin the Consideration
of it is now desired to be referred to another skilful

October 15th


Sometime ago I drew an order on you for 23£
Virginia money payable to Mr John Hough &
inclosed the same to him if you have neither
accepted the order nor will pay it be pleased
to signify the your Reasons to me for detaining
a Consideration deposited meerly on a
Condition for it is remembered that I refused
to pay a less sum of money for your distempered
grey gelding, which you prssed me to buy
absolutely, or not conditional your speedy
answer will oblige

Sir your humbble servant
Robert Carter

To Mr Joseph Henney
at Lee'sburg
in Loudoun County.

[Page 40]


November 7th


My Engagements will only permit me to
say that the 4 first Bills following in order
hereafter named, are to satisfy the
Protest remitted on Colonel William Byrd's Draft
on Thomas Adams And the 5th & 6th Bills
of Exchange, part of the Judgment of
York County Court against John Page &
Peyton Randolph Esquires

The inclosed Bills are as follow

1 John Esdale £115   8 10
2 Ditto     59 17   2
3 Willing & Morris   150
4 Thomas Farly   224
5 Alexander Henderson   150
6 John Esdale     16
amounting to £715   6   0

I am, Dear Madam
Your affecionate Son
& most obliged humble sevant
Robert Carter

Mr James Mercer informed me that he delivered
to you Charles Carter's Exchange to pay off
the Protest & Damages, on his Draft
payable to Benjamin Tasker Esquire Robert Carter

To Mrs
Anne Tasker at Annapolis

November 8th


The 7 first Bills of Exchanges following in
progression hereafter named, are to discharge
the balance due from Lord Botetourt to the late
Governor's Estate the 8th Bill, is to satisfy
the Protest, (obtained on Richard Lee's Draft)
which you transmitted to us

The inclosed Bills are as follow

[Page 42]


1 piece of russia linnen for Towels
2 bedside Carpets
2 common bed ticks & boulsters for do
2 best ticken mattresses 4 feet by 6
6 best house brooms without handles
3 do, hearth brooms
4 clamps & 4 hand brushes to scour stair-cases
1½ dozen small tin Cheese-cake Pans
3 blue & white China salad Dishes
3 best double flint cut vinegar Cruits
3, do, do, oil Do
3, do, do mustard Do
6 mother of Pearl mustard spoons
2, pottle bowls of enamaled Copper
2 do, do, of japaned iron
1 dozen bottles of flour mustard, 10lb salt petre
2 gallons of salad oil, 5lbs fig blue
quarter of 100 Currants, 100 lbs irish Soap
1 peck of split Peas, 100 lb single refined sugar
4 lbs common bohea tea, 6 lbs black Pepper
6 lbs white ginger, 1 lb whited brown thread
1 lb blue thread, 4 lbs brown thread thread
2 ounces of fine holland thread, 10 ounces of yard thread
10,000 short white Pins, 2 pieces of filliting tape
12 dozen shirt buttons, 2 pieces of fine narrow diaper tape
1 piece of quality binding, 2 pieces narrow gartering tape
2 pieces of stained office tape, 2 dozen best horn Combs
8 bone dander Combs, 2 best ivory Combs
6 best comb-brushes, 2 large best close Brushes
2 large best polished smoothing irons, to smooth linnen
1 best box iron & 2 heaters
1 machine for powdering Hair, 2 pair of tupee Irons
2 pieces of printed pocket Kankerchief for my Children
1 pair of pinching tongs for dressing Hair
1½ dozen lamb mitts of 4 sizeds, from 4 years old 6 of
which white, the rest coloured, 4 black silk Bonnets
& black silk neckatees
3 pair turned stays, the sides to be worn alturnately
& for girls fro 6 years old to 10
15 yards lutestring 3 quarts wide for the Girls

[Page 43]


2 pair silk shoes for a girl of 10 years old
2 gause bibs & aprons to be laced with narrow brown
lace, 2 pair Ruffles, 2 tuchers, 2 Ruffs, 2 fans
all for Ditto.
8 pair of worsted stockings for my Daughter to be of
4 sizes
2 dozen pair thread stockings for Ditto
1 dozen pair red moroco shoes sorted for Do
6 pair small pinch-beck shoe Buckles for Ditto
2 pair brown sagathy, 8 sticks of mohair of same
1 piece fine brown holland, 6 dozen guilded coat Buttons
12 dozen breast guilded Buttons, 8 ounces of brown Thread
6 pair worsted stockings } half for my Son 14 years old
8 pair brown thread } Do Do 12 Do
6 lb best hyson tea, 100lb trible refined Sugar
2 pieces blue plains, 20 then of blue Cloth at 8/ per yard
3 yards Scarlet cloth at 10s/ per yare, 12 sticks red mohair
1 piece scarlet shelloon, 20 dozen best brass livery Buttons
35 dozen brest brass livery Buttons, 6 pair large blue yarn stock
2 dozen large blue coarser stockings 3 dozen plaid Hoes
2 pieces coarse dark brown Fustain, 12 large felt Hatts
6 pair large brass shoe & kneee Buckles for servants

the following Goods from Mrs Carter

1 pair turn Stays, according to measure sent
2 pair black calimanco shoes, small 5ves
3 pair coloured Do Do 1 pair dress shoes Do Do
4 pai fine thread stockings, 4 pair Cotton Ditto
1 black du-cape Sack & petticoat, Stomager &
sleeve Knots
1 dozen pair white kid Gloves, 20 yards fashionable Ribbon
12 yards narrow Ribbon, 2 india leaf Fans
1 Coloured stomager Ruff & sleeve Knots
1 pair of green muscetto gauze, 1 pair silk gree ferret
6 hanks of green sewing silk
2 white hoods to wear with an undress
1 apron do, do,
1 yellow tabby Sack & Petticoat to be flounced
with silver trimming only, to coast about 15£
a stomager & sleeve Knots to wear with the Sack
(turn over)

[Page 44]


Note The Goods you sent to me by the Bristol
Captain Young were damaged owing to injudicious
Packers the most considerable loss happened by
means of a leaky jug of turpentine oil spoiling
all the Articles, which were packed in the same


I herein inclose the first Bill of Mrs Anne Tasker's
Exchange addressed to Messrs William & James
Anderson merchants in London, for 150£ sterling
which (Draft be pleased have presentd for
payment and when it shall be satisfied credit
my account accordingly I am, Gentlemen
Your Most humble servant
Robert Carter

To Edward Hunt
& Son Esquire
Merchants in London

[Page 44]


Note The Goods you sent to me by the Bristol
Captain Young were damaged owing to injudicious
Packers the most considerable loss happened by
means of a leaky jug of turpentine oil spoiling
all the Articles, which were packed in the same


I herein inclose the first Bill of Mrs Anne Tasker's
Exchange addressed to Messrs William & James
Anderson merchants in London, for 150£ sterling
which Draft be pleased have presented for
payment and when it shall be satisfied credit
my account accordingly I am, Gentlemen
Your Most humble servant
Robert Carter

To Edward Hunt
& Son Esquire
Merchants in London

November 30th


Pray cause to be made for me the following
wearing apparel & forward them by any op
portunity either sailing to James, York, or
Rappahnoc Rivers when the Cloths are
shipped signify to me in a Letter the name
of the Ship & Captain & inclose a Bill of
Loading therein

a french Frock, Wastecoat & two pair of Breeches
of superfine pompadour colooured Cloth
the Coat & Wastecoat to be lined with a very
good blue silk shag, & trimed with double
golded mettal Buttons

an undress summer Coat without lineing, of pale
blue Cloath, of th very thinest sort
two Wastecoats & 2 pair Breeches, to weare
with th Coat, & to be made of some
manufacture that may be worn after
washing (Note)
Spunge all the Cloth The Wasteband &
seat of my former Breeches were enlarged
before I could wear them I am. Gentlemen
Robert Carter

To Messrs Tetley, Finn & Hobson
Taylors in King Street St James's

see above

[Page 45]

To Edward Hunt & Son Esquire
Merchants in London


Pray pay to Messrs Tetley, Finn & Hobson
their Bill for the above wearing apparel
which charge to Gentlemen Yours &c
Robert Carter

[Page 46]



Your letter dated the 11th day of last month to me, came
to my hands last thursday only

The Crop of Indian Corn made last year at my
Plantations lying near Nomony River, is all sold
except 4, or 5 hundred Barrels I & Mrs Ogle
are to furnish 386 barrels of Corn for the use of the
Baltimore Iron Works in Maryland that being the
our proportion for this ensuing year I have the same & ex
pect the Lady's answer daily If she should
accept of this proposal, the remainder of Corn
not engaged, is about 164 Barrels if Mrs
Ogle should not buy any Corn of me I think
that your application should be in the directest
manner to know her Resolution as to that affair
If Mrs Ogle should not depend on me to lay
in her proportion of Corn for the Baltimore Iron Works I do
herein promise to sell to you about 357 Barrels
of Indian corn now lying in my Graneries on
Nomony River, or thereabout, at 10s/ current mony
of Virginia per Barrel the money to be paid at
Williasburg on or before the 1st day of may in the
year 1770 but the current money may be
satisfyed by your Draft for sterling, or Bills of
Exchange endorsed by you, at the difference of
Exchange that may at that time rule there But
if Mrs Ogle should depend on me to furnish
here quantity of Corn as aforesaid, then I do
promise to sell to you about 164 barrels of
Indian Corn only which will shall be delivered
at the Places, at the rate & terms mentioned
above I am, your &cca Robert Carter

I have about 1000 bushells of wheat which I
estimate at 42/ per bushell
there are two ships now
loading in James River with Wheat at 4s/ per bushel
delivered alongsides I have about 1000 bushels on Nomony river which
I will sell at [illegible] price for it and payment take 3s/2Virginia money which shall be dis
charged by Bills of Exchange in the manner as
[illegible] mentioned above

To Messrs
Sydebotham & Company

Original Format

Ink on paper


Carter, Robert, 1728-1804, “Robert Carter letter book, 1769 January 8 - December 2,” Special Collections, John D. Rockefeller Jr. Library, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, accessed April 23, 2024, https://cwfjdrlsc.omeka.net/items/show/726.